5 Daughters- How do you cope and manage – Question for Dad.

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5 Daughters- How do you cope and manage – Question for Dad.

I recently put a post out on my Instagram to guage some form of interest so I could drum up some extra content for the Blog. I was asked a question by Becky from not.worth.reading. The question she asked me was one I had never really thought about before and it got the old cogs in the noggin turning. The question was… How do you find it as a Dad with 5 girls (daughters).

How I find it with 5 daughters.

Well like I said, I’ve never really thought about it before. It’s the norm for me, being around so many Daughters. My eldest is now 9, my 2 step daughters are almost 7 and 8yrs old. I’ve been step father to them since they were 15months old and 2yrs.

Daughters are common nature. I’ve become accustomed to the general needs of a little girl. The attitudes and personalities that girls tend to obtain. I think if being honest the hardest part of having daughters has been learning to style their hair. I’m still no super model esk stylist like mum can be. But I do ok, I manage the basics. You know Pig tails, pony tails, pony tail plaits. I’m still learning and improving styles such as buns, braids and fishtail plaits.

My 5 Daughters happy and smiling, nice to have a pic of them together.
The happiness my 5 Daughters Bring.

One part of being a Dad to so many girls that I’m not looking forward to in the slightest is the teenage years. What makes it worse is that the savings towards a dessert island to escape to is a massive Fail! Being so close in age they will all be venturing through the time of periods, hormones and boys mostly all at the same time. This, this scares me shitless. One thing I do try my upmost best for them though is the way I portray myself around them and towards their mum. Not my eldest daughters mum, that would be a completely different story that I am definitely not willing to share. Not at the moment anyways.

The example I aim to set.

I aim to set a certain example as a man/male around my daughters. Especially towards my partner. The gentleman, well mannered, respectful. So they know the standards of man to look for later in life to possibly choose to spend their life with.

Is it difficult.

Absolutely. Being practically the only male in the house other than an attempt to make up the man numbers by the way of pets, doesn’t really count does it. Trying to understand some of their certain issues as a girl is quite tricky. But I’m used to it, I’ve been around them along time. I know there needs and wants.

If we were to all of a sudden have a boy. Both myself and my partner would be completely lost. It would be like being a first time parent all over again. All new to us. I mean Nappy changes, even though I have one, what would you do with their erm.. Let’s call it winky. What do you do with it during a Nappy change. Rather than have a puddle in your lap during a girly Nappy change. With a little lad would we have to get the step ladders out to clean pee off the ceiling?

The daughter experience.

All in all I’m proud to be a father of daughters. As they say a real man produces Girls. Raising them is a challenge but what child isn’t. I’m proud of their achievements with activities such as gymnastics or when they manage a plait in their dolls hair. Just like a mum of boys would be proud of their little man scoring a goal at football. As parents we are very good at adjustments and definitely with girls as they age. Hormones begin to rise, we seem to shift lanes or gears parenting wise to comply with the new challenges that we are faced with.

The last 12 months have been the most challenging. This has been the time I have been the at home dad. Taking on the daily School and Nursery runs, making sure they’re up and dressed for school. Being at home with Beast day to day being her main care giver, also with Pig when she isn’t at Nursery. You can find how I’ve found the at home dad experience from some of my previous posts below.

Would I change them for boys? Hell No. I discussed this slightly with the other half the other night. Baby pictures always make you feel broody, do they for you? Absolutely but I even said to her that if we did have another I would rather have another daughter.

You can see more and follow Becky’s Blog and writing here at Not Worth Reading Blog.

6 thoughts on “5 Daughters- How do you cope and manage – Question for Dad.

  1. Interesting reading Eddie as I’m the only man in this household. What’s more, when I was growing up, my mother was the only woman so it’s a complete role reversal and I know she found it hard at times without any female company.

    I get what you mean about being lost if you had a boy. I would be all at sea, I’m just so used to dealing with girl things!

    1. Thanks John, it is a wierd situation, it’s the norm so you don’t generally think much into it, but for others they may just wonder how you may manage with it all. At least you can relate with your mother but on a reversed spectrum.

  2. Great post! I found it really interesting to read your perspective on all this, because being one of 5 daughters, I always wonder how it is for my dad. Also, I’m glad you’re learning how to do their hair. My dad would give us the funniest hairstyles when we were younger, but he did the best he could. Your daughters are super adorable as well! 😍😍

    1. Thank you, they certainly have their moments. Certain hairstyles are still a struggle but they are getting easier with practice.

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