Replace Door Handles – Amateur how to guide.

Dads DIY guide to replacing door handles

Dad does DIY – How to Guide fitting new Door Handles.

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So your looking to replace door handles in your home. It is one simple and cost effective way to improve the look and style of a room.

I’m in no way shape or form an expert when it comes to DIY but it is something I enjoy. Who doesn’t love a DIY project. Fitting new door handles is something anyone can carry out with little knowledge as they are fairly simple and straight forward.

In this little DIY guide I shall show you the various steps when you are fitting new door handles.

Dads DIY Guide – How to Replace Door Handles for New.

How To – Fitting new Door Handles.

In this How To I will guide you step-by-step to fitting new door handles. We recently had our Living Room redecorated and one thing that stood out a mile and let the look of our newly re-decorated room down were the Door Handles.

Old rectangular in style, the metal finish had become dull and pitted. Not a very attractive look. Sarah my other half got on Amazon like you do and found some replacements – You can take a look at the door handles we chose on Amazon *Here.

Shiny new door handles.

What you will need to replace door handles.

First things first and nothing like pointing out the obvious but you will need the replacement door handles, tools wise I have listed below.

  • Positive Screwdriver
  • Flat head Screwdriver
  • Drill – with 5mm & 2mm Drill bits.
  • Alan Key (this was provided in our Door handle Set).
This is a picture of my youngest daughter and some of the tools required for replacing door handles.
My youngest daughter Beast wanted to help with the replacement of our door handles.

The door handles that Sarah had ordered from Amazon were to be direct replacements of our old ones on the old original doors. Just to get them fitted for the time being I didn’t sand and fill the old screw holes that were left from the previous door handles.

The new door handles are mountable in two ways – Bolt through Fixing or Face Fixing. I went for the face fixing.

Dads DIY Guide – Fitting replacement door handles.

Step 1 – Removing the old Door Handles.

As I previously mentioned I am not an expert when it comes to home improvement tasks such as this but a DIY Amateur and in sharing this DIY guide just to show it is something you can also do yourselves.

First up is removing the old door handles, our rectangular ones had a cover which could be popped off by carefully using a small thin flat head screw driver to lift it away. This gave access to the screws to remove the Door handle away from the door leaving you with what is imaged below.

As you can see in the images, I reused the old latch mechanism. You can replace these with new and are very simple to remove and install. Just 2 screws and it will slide out and just slide the new one in and screw into the door.

Step 2 – Installing the new Door Handles.

Next up before fitting the replacement door handles, in the Kit you will have a rectangular metal bar. You want to slide this through the mechanism already in the door (really sorry this is one step I didn’t take a picture of).

Once you have done that, either using a pencil or the screws provided. Offer up the new door handles and mark through the holes where on the door the new screws will be.

Remove the handle and using your drill and 2mm drill bit you can create your pilot holes for the new screws.

A picture to show in this DIY Guide on how to replace new door handles I temporarily fit the new door handle to the spindle and mark the screw holes so pilot holes can be drilled.
Marking pilot holes before we replace door handles.

Got your pilot holes drilled? Lets offer back up the new door handles and using your positive screwdriver tighten up those screws. Fixing the new door handles to the door – a quick tip to get a more flush fit when you replace door handles, using some sandpaper or a sanding block, sand down the pilot holes so they are flush with the door which will help to get a more flush fit for your new door handles.

Step 3 – Securing the Grub screw.

I have to add this one in as it is such a simple thing to miss, especially when I am writing this DIY Guide on how too replace door handles too. But how many other Dads out their or amateur DIY’ers have missed something as simple as this.

When you replace new door handles do not forget to tighten up the grub screw.
Don’t forget to tighten the Grub Screw when fitting new door handles.

As you can see in the image above, on the underside of the replacement door handle there is a a small grub screw which with the alan key provided in the door handle kit we bought. Tighten this to secure to the spindle and mechanism. Without tightening this, throughout use it may cause misalignment within and cause the handle not to work.

Yep I will admit I forgot to tighten this! Ten minutes and a coffee later after scratching my head in confusion I soon figured it out and a working door handle was now installed – Hurrah.

Step 4 – The finishing touches.

To finish up I will be smoothing, filling and re-painting where the screws were for the old door handles.

With the New door handles now fitted it was just a case of adding the Rose covers and giving them a clean – Greasy fingers don’t leave nice marks on chrome.

In this picture it shows my newly fitted door handles with the rose cover fitted.
Replace Door Handles for new and change the look of your room with this simple DIY project

DIY Projects and helpful DIY Guides.

If you like us have decided to replace door handles in your home but have replaced with new doors, not to worry I found this Instruction guide from Designer Levers which shows you what you need to do for drilling the large hole required for the spindle.

You can find that PDF guide here.

If you may be like me and not confident in your abilities and like to research before carrying out such a task where a DIY Project is concerned then check below a few How To replace door handles guides I read through and found handy in this list below.

So there we have it – a Dads Guide on How to Replace Door Handles. One simple and cost effective way to improve the look of your home. One DIY Project I am still yet to undertake is Fitting an Outside Tap, handy for the summer water fights and car washing.

A thumbs up selfie of me after finishing fitting the new door handles.
Happy Dad ready for a coffee after successfully fitting new door handles.
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