Life as a Father of Daughters.

Hey there my readers, have I got an insight for you in this post and that is what it is like to be a Father of Daughters.

You all surely know by now I’m not just a Dad, I’m also a step dad. Altogether I am a Dad to 5 girls and that is pretty manic being honest with you. You can read how I cope with 5 daughters Here.

I am a very proud father of daughters.
An old picture but all my beautiful girls together.

But I wanted to share with you an insight into what life was like as a Father of Daughters.

What is life like as a Father of Daughters.

Very often when I get into conversations with other Dads and Mums included and we get chatting about our kids and I mention that I am a Dad to 5 Girls I always get the same or similar reactions and comments of “wow you’re unlucky” “You’re a bit outnumbered aren’t you” “how do you manage with all those girls?”

Shoulder ride for my daughter while walking the dog

It is always a similar reaction and like it may be a negative but believe me it definitely is not, I find being a Father of Daughters, especially so many of them is a blessing and a gift.

I get to raise 5 amazing daughters, be a role model for these young girls to grow up knowing what a good man is meant to be, along with having the opportunity to be a present hands on Dad in their lives.

I love being a Father of Daughters and here’s why.

Playing the girly games.

Being a father of daughters means I can’t generally play with the kids with tonka toys and the likes most sons would play with. Don’t get me wrong the girls like their boyish toys and I’m sure boys are the same with some girls toys available but my girls like their dolls.

I love their imagination when playing with dolls, whether they are Barbies, babies or whatever other girly doll sets they have. The tea parties with countless amounts of teddies and dolls.

You’ve got to admit though there are some pretty cool toys out there available for girls.

Playing the Hairdresser.

Being the stay at home dad I have the challenge of styling the girls hair for school. Don’t get me wrong I’m nowhere near as talented as mum but I don’t do half bad.

As a father of daughters. 5 in fact I have to be responsible to do their hair at times. I actually enjoy it.
Pig tails madame? Not a problem.

Can I have a ponytail? – Sure thing not a problem! So and so had pig tails in their hair yesterday, can I have Pigtails today? – Yep of course you can! Can I have a plait so my hair is curly later when I take it out? – Absolutely. Could you put this bow in my hair please? – Sit still and I’ll put it in for you. I have PE today and my hair gets annoying could I have my hair in a Bun? – Yeah course you can chicken. (Don’t ask about chicken its something I call the kids sometimes).

So yeah I have a pretty vast variety of hair choices I can do for my girls and I think being a Father of Daughters its something we should be able to do. I love doing their hair, its like a salon, we have a good natter and chit chat about the day ahead or the previous day. A nice little Father Daughter binding in a way.

But I just want to add this…. I hate it when their hair is knotty, my god!! If you do your daughters hair I’m pretty sure you know what I mean.

If your a Dad who struggles with their daughters hair, never fear, you can learn the way of the hair styling Dad. Check this video below for all your help.

This is from a group of Dads to help Dads and that is Leeds Dads. They run a hair styling sessions every Saturday. Check the tweet from the Leeds Dads below and check them out on Twitter and Facebook in the links below too.

Leeds Dads Facebook, Leeds Dads Website, Leeds Dads Twitter.

This is an online community so I’m assuming not just for Dads of the Leeds area but their maybe something similar where you live too.

Love of my girls sense of humour.

I’m a typical dad, I love embarrassing them in the playground with a top quality dad joke, they humour me in attempting to find it funny even though I know they don’t. That’s one of the perogatives of being a father of daughters isn’t it to hit a certain level of embarrassment.

Even though my embarrassment certainly becomes tarnished and evident also, this photo below explains that and is like one of those Dad Memes of – Tell me you’re a Father of Daughters without saying you’re a Father of Daughters.

Tell me you are a Father of Daughters... Without saying you are a Father of Daughters!
Tell me you are a Father of Daughters… Without saying you are a Father of Daughters!

It is when they come and tell me a joke they’ve heard at school or that they have made up, some are great but some are a bit pants but still the humour between us is great.

Their sarcasm is another part of their sense of humour I love, being a sarcastic guy myself they’ve picked up on it too and have their own level of sarcasm which at times has me and mum in fits of laughter.

The joy of being a Father of Daughters.

I get the assistance from them with some Dad jobs, mainly Titch as she loves herself some DIY. Here she is in full on helper mode recently building their new playhouse. She used my drill to fit the door all by herself.

This last 18 months especially has brought me a lot of joy as a Father of Daughters, the time spent throughout the Lockdowns with my girls.

We have bonded on a completely different level, not just have I reached a new level of stress… I mean come on parenting in a pandemic has been stressful! But it has also had a lot of positives and the big one for me was the homeschooling.

I found a new found respect for teachers with what they do but I got the opportunity to not only teach my kids but I learnt so much more about my girls that I never would have if we hadn’t had to home school them.

I seriously can’t be the only father of daughters that thinks this at times, but do you sometimes look at your daughters and think how did you and their mum create something so beautiful.

As a father of daughters I find myself looking at my girls and thinking how can I have made something so cute.
How did I create something so Cute!

If you are a Father of Daughters give a BIG WHOOP!! In the comments below and share with us all what you love about being a Father of Daughters.

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8 Thoughts to “Life as a Father of Daughters.”

  1. Those are some awesome strong young ladies you have there!

    1. I know that, they can be very independent and we are sure aware of it 😂.

  2. I’m bracing myself for the tween years kicking off. Petrified.

    1. Your not the only one there smell, I’m dreading the teenage years. I think we are hitting the tweens with the older 2 at the moment. Ask them to do something and its like an episode of Kevin and Perry.

  3. Large boy didn’t speak to me for hours on Friday because I made him wear his errr school uniform to errr school.

    1. 🤣🤣 oh dear, we’ve got this smell 👊🏻

  4. Ah yes, the whole “don’t you feel outnumbered?” or “wouldn’t you like sons?” remarks. Really not sensitive at all! Anyway, I think it’s amazing being a dad to daughters, although you have more to look after than me Eddie!

    1. I get the outnumbered all the time 🤣 it really is, wouldn’t have it any other way.

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