Lock down – one week down.

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One week into Lockdown.

A week gone, not a normal week. This week is out first week under lock down. The government has urged families and people to stay home. Only going out for essential shopping or for an hour a day of excersise. Key workers or for those who are still working.

For us we are home, me the other half and 4 kids. One thing I never thought we would be undertaking is home schooling our girls. But we are now 1 week into just that.

Home schooling

Same as alot in the country, even the world at the moment. During lock down we are home schooling the girls. We have pig who is 4 and is due to start school this coming September. With her we have been working on her letters and numbers. So far so good. Using the resources offered online from the girls school we have been doing the basic key stage 1 school work with her. One achievement we would like with her is to have her reading and writing before she embarks on her journey to school.

A colouring sheet from one of the girls work books to do while in lock Down.
Mindfulness colouring for pig.

Titch and mouse 6 and 8, they’re relatively easy to find work for. The only thing is is breaking up and establishing a routine for the school work. Mouse is best under a routine, she’s the type of girl that doesn’t like change, but with this current circumstances she has adjusted really well.

A plastic wallet of school work to help keep the girls educated in lock Down.
Cursive writing and handwriting for mouse.

As for titch it’s a bit tricky to get her to apply herself to a task, such as reading or some maths work.

So what have we been doing so far.

Along with majority of the nation first thing after breakfast we have been joining in with the PE with Joe wicks on YouTube. My god I had a go with them 1 morning and I swear I died or my legs did.

Mouse we’ve been working on her addition and subtraction. Made a start on fractions. Mainly conslcentrating on her times tables.

Titch doing some lock down maths.
Maths workbook for titch, answers determine which colour to colour in on the picture.

The main resources we have been using which were provided by the girls school is Twinkl. We are able to print out work sheets and work books to complete along with fun activities with word searches and mindfulness colouring in.

The other we have been using which has been good for all the girls including pig is Discovery Espresso. Not sure if a log in from the school is required with this one, you may have to check with them.

We have also been using the games and apps they use in school such as sum dog, times tables rock stars and BBC supermovers.

Find more about these in a previous post of mine here with learning times tables with your children which may help with home schooling during lock down.

So how has it been for me and mum?

If I told you it had been a lot of fun and no stress what so ever, would be a massive lie. Its been very tricky and difficult. Dealing with the usual whinging, bickering and squabbles any parent experiences but more often as they’re all home more.

Stressful because it’s new for us too, becoming the education giver, the teacher. It’s taking some adjusting for all of us.

The biggest thing has been establishing a routine. One that breaks up the week Monday to Friday. The fun and the school work and then having it different at weekends so it doesn’t always feel the same shit different day basically.

On top of the schooling we are having to fit in time for the Mrs too. Her uni is currently closed and during lock down and the coronavirus pandemic is doing her work from home. With tutorials online and having to find the time to do her assignments that are needing to be done.

Lock down round up week 1.

I think I can say that lock down so far has been a success. I still have my hair. The Mrs hasn’t had a breakdown and all 4 kids are still alive and hopefully they have learnt some new things.

How has the lock down been for you? How has it changed your routine and how have you adjusted to the change?

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8 Thoughts to “Lock down – one week down.”

  1. rameyspeaks

    Sounds like you guys are hanging in there! Keep your heads! Hopefully this all gets over soon!

    1. Thank you, hope you guys are doing too.

      1. We are trying! Thanks!

  2. I think at this point any week that ends with everybody sane and healthy has to be considered a win #thatfridaylinky

    1. Absolutely and it can be pretty sanity testing too at times.

  3. Sounds like you’re doing really well, much more organised than I would be! This was a great post. Hopefully this will all be over soon and we will be back to some normality. Stay safe!

    1. We’re not doing too bad, as organised as we can be. Thank you and I’m sure it shouldn’t be for too long but in the meantime we will plod along and take things as they come.

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