Learning Times Tables with your Child.

I want to share with you something I have recently learnt and will be adding into our at home learning routine with the girls. This is especilly with our older 3, Maisy 8yrs, Emelia 8yrs and Amelia 6yrs. I recently found out about what im going to share with you from a recent ‘Stay and Learn TTrockstars’ session with Maisy at her school. These will help and aid parents of Key Stage 1 and Key stage 2 Children with Learning and Practising Times Tables in a fun and exciting way.

Stay and Learn Sessions.

I love stay and learn sessions when the girls have them at school. It’s evem better when they are held on a friday. Fridays for me are a good day for planning these, Sarah isn’t at University on friday’s so i have someone for Charlotte as she isn’t allowed to attend sadly. This ‘Stay and Learn’ session was focussed around Times Tables, and to show parents how they are progressing with learning them. But also how they are learning their Times Tables in the class room.

I thoroughly enjoyed the session. It’s very tricky with having so many girls under one roof, and spending time individually is a rarity. These are great because either me, mum or Grandparents can join them in their classroom.

What is TTrockstars (Times Tables Rock Stars)?

TTrockstars – Times Tables Rockstar is a an award Winning website, which brings pupils a carefully sequenced programme of daily Times Tables practice.

Times Tables Rockstars is used frequently these days in mainstream learning. It is a great asset and tool for Teachers in a learning environment such as School.

If your child participates with TTrockstars at their school then they will be, like my girls, with a Username and password so they can log into their TTrockstars account at home for extra practice.

Many Educational Awards. Image from the Times Tables Rock stars Web page.

What does my Child do on TTrockstars (Times Tables Rock Stars)?

If your child is registered with an account at school. Your child will be able to access their TTRockstars account at home, online or via the TT Rockstars app. These are available either on a Smartphone or Tablet, or via a Computer/Laptop, to play the TTrockstars games.

Within the school classroom they are provided with either a Laptop, Netbook or tablet, to play the games online or via the app. Their Teachers at School or Place of Learning will have access to an Educator style account with Printable content such as times tables work sheets, or actvities which include times tables.

Do children enjoy TTrockstars (Times Tables Rock Stars)?

I couldn’t comment on other children but I know our older 3 girls enjoy and love playing the games. It can keep them occupied for a good hour but it can also encourage them to be helpful with each other. Assisting if one of them is struggling with a certain Task or Challenge.

They love it because, as most children in this modern era we are living in of the use of technology. They can access through their own or a parents Smartphone or if they have their own Tablet, or time on a laptop or PC.

Where can i Find TTrockstars?

The link to the TTrockstars website i have added below.


Also available for Download from, Amazon, Google Play Store, Apple Store and Learn Pad.

Where TTRockstars is also Available. Image used from the Times Tables Rock stars Web page.

BBC Supermovers – An Exciting way of Learning English, Maths, Times Tables and other Subjects with and for your Children.

The next one covered in the ‘Stay and Learn’ session. Maisy’s teacher also mentioned was from the BBC, known as BBC Supermovers.

A great colourful, fun, eye catching Logo. Image used from BBC supermovers website.

BBC Supermovers is a Hive of fun learning acivities for kids. From KS1 English and Maths, KS2 English and Maths, PHSE, Science but also Fun videos for the wet play days, wether the kids are in school or at home.

The videos are very brightly coloured and the songs are catchy. Great for keeping young minds active and learning in a fun and exciting way. The characters are… well how to explain them, lets say very random maybe to us grown folk, but to an 8 or 6 year old child i’d imagine that they would be a jam packed bundle of excitement, laughter and fun. The sort of character they would remember and out the blue one evening may ask you ‘Can we do the 3 times table song and dance with the funny professor?’

A quick look into what is available for your Kids from the BBC Supermovers Website. Image used from the BBC supermovers Web page.

The more they take part in each video, learning the dance routines and the song. Before you know it they will be a whiz kid when it comes to Times Tables.

Here’s the link for the BBC Supermovers site. Have a look with your kids, maybe even bust a groove and drop some shapes with your mini ones.


Take a moment of these with your children, or even do a bit of research and forward planning to get your kiddies a bit of fun extra learning in over the weekend or school holidays. These are a cracking idea and I can guaruntee you will have these songs and fun rhymes stuck in your heads for days. A bit like that ‘Baby Shark’ Song really. Plus almost forgot (not surprising, im not really a fan). BBC Supermovers have also teamed up with the Premier League football team Mascots that have also got involved in the Supermovers movement to entice your Young ones into a world of learning. Which is your childs favourite football team? and which mascot do they like the best?

Final Sum of Learning Times Tables.

I’m pretty certain there will be many more sites and apps available with similar fun filled videos and activities. I find these are great additions to add in at home, as I know now its how they are learning at school. It’s Familiar to them and why not use their teachers teaching aids and tools right? If it’s working for your child’s teacher or school, then its definitely worth it at home.

I wish we had fun stuff like this available to us in school and at home back when I was a lad. I remember it well, sat at the kitchen table with my Mum or Dad asking random sums from a certain multiplication table. ‘3 x 6’? It wasn’t particularly fun or exciting, but we still did it. Possibly with a touch of disaproval in a classic Kevin and Perry esque demeanour.

Disclaimer – some images used in this post have been taken from the Times Tables Rock stars and BBC Supermovers website for the purpose of the content of this post.

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