Kids Pocket Money Gift Guide.

Throughout the summer holidays the idea of pocket money to my tribe of girls has been a massive parental leverage for us. Offering an amount of pocket money for doing a great job with certain chores and helping around the house and also bringing the reason for sharing this Kids Pocket Money Gift Guide.

Messy room after kids been playing
Pocket Money to earn doing chores.

With the savings of pocket money stockpiling, other than sweets from the corner shop or Robux what else could our children spend their pocket money on? In this Kids Pocket Money Gift Guide I will share a range of perfect gifts that they could splurge their hard earned on.

Kids Pocket Money Gift Guide – What could they buy?

Hatchimal Shimmer Babies RRP £2.99

Hatchimals Shimmer Babies, a cheap collectible perfect for your kids to buy with their pocket money.
Hatchimals Shimmer Babies

Toys like these Hatchimals Shimmer Babies are always a winner for kids to spend their pocket money on. They are cheap – I mean £2.99, even a Yorkshireman like me can’t grumble at that.

Inside the 1-Pack’s baby-themed egg, you’ll find a super cute Shimmer Babies Hatchimal with a rattle, baby bottle or pacifier accessory that can be held or placed in its mouth. Kids will love to collect them all and share the fun with friends!

Available from Smyths toys.

Twisty Girlz RRP £9.99

Twisty Girlz are something fun and different. An item that is not too expensive or too cheap for your kids to buy with their pocket money.
Twisty Girlz

My girls went through the big phase of collecting the Twisty Pets if you remember them a year or so back, they have already added these on their stocking fillers list for Christmas. (Yes I know I swore… the C word, its coming fast).

These fashionable dolls transform from cute girls into a bracelet you can wear. Each Twisty Girlz features a different stylish outfit and cool hairstyle and comes with a secret Twisty Pet. They are the perfect pocket money purchase for glamourous kids!

Available from Smyths Toys.

Zoobles RRP £6.99

Zoobles are a cute reasonably priced collectible playset which is ideal for your kids to buy with their pocket money.

These are cool, and again cheap, so great for the kids looking to spend their Pocket Money.

Each Zoobles Animal starts out as a colourful ball and opens up into a super-cute animal when you roll it onto its Happitat. To activate your character’s awesome transformation, simply drop or roll the ball over the metal hot spot on the Happitat — your character magically springs to life, revealing your Zoobles Animal. It’s so much fun! 

Available from Smyths Toys.

BATMAN 4-inch Figures – £6.99

Batman 4-Inch Action Figures

Now who doesn’t love Batman? I remember buying Action figures like this when I was a lad (god why does that make me feel old). A perfect way to be a superhero with thanks to a little bit of your Pocket Money.

Each 4-inch BATMAN articulated action figure also comes with a collector’s guide, so you can easily keep track of your collection. Expand your action figure collection with BATMAN, THE JOKER, ROBIN and more (each sold separately) and use your imagination to create your own superhero and villain adventures.
The fate of GOTHAM CITY is in your hands. Bring the excitement of BATMAN to life with the 4-Inch Action Figures!

Available from The Entertainer.

Character Wands RRP £9.99

Harry Potter Character Wands.

These may not be just for your kids, great for the Harry Potter fans to collect and use their hard earned. Us parents may find ourselves dueling it out with a bit of expeliarmus when the kids are in bed though.

Practice spells from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter with the Character Wands. Featuring authentic details and a weighted base, these 12-inch replica wands are a must-have for Harry Potter fans and collectors.

Available from Argos.

Classroom Playsets £16.99

Harry Potter Classroom Playsets.

Pretend to practice your potion-making with Harry Potter in the Wizarding World Magical Minis Classroom Playsets.

Collect and connect all of the Magical Minis figures, Friendship Sets and playsets to build out your own Wizarding World (each sold separately).
Magical Minis Harry Potter toys are the perfect gifts for kids and Harry Potter fans. Experience the magic of Harry Potter with the Wizarding World Magical Minis

Available from Smyths Toys.

