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So let’s talk Kid’s Book’s, I know with my own children we love to read together, especially with pig and beast. They are both at an age where they are unable to read just yet. The older girls, mouse and pork chop are happy to sit and read to themselves where as titch will read to me or mum.

I was recently contacted and sent a new kid’s book that is due to be released on the 4th July, from The Cheeky Chimps Books.

They sent me their New book ‘The Cheeky Chimps Go To the Opticians’

A kid's Book we were recently Gifted to check out and review. The Cheeky chimps books latest - the cheeky chimps go to the Opticians. A brilliant children's story to help them understand eye tests.
The Cheeky Chimps Go To The Opticians – Children’s Story about visiting the opticians for an eye test.

The Cheeky Chimps Go To The Opticians

The story follows the 2 main characters, young children or monkeys, Felix and Felicity.

Mum notices that something isn’t right with Felix and Felicity sitting so close to the TV. I know what your thinking here… No mum doesn’t say don’t sit to close to the telly because you will get square eyes.

Mum decides that it is time both Felix and Felicity go to the Opticians for an Eye Test.

With the thought of going to the Opticians, it is something new and it can be quite daunting. Especially for children. In the Children’s story Felicity is excited about going to the Opticians but Felix is feeling nervous about the visit.

The Cheeky Chimps Go To The Opticians is a great kid’s Book, my daughters have found it very interesting.

Pig enjoyed the illustrations and looking at the various machines and equipment. She read along with the letters on the wall in one of the pictures and also named the images used during the eye test.

The Cheeky Chimps Go To The Opticians story for bed with pig. We do love a good kid's book for a bedtime story.
Bedtime story with Pig

My youngest step daughter Titch has been once before for an Eye Test at our local Opticians. She related with the equipment and machines used and remembered doing the same thing herself.

My youngest step daughter titch and the cheeky chimps go to the Opticians kid's book. Such a great children's story to help settle any nerves or uncertainty of visiting the opticians for an eye test.
Titch and The Cheeky Chimps Go To The Opticians

This children’s story is such a great idea to help alleviate any issues of feeling nervous with children if they are due to visit an optician for an Eye Test.

Where? When? How?

Some questions you may have for this kid’s Book.

Where is the Book available from? When is this children’s story book available? How do I buy this kid’s book?

It will be released and available to purchase on Saturday the 4th July. Today in fact, timed the publishing of this Blog post for this children’s story just right to coincide with its release. It is available to purchase from Amazon.

You can find The Cheeky Chimps Go To The Opticians Here on Amazon.

I can’t thank the team at The Cheeky Monkeys Books enough, they included in the pack some activities for my girls to do. This included some certificates and fun activity sheets.

The Cheeky Chimps also Included a pack of activity sheets and certificates along with the kid's book for the girls to enjoy.
Activity Sheets that we were sent in our pack with the childrens book.

These are updated on the Cheeky Chimps website monthly and are free to Download and Print. These are such an awesome idea and great to help keep the children occupied during lockdown. The area of the website for the activity sheet you can find Here.

Eye Tests and our Children.

One thing that got me thinking after reading this story. I also recieved a few DM’s on my Instagram asking for advice about when to get my children’s eyes tested.

With this I wasn’t sure. I think Titch was 5 when she first had her eyes tested.

I think it would vary depending on your child. If you have any concerns with their vision or sight then you should get them checked. Children usually have their eyes checked and tested at their 1 year check up.

From then they should have their eyes examined at around 3 years of age and just before they start school — at about age 4 or 5.

You can find more information on Children’s Eye Tests and Eye care from Specsavers.

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