Podcast S1 Ep1 – Interview with Amy Frost – Archie’s Produce.

Q&a interview

Step-mum Amy Frost – Recently featured from Produce too Cool for School.

So here we are, my first EVER!! Q & A Podcast Interview here on the Blog and definitely not the last. I am hoping that you will enjoy these and find them useful and entertaining.

You may recognise the name, in two ways (find out the second later in the post), the one for me is that Amy is Step-mum to young Archie. I recently shared with you the story of Archie and how he has created with his ideas a fresh produce business – Archie’s Produce, which is currently booming within their local area of Dorset.

On the first episode I will be Interviewing Archie's Step-mum Amy Frost.
On the first episode I will be Interviewing Archie’s Step-mum Amy Frost.

If you didn’t catch my post Produce that is too cool for school. How this amazing young lad’s ideas sparked the beginnings of a Family Business then you can take a look and have a read Here.

Yorkie not just for Dads Podcast – S1 Ep1

What a fantastic opportunity this has been for me, not just having the opportunity for an interview with Archie’s Step-mum Amy Frost regarding the story of Archie’s Produce – here you can find the post for Archies Produce to learn more of what this young man has achieved.

But also the avenues my Blog is opening for me. I am very proud to say the least of how well the Blog is going and the direction it is heading.

I hope you my readers and followers are all massive Legends for reading and sharing my content. Thank you.

The blog is offering me and the family opportunities otherwise I don’t think we would get normally if it wasn’t for the content I am producing. With Press PR trips, Products for the purpose of reviews, Childrens book reviews as we do love our books and even PR & Marketing work which is putting me in a position to share with you amazing stories such as Archie’s Produce.

A story I think deserves all the praise in the world for.

Let us get onto the Podcast Interview with Amy Frost shall we.

Well that is what your all here for on this page. To listen to my Q & A Interview with Step-mum of Archie – Amy Frost. As I mentioned at the start of this post, 2 ways you may know of Amy Frost, well the 1st being Step-mum to Archie.

Young Archie with His Step-mum Amy Frost
Young Archie with His Step-mum Amy Frost – pic credit thanks to Amy Frost

But the second if you are an avid Equine lover and have a passion for Horses then you will more than likely recognise this voice. Amy Frost is the Host and Producer of the Horse Hour Podcast. Amazing, she planted the seed in a way for my own Q&A Podcast Interviews here on Yorkie not just for Dads. Find more about what Amy is upto with the Horse Hour Here.

So onto the Interview, what can you expect to hear. Honestly first, I was very nervous with this, this was a major First for me, so don’t be too harsh (only kidding).

Speaking with Amy we discussed a little about Yorkie not just for Dads and how it came around and grew to what it is today. What sort of lad Archie actually is and get to know more about him. A more in Depth look into the story and background of how 7yr old Archie went from being home-schooled to a young entrepreneur with Archie’s Produce.

Amy Frost (pictured on the left... obviously) my first ever guest, on my first ever episode of Q & A Interviews here on the blog.
Amy Frost (pictured on the left… obviously) my first ever guest, on my first ever episode on the Yorkie not just for Dads Q & A Podcast Interviews here on the blog.

It was great that I had a Blogging friend Mark from over at The Stevenson Life to chat with and discuss the Blog side of how I could add this in. They even followed Archie’s Story and passed on a few Questions for Amy also which I thought was pretty Cool.

For my next interview I may add it into a poll on the Yorkie not just for Dads Facebook Page and Instagram stories over on the Yorkie not just for Dads Instagram page for you guys to fire some questions in for the next Guest.

Yorkie not just for Dads Podcast S1 Ep1 – Step-Mum Amy Frost – Archie’s Produce

Just want to say a massive thank you to Amy Frost for taking the time out of her Busy schedule to chat with me about Archie’s incredible story and sharing her Podcast wisdom with help, tips and advice. I hope you all enjoy.

Check out Archie’s Produce via there website – https://www.archiesproduce.com/ and follow daily updates of what is happening at Archie’s Produce over on their Facebook Page – https://facebook.com/ArchiesProduce/

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