Laugh and Learn Smart Changes Chair – Review.

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So today I’m going to be writing a review for one of Beast’s toys that she was given at Christmas. From Fisher price the Laugh and Learn Smart Changes Chair.

The laugh and learn smart changes chair that I will be reviewing.
Laugh and Learn Smart Changes Chair by Fisher price – review

Well this isn’t like a normal review you would see where the writer and parent has been Gifted a product to review. Nope this is just a toy for toddlers that I would recommend. Today I’m going to review the Laugh & Learn Smart Changes Chair from Fisher Price.

An image showing the pink laugh & learn smart Changes Chair from Fisher Price.
Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Smart Changes Chair.
An image of Smart Changes Laugh and learn chair from Fisher Price
Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Smart Changes Chair.

First Impressions.

My first impression of the Laugh and Learn Smart Changes Chair, was that it is sturdy, colourful and interactive visually. The face on the seat, the range of colours entice your toddler to interact. The various features that the Chair has is very good, I will be covering some of these more in the review.

What does Beast think. If you haven’t read already, Beast is my 18 month old daughter. As with any toddler she’s a firecracker. Constantly on the go and loves to interact with toys and learn.

My daughter Beast sitting in the Laugh and Learn Smart Changes Chair.
My daughter Beast sat enjoying some Hey Duggee in her Laugh and Learn Smart Changes Chair.
Beast has set up a little home office using her Laugh and Learn Smart Changes Chair.
Beasts Home Office with Fisher Price office chair.

Smart Changes feature.

I thought I would cover this one first as I think it is a brilliant feature. Smart Changes technology is Fisher Prices way of giving you and your child the freedom to change learning content as you child grows.

Each child is different and they devolop at their own pace. Smart Changes gives you the choice of stage that suits your child the most to help them get the best out of this product. It is packed full of songs, phrases and sounds accross the three different levels of play.

Below is taken from the Fisher Price site to explain the 3 levels of Smart Changes.

Level 1 – Explore – 12M+ Spark curiosity with busy activations! Sit and stand to hear simple words like, “Up; down.” Or press the buttons to hear songs and phrases like, “One, two, three, four.”

Level 2 – Encourage – 18M+ This level expands on the introduction of numbers, opposites, actions and more by encouraging baby to get involved. Flip through the book to hear prompts like, “Do you see the carrots?”

Level 3 – Pretend – 24M+ Let’s play some more! Older babies can engage in imaginative play, hopping like a froggy, exploring different remote channels and playing peek-a-boo.

Available activities from the Laugh and Learn Smart Changes Chair.

The Laugh and Learn Smart Changes Chair has various activities to not only catch your toddlers eye but encourage them to interact.

One main feature is the Flip Picture Book. The flip picture book has various eye catching pictures for your child to enjoy. Each flip of the pages triggers songs, phrases or sounds.

The flip book feature of the Laugh and Learn Smart Changes Chair.
The Laugh and Learn Smart Changes Flip Book.

The seat of the Chair flips up and down, with a picture in the compartment under the seat you can interact with your child of what you may find under the cushion of your own sofa maybe. A cookie, a blanket or I know I’ve misplaced them here many times. KEYS!! Stand up or Sit down and your child will hear fun rewards.

My daughter looking under the seat.
Beast checking what has been lost under the seat.
The laugh and learn smart changes chair.
A view with the seat up. Yes dad’s I know this is something we do with the toilet seat and get told off for.

The chair includes a light up remote control with buttons to press. Either to help your child learn Shapes, Colours or Numbers.

Light up remote control feature of the Laugh and Learn Smart Changes Chair.
A view the light up Remote Control, including colours, shapes and numbers.

The Laugh and Learn Smart Changes Chair really is filled with lots of activities, songs and interactions to make play and learning fun. I really like the smart Changes feature that you can adjust the levels of play depending on which development stage your child is at.

Bit of parental honesty here.

Now I’ve not read anything like this in reviews before but I think it’s a good thing to add in here as I know most of you like myself will have experienced it.

Toddlers are monkeys. They love to climb. I know Beast does. A great thing about the Laugh and Learn Smart Changes Chair is this purple lip at the back on the feet. Now it doesn’t look much I know but it is an absolute god send.

Many parents will have experienced the heart in throat moment as your child is teetering on the edge of falling from a cliff edge of an activity table or sofa! Well this is no different. Beast uses this like a climbing frame and finds much joy and excitement from sitting on the top of the back part of the Chair.

Showcasing the clever lip on the base of the Laugh and Learn Smart Changes Chair.
As you can see the lip on the feet at the back help massively with the chairs balance.

Why is the lip a god send? Well it’s brilliant because while the monkey is on the top it helps to keep it balanced. Not so easy to tip. This means it’s not so easy while your toddler is climbing and exploring the cliff hanger features, it’s not going to tip over and cause your child to fall or Impending Doom of floods of tears.

Sat on the Top of the chair back, she is a daredevil.
WhereBeast likes to perch, this is why the lip is a great idea & design for the chairs balance.

Daddy’s rating.

Introducing to you and first in this sort of review is my rating scale which is out of 5. But nope not stars, I’m going with 👶.

I rate the Laugh and Learn Smart Changes Chair from Fisher Price

👶👶👶👶 – 4 out of 5.

If your a parent of toddler, and looking for something to help your little ones play and development. I would definitely look into one of these. Also available in a different colour. We have the pink, well because girls love pink.

The Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Smart Changes Chair can be found HERE.

I hope you enjoyed my review. I’m aiming to have more selection of toddler goodies added sometime soon for you.

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