Menswear – as Dads are the fashionable trends relevant?

Menswear and fashion for dads

Menswear Clothing for Dads, Trending Fashion from an Unfashionable Daddy.

You see adverts on the telly, social media, practically everywhere these days, not surprising with Men’s Clothing and Fashion been so mainstream.

That Look Portrayed in Adverts of Men and Dads.

You see in these ads, product placement in TV shows, Soaps and Films of obviously Men in clothes. Usually in the fashionable trend of menswear.

This is one thing I’ve never understood is the menswear trends, I mean skinny jeans? Seriously! If I wanted to squeeze myself into a pair I may aswell call myself a woman.

The mens clothing which is in trend and deemed fashionable items of clothing to a bloke like me and I’m sure other Dads and blokes will agree. They don’t look that good to push so much, they look incredibly uncomfortable.

I mean the skinny jeans again or tightly fitted jeans, chinos, cordaroy trousers, khaki shorts. The list is endless. What I don’t understand is guys, what do you do with it? You know what I’m talking about guys. Ladies I apologise this may be crude! Do you tuck it between and behind? Or do you leave it naturally down one side, it can’t be comfortable surely.

It’s the same with tops that you find in the menswear range, some with sleeves so short it may as well be a vest, some with a v neck cut out that may as well be for a busty woman to show off the rack and cleavage.

Where is the Menswear that offers comfort and Practicality for us Men – Especially Dads.

Now I’m the sort of bloke and Dad that knows naff all about the fashionable trends in the wide world of menswear. I don’t have a Gok Wan like eye for what looks good, what’s popular and trendy and at the end of the day, I couldn’t give a flying… Ooo a duck!

You would probably see me browsing the menswear clothing aisles of George at Asda, Tu at Sainsbury’s, Sports direct – I like a good firetrap top if I’m honest. Primark – who doesn’t love the cost effectiveness of a bit of Primarni, especially for the kids and lastly Matalan.

Now these I’ve mentioned above, some are local to us in Scarborough, some are a days shopping trip away in the lovely historic town of York.

Now I don’t mind shopping if it comes to food, kitchen gadgets or Xbox games – xbox my old friend, great for the Dads Self care.

I hate nothing more than shopping for clothes, the kids clothes shopping isn’t as bad as we know what they like, what style suits them etc… But for me a lot of other retailers stock the style and type of menswear I avoid, where these retailers I visit and mention above stock the general style of clothes I like.

A photo taken by me for the purpose of this post of the menswear aisle at my local sainsburys store.
Tu Menswear Clothing Rail from my local Scarborough Sainsbury’s.
A photo i took of the menswear rail at my local sainsburys in Scarborough.
Tu at Sainsbury’s Scarborough Menswear Clothing Rail.

Why oh Why do Menswear Retailers do this?

What does my head in slightly is even between these Stores I’ve listed. The sizes are way off between them. I know I’m a bit of an advocate advertising the Dad bod, but hey I like my food.

But say if I admitted I was An XL size in a top or shirt, I would look for that size as I know it fits comfortably without looking in the mirror and seeing the Michelin man staring back at me.

Now from past experience I may be an XL from the likes of George and Sainsbury’s. Brand dependant if bought from Sports Direct, a firetrap top I bought 9 months ago. I had to exchange for a larger size to a XXL as it was too small and not only felt but looked uncomfortable too and comparing that to a Pierre Cardin top I bought with that same order which fit perfectly fine to a fashion, no pun intended… Ok maybe a little bit, but fit better than the firetrap top. It’s the same I find with Jeans and chino type trousers. Sizes in menswear is a bit of a pain in the backside.

I’m a busy Dad and sometimes I just don’t give a flying… Ooo another Duck, about how I may look, I mean some afternoons when I go on the school run.

Yes even at this time of year, cold miserable and raining that wet stuff out the clouds. You’ll more than likely see me in my comfy boots, a pair of tracksuit bottom shorts with a top, fleece and gilet and my flat cap. Aye I know how typical Yorkshire of me, but it keeps my balding head warm.

This is a picture of me, clueless to menswear and fashion trends for men and fathers.
Hey handsome in that flat cap thing clueless to trending fashion and menswear.

Yep that’s me above, I like to be dressed comfortably.

Lastly in the seemingly long winded menswear rant….

And finally this brings us to Styling from a common Dads point of view in menswear.

You see actors etc… In dressing rooms having someone pick them out colours that match there skin tone, hair colour. You know whatever else they can match and must be like building an image from there.

However If your a Dad like me browsing the menswear rails and sale rails in a shop and you see new shirt. Oooo I like that but would the colour suit me and what would I wear it with.

A pair of jeans maybe, I like those but would they go with the boots or trainers I have in my limited collection. Would any of these items suit my frame, body style, you know the hard work that’s been put into obtaining the Dad bod.

All of these to take into consideration before making purchases. No idea why I care how stylish or fashionable I look, but you know maybe a little bit of it can help your self confidence and the image you have of yourself right? Look the part for a special moment with your partner in crime.

Will dad delve into men’s clothing and fashion from the available lines and trends of menswear with a purchase?

One thing sometimes that stops me from purchasing some items I like is the cost. You have got all your bills paid and you have some money left in the budget and want to treat yourself.

But you decide not to because you think it’s too expensive and tell yourself you’ll wait till you have a bit more spare cash. Maybe you have to be impulsive and treat yourself. I know I need to from time to time but it is quite a rare occasion, especially if our 5 daughters need new clothes.

We just stick to what we have in our wardrobe in the meantime. If any of you reading this have any tips regarding menswear and mens fashion for varying body types etc.. Comment away I would like to read Into it more. Yes ladies I know what your thinking. Before you say it yes there are some men who may be Into fashion and care about the way they look. Hard to believe? I am slightly if I’m being honest, it must be my age. I am almost 5 years away from 40 you know.

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5 Thoughts to “Menswear – as Dads are the fashionable trends relevant?”

  1. Haha, Eddie, this made me laugh. To be honest, I do like my cloths but I can’t pretend I’m able to give as much thought or effort into my threads as I did even five years ago. One thing is for sure, clothes for a dad, especially if you have young kids, need to be practical.

    1. Eddie

      Glad to hear it gave you a chuckle, yes definitely practical, if only they made combat type trousers that are smart casual for all the bits and bobs you end up having in your pockets with young children around and the same for a hoodie.

  2. I’m with you on the skinny jeans front – however, I am one of those dads who spends probably too much time, and money, on clothing! Probably less so since lockdown seeing as we can’t go out for any real occassion, but I’ve definitely moved on from the Primark purchases that tend not to last very long, to more expensive (and well made) clothing that lasts longer, better for the environment (and the pocket in the long run!)

    1. I just don’t get skinny jeans, just why 🤣. My wallet cringes at certain shops so have to stick with budget.

      Lockdown has saved the pennies from the clothing shop.

  3. Ha. Made me giggle this Eddie.. totally agree… what winds me up is why, when you walk into a store is the clothing predominantly female.. with about 3 hooks of men’s clothes..
    I don’t give a hoot what I wear.. personally I don’t buy brand new clothes. For me, I do that much grubby stuff I just wear workwear cargo trousers 90% of the time.. I do a lot of charity shop shopping and get some cracking branded clothes. Most of the time I don’t realise it’s branded until I get home..
    Good read though!

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