Tips for Moving Toddler from Cot to Toddler Bed.

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Moving Toddler from Cot to Toddler Bed – Oh Great. Seriously she is only 19 month’s old.

Well that time has officially come with my toddler Beast. She is only 19 months old and the realisation that she is growing up has really hit us this last week. The time has come for Moving Toddler from Cot to Toddler Bed.

The beginning of moving Toddler from Cot to Toddler Bed.
A proud toddler in her big bed.

Why so early? Moving Toddler from Cot to Toddler Bed.

With the impending change of moving Toddler from Cot to Toddler Bed, we didn’t expect to be making this transition until she was at least nearly 2.

Some parents may think or say that 18 months – 2 years is too young to be moving Toddler from Cot to Toddler Bed? But to be honest there is no perfect time. If they are ready they are ready. One tell tale sign is that they begin to climb out of their cot. Obviously with this sign it is for safety reasons to transition from a cot to a Toddler bed.

With mentioning safety it is for her own good. She is such a cheeky little girl who loves to climb. She has now started to climb out of her cot, the realisation of this was panic stations. How I noticed she was doing this was in a way bizarre.

I actually thought we were being burgled. I was sat in the living room with the older girls watching some princess film they enjoy on Disney+ and the door handle starts to wiggle. Then we hear foot steps thumping up the stairs. I initially checked the front door, it was locked.

Very strange, so I headed upstairs to be met with beast doing a Usain Bolt 100m sprint across the landing back to her bedroom. Back in her bedroom she’s caught red handed climbing back into her cot, so I left her and watched through the gap in the door. Yep… Sure enough, climbs and runs for a great escape.

The reason for moving Toddler from Cot to Toddler Bed is that beast has started climbing out of her cot.
Caught red handed climbing out of her cot!

So that brings us to the transformer like process of her cot ready for moving Toddler from Cot to Toddler Bed.

Time for a new bedtime routine to help ease the change.

Beast has always had a fairly solid and consistent bed time routine and we have not long since changed her routine slightly. After experiencing her unsettled at bedtimes I started reading a bedtime story with her and other changes which you can find in my Toddler Bedtime routine post Here.

Now we have found that it is time for a new bedtime routine to help ease the move from Cot to Toddler Bed yet again. This parenting lark is alot like baseball isn’t it? It likes to throw you some curve balls.

So beast’s new bedtime routine now goes like this below.

  1. 6pm Bathtime – Shallow bath with Bedtime Bubbles (Child’s Farm are a great choice).
  2. 6.20pm Playtime – A little bit of playtime before bed.
  3. 6.50pm quiet time – Usually where we sit and have a snuggle with some TV.
  4. 7pm Story Time – We get settled into bed with a bottle of milk and her snuggly and read a bed time story.
  5. Lullaby – Beast shares with her bedroom with her older sister so we utilise Mouse’s TV and Roku Stick with YouTube for some Baby Sleep Music lullabies.

So that is the new bedtime routine that we have begun implementing to help with moving Toddler from Cot to Toddler Bed.

Part of my toddlers routine is a bath before  bedtime.
Part of her new routine. Bath before bedtime.

How to help your moving Toddler from Cot to Toddler Bed.

I know what alot of you will be thinking. With 5 daughters, 4 being older and past the stage of moving from a cot to a Toddler bed and that me and Sarah must be parenting genius’s that know everything to do with parenting. Well you would be mistaken and wrong. I don’t think anyone really can say that they are like a parenting bible.

Each child is different from another. What worked for one may not work for the other. This is what we have found with Beast compared to how the move from Cot to Toddler Bed went with her elder siblings.

Now beast is an inquisitive soul and definitely an avid explorer. So the thought of being able to finally get out of bed must be fascinating for her. But here are a few things we have being doing with Beast. I would like to think this may help you with moving Toddler from cot to Toddler bed.

  • Talk to your child about it. Emphasising the positives of being in a big bed. Get them excited about it.
  • Urge your child to get into their big bed, so that they are comfortable with doing so at bed time.
  • Keep the same soft toys and blankets in the big bed like they had in their cot.
  • Be patient with them as it is new and daunting.
  • Try to be calm and consistent with them at and during bedtime

With beast it hasn’t been too bad of a move from cot to Toddler bed so far. We have had times where she has found it funny and a game to try and make a run for it out if bed. Or to stand and bounce on her new big bed. Attempt to raid her older sisters toy drawers.

One way we have combatted this with her and which seems to be working and she is getting used to it. Is to keep calm but to be consistent. Every time she has stood up in bed, we have pointed to her bed and said “no, back into bed, it is sleep time”. To which she has got back into bed. But in typical cheeky toddler fashion a few seconds later she is attempting the same all over again.

