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I love to cook, one of my favourite meals has to be some form of Pasta. A large variety of Pasta available. One reason why I love making this Lemon Pepper Chicken Tagliatelle is because it’s using my Favourite… Tagliatelle.

An image from the Pinch of Nom everyday light Cookbook for the Lemon and Pepper Chicken Tagiatelle.
An image of the lemon and pepper chicken tagliatelle from the Pinch of Nom Everyday Light cookbook. Looks amazing does it not?
Why this is fast becoming one of my Favourite Dishes.

Lemon Pepper Chicken Tagliatelle is fast become one of my favourite meals, not only to eat but also to cook and prepare.

From a cooking and preperation perspective it is super simple and straight forward for any amateur home cook.

Few ingredients add to the simplicity of this dish but they all work well together which makes the flavours really pop.

What Do you need ingredient wise and where I found this wonderous gem of a pasta dish.

I found this recipe in some of the new cook books I had ordered when the mrs had rejoined Slimming World.

From the wonderful world of Amazon I ordered the Pinch of Nom cookbooks. You can find them below (Don’t worry this isn’t an AD, I just found these super useful).

Pinch of Nom Everyday light Cookbook that I Purchased from Amazon.
The Pinch of Nom Everyday Light Cookbook.

Such a basic list of Ingredients and could also be easily adjusted to add in extra flavours if your feeling adventurous.

This recipe was from the Quick Meals Chapter from the Pinch Of Nom – Everyday Light Cookbook.

The ingredients Required – to Serve 4

  • 2 Lemons
  • Freshly Ground Black Pepper
  • 4 Chicken Breasts, around 165g each (skin & visible fat removed)
  • Sea Salt
  • Low Cal cooking spray – I love Frylight for this.
  • 200g Tagliatelle
  • 2 Egg Yolks
  • a pinch of chopped fresh chives or parsley to serve (optional – I used Dried Parsley, sprinkled over the top)

As you can see from the ingredients above, they are simple ingredients but added together create a tasty and yummy dish, which is also Healthy, good for those following a Diet such as Slimming World or Weight watchers.

I have been serving this alongside a salad. I won’t be adding the method with this post as it is my first food post, and not 100% sure with copyright etc.. as this is a Pinch of Nom Recipe.

Lemon and Pepper Chicken Tagliatelle from the Pinch Of Nom Everyday Light Cookbook.
Lemon and Pepper chicken tagliatelle from the Pinch of Nom Everyday Light Cookbook.
The Outcome – Lemon and Pepper Chicken Tagliatelle.

As you can see below you end up with a great Healthy plate of food, which leaves you salivating and craving more. I tweaked it slightly and added some finely chopped garlic which added nicely to the flavour of the dish. Enjoy.

Sharing with you a pic of my creation of the recipe. Served with some fresh Bistro salad from Aldi. A pre Bagged Salad.
Lemon and Pepper chicken tagliatelle that I created.

If you fancy making this yourself, I am also on Instagram and you can find me here at athomewithyorkshiredaddy and let’s get a hash tag going live so I can see what delicious creations your whipping up.


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