Being Ill, my Children have been dropping like flies.

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Well for us here in Scarborough on the beautiful North Yorkshire coast, winter has definitely arrived. We’ve experienced heavy rain showers, blustery winds, a freezing nip in the fresh sea air and for me and the family… Never ending illness. Which has meant the girls have been Ill and have been ‘Dropping Like Flies’.

This past couple of weeks has been manic. It started out with our youngest Daughter Charlotte (1yr old). Charlotte is always such a happy active little soul, but she has been ill for I think the 1st time. Tonselitis.

Poor Ill Baby.

Such a nightmare for a little person. Charlotte can’t speak so is unable to tell us how she is feeling. At first she went off her food. Wouldn’t take much of her formula milk. After a day of grouchiness and poorly baby snuggles, her temperature wouldn’t come down. This combined with her starting to refuse fluids, (all within a 24hr period). The decision to take her to the out of hours GP at our local hospital, (it was a weekend so no local surgery available).

This was when the GP diagnosed Tonsilitis. Antibiotics were prescribed. As you can tell with most young children, you guessed it she hated it. A whole week on and she’s on the mend other than the dreaded cold that’s doing the rounds along with a super snotty nose. Constantly seem to be wiping her nose much to her disgust at the moment.

And the Kids being ill continues.

Well I’d like to say that was that… But… No… From experience with our children. When one of them becomes ill, they all begin to drop like flies. Yep it happened, Maisy (my 8yr old step daughter) started with a cough, high temperature and generally unwell. Cue the viral infection. So a few days off school watching Christmas films was what the Dr ordered. Luckily she’s now back up and firing on all cylinders.

The girls dropping like flies becomes a reality. 3 out of 4.

But you guessed it, Ellie (our 4yr old daughter), has now started with the same as Maisy. A high temperature, a sore throat and a cough. Sadly though this meant that she had to miss out on her Preschool Nativity on the Sunday. With the way she is feeling, she is also looking like she will miss a day or 2 of preschool.

Plenty of mummy and daddy cuddles. Even though she’s not feeling 100% she still managed to be my little baker 😊. This young one loves to help out in the kitchen and assisted with baking some Double Chocolate Brownies this afternoon.

Well that’s us and the winter so far upto today, most the kids have been ill in 1 way or another. 3 out of 4 isn’t bad. Now just wait to see if Amelia (6yr old step daughter) goes the same route as her sisters. After today though even my fiance Sarah has become another victim. An appointment booked at the Dr’s for this evening and she has a chest infection and ear infection.

Now a chest infection for her is pretty serious with her being a bad asthmatic. So now she is dosed up with steroids and antibiotics that she had been prescribed. Hopefully she’ll be back to her beautiful healthy self in no time😍.

Well I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading a little insight into what’s being happening these past couple of weeks. Touch wood all will be back to normality with the family soon so we can enjoy some festive activities and fun outings 😁.

How do you find day to day tasks when you have children home poorly? It’s difficult. They like anyone when not feeling 100% want comfort. They like to snuggles. This means one thing, duvets out, pillows, fire or heating on and get snug watching a film or their favourite series.

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