Life with young Children.

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An insight into life with young children.

As the title suggests Life with young Children is a challenge. All girls and aged between 1 years old and 8 years. Day to day life with the youngest is like following a Tornado. If your a parent then you’ll possibly know where I’m going with this one.

A picture of all 5 of my girls, what life with young children is like.
All 5 of my girls

I’ve been racking my brain for a couple of days now. I’m still kind of new to this blogging lark. Thinking of a subject to post for you all. Well like a light bulb it just came to me, sat having a brew after getting the girls into bed. Browsing through some of the Dad groups I’m a member of on Facebook, and just like that… Instantly a post just pops out at you and is of a subject you can relate to.

A fellow father posted about how himself and his wife both work full time, they have a young family and once they’re all home, after a little bit of family time. The house well in my words would be that it looks like the remnants of a war zone!

Now this post jumped out to me as it is something I can completely relate with. From working full time and arriving home around 6pm. The girls have been home a good couple of hours already. My other half looks run ragged and the house looks like a bombsite. Fast-forward to lately with how things have changed.

Sarah is now still working part time but also at university 4 days per week on top of work. Which meant that after a discussion between us both, and to remain more financially secure. I would be the Stay at home parent following on from a recent redundancy. Mainly to our youngest daughter Beast (13months).

The Realisation of what I’d signed up for!

Now I know why Sarah always looked run ragged. It’s like fighting a losing battle. You feel as if your following a Tornado constantly around the house. From food crumbs and juice spillages in the kitchen. To toys or Books they have got bored with in the lounge and left scattered all over the floor.

Bedrooms that look like they’ve been in a drugs raid on police camera action!! It seems to never end. Now I’m not shy of a bit of hard graft. But jeez even after they’ve all gone to bed and the house is silent. Your clearing up toys, washing dishes and doing other parent duties you’ve done many times throughout the day already. Constantly on the go. The sudden realisation of what life with young children throughout the day is really like.

SAHD round up of Life with young Children.

From my experience as a stay at home Dad so far is. It has been an incredible time. Great spending time with Beast. I have never got the chance to have with my other daughters. First words. First time standing or sitting up. Crawling and walking. We have so much fun, but at the same time it’s a very demanding role. Even more so when all 5 girls are around.

When Mouse and Tiych (my 2 amazing Step daughters) aren’t at their Daddy’s. When Pork Chop (my eldest daughter) hasn’t got something socially at her mum’s and is at our house for the weekend. It’s constant questions! All wanting to speak first and get there word in. Wanting to play certain games. To read or do different things with you all at once. Attempting to juggle yourslef around them. All at the same time and even keep on top of keeping the house from becoming a swimming pool of laundry, toys, books, craft stuff and god knows what else they can fish out from a drawer or toy box.

But at the end of the day. This is what comes part and parcel with the challenge of having such a large family. Even though they all have their moments. They are amazing young girls. They can be helpful when needed with tasks given. Which takes a big load off me and Mum. This then makes our tasks so much easier. We even have some good laughs along the way.

Hope you enjoy the post and what life with young children is like for my family. Now I’m off to finish the pile of washing up from tea and maybe sit and have a brew 😁☕👍.

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