Mealtimes with a baby – let’s get messy.

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Mealtimes with a Baby.

Mealtimes with a baby for me isn’t a new territory. But for some it may be, It’s like second nature to me, especially Breakfast times and Tea time.

While I’ve been the stay at home Dad with Beast, I have had to experience and to adjust to snack times, dinner time on top of breakfast and tea.

Now food and youngsters is tricky at times. We have 5 girls between myself and my partner Sarah. All have different tastes, likes and dislikes. One fussy eater and the others aren’t too bad, but all are not very experimental when it comes to food.

Mealtimes with a Baby.

Introducing to you, here is Beast. Our youngest who is at the time of writing this is 1 year old – 13 months if you want be technical about it. Now Beast is constantly hungry, she is always munching on something and if she gets hungry she gets very very hangry indeed.

She is at the age now where we would like her to explore with food and attempt feeding herself. Now we’ve established some of her likes and dislikes and her general good taste when it comes to food.

But we have the upcoming issue of the throwing food on the floor! Now we have a rather large family dog that is just in heaven sitting, waiting patiently for her to slip her hand over the side of the highchair and slip him a bit of food.

Since we are now at the point of no return with food flying, messy mealtimes and extra pooch training. We are issuing Beast with the dreaded word NO!

Well up until now this word never meant anything to her and she would carry on her cheeky escapades. But now I think she is learning and beginning to understand the word and what comes with it.

OH MY!!! she is not impressed in the slightest. The tantrums are beginning 😬.

Small bit of mealtime research to aid in my challenge.

Now as i found, you can google tips and tricks on where to start with mealtimes with a baby till the cows come home! There’s so much info out there on the tinterweb. Alot of do this do that or don’t try this or don’t try that.

Now one small bit of advice I will say is generally with any sort of thing if your doubting yourself with what you are aiming to achieve is – Trust yourself and your instincts.

You know your child best. You can read anything you want which may cause more doubt if your doing something different.

I started with the norm around 6 months of age with the jar puree baby foods you get from your local supermarket. Now she is older and has a few teeth, we introduced her with more solid foods.

This is where i did some research and now she is 1 years old, a bit of independance to learn to feed herself.

The start with the ‘Baby Led Weaning‘ worked a treat, even though it can get messy.

You will also encounter no doubt, the throwing of food. Don’t worry, your child will get it eventually. I’ve also given her a spoon or a fork to get used to, she watches her older siblings at meal times and is slowly learning herself what to do with them.

Uh oh, here is a picture of my youngest beast after she had been told no to throwing food, oh the joys of mealtimes with a baby.
Not liking the new word NO!!

Please wish us luck once again in this journey.

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