Life after Lockdown.

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What will life after lockdown be like?

Lockdown, there is no other way to explain it other than it has been a hard adjustment for some. This has meant big changes to alot of routines for most of the nation. After the government update yesterday it has meant the lockdown has been extended by at least another 3 weeks.

Find more on this lockdown update from the BBC Here.


As above lockdown has been extended for at least another 3 weeks. This means 3 weeks longer minimum that we are at home with the kids. It’s a stressful time for many but is this to be the last of it?

An image of my children with a chain and lock to express is at home in lockdown.
Princess tribe under lockdown.

When this 3 weeks is over, will it be extended further? Alot of the nation is abiding by the lockdown, and only leaving for the recommended 1hr of daily excersise per day. If things were to worsen would they stop this completely? Meaning the only time you could leave your home was to shop for essentials and prescriptions.

It is a very worrying time, my anxiety has been hit and miss with it all. My partner has recieved her letter deeming her as extremely vulnerable due to her issues with severe asthma. This means she cannot leave home at all. This also means that I shouldn’t be leaving either.

Staying home and not leaving.

This is a difficult thing for us to do. I’ve been the member of the household to go out and do the shopping. It is near on impossible to get a home delivery from the supermarkets.

Local businesses are doing their best with home deliveries which we are thankful for. Mainly our go to butcher. The only issue I have been having with not supposed to be leaving the house at all is Milk. We have 4 children at home, beast is still reliant on cows milk and as you can understand we can go through a lot of it. We go through around 8 pints daily near enough which has meant me going to the corner shop daily for milk.

I’m not meant to be doing this with my partner been classed as vulnerable. There is no way this can be done.

Social Distancing.

Social distancing in lockdown. Keep your 2m.
Social Distancing

The social distancing is working I believe and is very strange to see. Joining ques that cover the full length of a car park to get into our local Aldi supermarket. Only allowing certain numbers of people to enter at one time.

It’s very surreal and has got me thinking what life will be like after Lockdown. With reports in the media of social distancing to continue until 2022, not sure how true this may be but read more of it Here.

Will life ever return to normal? 2 years is a very long time to be socially distant. Will it be the new norm to que around the supermarket carpark. To keep within 2 meters of the person in front of you in a que. Crossing the road when someone is walking towards you. Wearing safety items such as face masks.

Will there ever be some form of normality of what it was like before.

I’m not sure but only time will tell of what life will be like.

For the time being we will keep socially distant. We will stay home to look after ourselves. Protect the NHS and follow updates of the current lockdown as the pandemic of covid19 continues to disrupt life as we know it.

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To help others I shared in a post lately 5 tips for self care during lockdown which help me. Find this here.

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  1. I find it really insightful to read about other people’s thoughts about what will happen after lockdown. It’s hard to see when and how it will go back to normal! Interesting read, thank you ☺️

    1. Thank you. It is very strange to think what it may be like after all this though isn’t it?

  2. Yes , its really hard.. Can understand how hard is yr situation. Time will change soon everything. Hope for positive👍🏻👍🏻

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