What are the most Instagrammable paint colours for 2021?

When it comes to redecorating many of us like to stick with the trends that are current with the times, here are some results from some recent research carried out by Hometree.co.uk to find out what are the most Instagrammable paint colours this year.

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Hometree have carried out research to find out what is the most instagrammable paint colour in 2021.
Hometree have carried out research to find out what is the most instagrammable paint colour in 2021.

What are the most Instagrammable paint colours for 2021?

The research can reveal that the most popular colours are deep blues and grey tones. Hometree.co.uk found that the most Instagrammable shade is Egyptian Cotton by Dulux with approximately 91,000 Instagram hashtags. This neutral pale grey colour creates a light space that is welcoming and embraces tranquillity.

In second place we have Hague Blue by Farrow & Ball with approximately 48,600 hashtags, a surprising colour to find at the top of the list, being such a bold, deep, blue shade, but nevertheless a standout colour for those looking to make a statement.

To round off the blues of our top 3, for a deeper tone, we have Stiffkey Blue by Farrow & Ball in third place with a respectable 24,800 hashtags.


Grey tones dominate the trending paint colours for this summer. Unsurprisingly, during an unbearably hot day, a soothing and relaxing grey tone is a must. Such a versatile colour base can be used in all rooms of the home.

The most Instagrammable grey shade is Egyptian Cotton by Dulux (91,000 hashtags). Followed closely by Little Green’s French Grey (17,600 hashtags), Elephant’s Breath by Farrow & Ball (13,400 hashtags) and Skimming Stone by Farrow & Ball (12,800 hashtags).

Ranking as the ninth most popular shade is Sap Green by Farrow & Ball with 5,900 hashtags – a light green to bring nature’s colours indoors. With this shade growing steadily in hashtags, could this be an inkling of trends yet to come?

Hometree have carried out research to find out what is the most instagrammable paint colour in 2021.

Why are these colours so popular?

To delve deeper into why these colours are the most popular for home enthusiasts, we asked Lee Chambers, a credited psychologist, who had this to say:

Hague Blue – A deep and rich blue with green undertones, it promotes both calm, confidence and a feeling of being grounded, which in the middle of a pandemic makes it increasingly popular. It also has a nostalgic feel, providing a certain comfort in these uncertain times.

Stiffkey Blue – Another rich blue shade, but with an almost aquatic texture which brings the outdoors inside. It incites a feeling of adventure and freedom in times of restriction, and while being cool in nature is low on stimulation and gives a certain serenity and stability that is powerful at the moment.

Cornforth White – A neutral that doesn’t have the clinical edge of a brilliant white, which can be overstimulating. It brings elements of grey and creates a space that exudes both light and warmth, while giving a feeling of modern living outside of the hustle and bustle of a city.

French Grey – Taking the trendiness of grey and fusing it with the grounding aspects of green creates a colour that gives a feeling of growth in the light, and restoration when in the shade. It has an almost chameleon-like property of combining warmth with peace.

Elephant’s Breath – Taking a middling grey and adding a touch of warmth and intensity from pink or violet, Elephant’s Breath has a lovely contemporary feel which will create a spacious area where it is used. It has an interesting balance of being both uplifting and calming, which is certainly in demand.

Skimming Stone – Once again, a light grey aspect brings a contemporary feel that really promotes restoration while being bright enough to amplify feelings of joy. When spending longer indoors, especially in the winter, this colour creates an ambience of space which gives us fewer feelings of being enclosed.

Hale Navy – A rich and stylish navy, it certainly brings an understated tone of luxury. It has both a rustic and modern feeling and beautifully combines warm and cool undertones to create a space which creates a rich feeling that wraps around you, especially when exposed to light and paired with white accents.

Denim Drift – This smoky and calming mix of grey and blue has been a popular colour in recent times, and the warm grey tones provide a welcoming space to settle into when you’re feeling a little overwhelmed. It is a perfectly restful shade in these times of zoom fatigue and a lack of psychological separation between work and relaxing.

Egyptian Cotton – Another neutral with pale grey that creates a light space that is welcoming and embraces tranquillity.

Sap Green – A rich grounding green that generates that earthly feeling that connects us with nature, even when indoors. Even though it is grounding, it is warm and really generates a feeling of homeliness, while being a colour that promotes wellbeing.

The 3 most Instagrammable paint brands

FARROW & BALL1,238,000

Furthermore, Hometree.co.uk discovered that Farrow & Ball is the most popular paint brand on Instagram with 1,238,000 hashtagsBenjamin Moore placed second with nearly 400,000 hashtagged postsDulux perhaps surprisingly takes the last spot of the top three with 270,000 hashtags.

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