PAW Patrol 6″ plush Movie £7.99

Paw Patrol Movie 6″ Plush toys

These soft and cuddly plush toys feature surface-washable fur for easy cleaning.

Collect the whole squad of PAW Patrol: The Movie plush to add to your collection of favourite characters from the television show and new feature length film. The GUND PAW Patrol plushie collection stuffed animals are sure to be loved by PAW fans of all ages. 

AAvailable from Smyths Toys.

Purse Pets £24.99

Purse Pets

Bring your look to life with Purse Pets.
These fabulous interactive pets are packed with purse-onality.
They respond to your touch, really blink, and have over 25 exciting sounds and reactions unique to each Purse Pet’s style.
The perfect gift for the young fashionista in your life this Christmas or for them to spend their saved Pocket Money.

Available from Smyths Toys.

Meccano 10-in-1 Racing Vehicle  £19.99

Build it, race it, transform it with the Meccano 10-in-1 Racing Vehicles Set. Ideal for the novice builder, this STEM building set has everything you need to assemble and re-assemble 10 high-speed performance cars, planes, boats and more (one at a time).

With 225 parts, two real tools and an easy-to-follow instruction guide you can build a sleek race car, fighter jet and a racing boat, or use your imagination to create your own vehicle. A great activity kit for your budding engineers to spend their pocket money on or even as a birthday or Christmas gift.

Available from Smyths Toys.

The Amazing Flower Kit – £16.00

The Amazing Flower Kit.

The Amazing Flower kit lets your children make a stunning bouquet of 48 multi-coloured foam flowers. Some flowers that are included in this toy are daisies, primroses, orchids, poppies and more! This art and crafts toy requires no glue or scissors. Simply push out and push to fit the supplied stems. The Amazing Flower kit is easy to break down and reassemble so your child can keep creating new bouquets for the home. It’s the perfect gift for a child who loves nature and creating.

Available from BrightMinds.

Numberblocks 1-10 Mathlink Cubes Activity Set – £24.99

Number Blocks 1- 10 Mathlink Cubes

The Numberblocks Activity cube set is a versatile product. It is ideal for use in the classroom or at home. This set brings learning to life as children see how numbers work and master new key early learning maths skills through hands on discovery and play.

This set includes a 30 math activities to help your child learn the basics of adding, subtracting, multiplication, division and problem solving skills. This is the perfect gift for a child who is at school or beginning to learn.

Available from Learning Resources and BrightMinds.

I hope that this Kids Pocket Money Gift Guide may have been useful for you to aid your Kids with something they can spend their hard earned and well deserved pocket money on. Or maybe even given you some ideas for upcoming Birthday and Christmas Gifts.

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10 Thoughts to “Kids Pocket Money Gift Guide.”

  1. Loving the meccano race car!
    Might get my youngest that for Christmas!

    Great guide Eddie!

    1. Meccano has always been great hasn’t it. Who would Have the most fun though, you or your little lad buddy? Thanks mate

  2. The Zoobles are actually pretty cute! The things kids these days (I sound old now) spend their money on are very different to what I used to spend mine on, but it’s really good to see your selection of stuff to inspire play, creativity, curiosity and down to earth fun.

    “Parental leverage”, I love that!

    1. It does work and we don’t use it very often, the parental leverage lol.

      It has given us ideas for gifts for upcoming birthdays and Christmas. It is different to what I used to spend mine on too.

  3. This is such a fun and specific idea for a list! I love that some of the items cost a little more than others, as that helps to create a ‘save up’ kind of mindset.
    The Twisty Girlz and Zobbles are so cute and eye-catching. <3

    1. That is one thing we try to get the girls to do. If they see something that they want but don’t have enough pocket money, we encourage them to save it.

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  5. A gift guide suitable for most budgets. DO love the Mecanno idea.

    1. Meccano is always a great task to pass a few hours isn’t it, the kits have come on a long way from when I was a lad and building them with my brother and my dad.

  6. Ian Northeast

    A great gift guide. I have been making notes in preparation for Christmas.

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