Moving Toddler from Cot to Toddler Bed is not easy. This is my toddler upset because she was told to get back into bed because it was sleepy time.
Upsetting not being able to get out of bed and explore.

If out of bed we pick her up lay her in bed and tuck her back in and say… “bedtime… It’s time for sleep”. Now this is a bit of a battle at times, night 2 of her move from Cot to Toddler Bed I think it was around 2 1/2 hours until she actually went to sleep.

Between me and Sarah we tackled it head on with a parenting tag team system which seemed to work and kept the stress levels low. Half an hour each at a time and we soon got through it as a team. Both on the same page with the same attack strategy.

With doing this, Beast is now learning the new way of her bedtime and so far touch wood… 2 nights on from the difficult night she is doing very well. Asleep within half an hour or so.

Such a feeling of success when moving Toddler from Cot to Toddler Bed and finally getting them settled and asleep.
Parenting win.

What do I do if I get a visitor through the night?

Now this is a question some of you may be asking. But what do I do if I get a visitor through the night? Well now with the ability to get out of bed, you may well end up with a visit at god knows what time through the night. Maybe even more that twice. But just be patient, stay calm, persevere and take them back to bed.

Moving Toddler from Cot to Toddler Bed is difficult. Beast back In bed after a midnight visit.
Middle of the night visitor back into bed.

It may take time for them to get used to the change but they will eventually.

I also refreshed the old parental knowledge with the upcoming moving Toddler from Cot to Toddler Bed. I find it’s always good to read up on some things sometimes to pick up some advice and tips. Some you may have forgotten or not heard or tried before. With parenting your always learning on the job aren’t you.

Here are a few sites that I found useful.

When to move your Toddler from a Cot to a Bed – Made For Mum’s.

10 Tricks to move your Toddler to a First Bed – Mother & Baby.

How did the transition go moving Toddler from Cot to Toddler Bed with your little one?

I hope some may find this post helpful. We are still going through the transition of moving Toddler from Cot to Toddler Bed, so I will update you all again over the next few weeks on how Beast is doing in her Big girl bed.

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41 Thoughts to “Tips for Moving Toddler from Cot to Toddler Bed.”

  1. Brooke

    I had to transition my babies early too. They would not stop climbing out of their cribs and it was no longer safe. You are right about consistency being important.

    1. I’m not sure if it’s better to go through it while they are younger or older. Consistency is key.

  2. A really goid, informative piece. Brings back so many memories!

    1. Thank you Graham. Yep I bet it does. How was it for you with your children?

      1. Switching from cots to beds was lovely for both. They were so excited by it and did so well. Walking, talking, potty training, eating – they were bloody awful. Both would still eat with their hands if they could get away with it!

        1. We have that now with pig and she’s 4 😂. Glad the bed move went well though.

  3. Ahhh bedtime for my toddler is a nightmare since switch to a bed. He’s my fourth…but like you said, they’re all different. The others were not like this at all!

    1. Between us we have 5. I don’t remember the older girls been like her either but I know from when I have been reading online it could be a lot worse.

  4. We had to do this in an unplanned way on the day after small boy came home from hospital with his ITP because he chose that moment to flip over the side of the cot and head butt the floor – with no platelets…. glad things are going well for you, so far.

    1. Oh god that sounds awful, was he ok? Yeah things are going ok, a tricky night tonight but not as bad as night 2.

      1. Yeah we had to go for 6hrs observation because he’d bashed his head and could spontaneously bleed with such low platelets. He keeps us on our toes!

        1. Oh god he sure does doesn’t he.

          1. Yeah, but I wouldn’t have him any other way

  5. Very good info. We have a 2 year old that we are getting ready to transition. We have tried at nap time a few times but she kept getting out on her own.

    1. We’ve been a bit sneaky and put a baby gate on the bedroom door, just so she can’t escape down the stairs if she was to get up in the middle of the night. We just put her back to bed, and mentioned it was bedtime and was time to go to sleep. We’ve had a couple of tough nights but they are getting better.

  6. I’m thinking about moving my girl to a “big girl bed” soon. This was so helpful!

    Jessica |

    1. So glad that you have found it helpful 😊.

  7. I remember mine when they were little and they used to start getting out of bed. I remember the sort of horror film child standing with all the hair over their eyes in the dark like a shadow right next to my bed when I woke up one night and it freaked me out lol. 😅😅

    But yeah after a while it all goes back to normal when they settle in their own beds.

    1. 🤣🤣 We have had that too with our older girls. It’s freaky isn’t it. Especially when you have just woken up. Worse when you watched a horror film before going to sleep 😂

  8. Karen Dennis

    I have also written on this subject #thatfridaylinky@_karendennis

    1. Will have a look and read of your post.

  9. Lovely post and great tips, all my 3 were completely different in all to do with sleep and routine #ThatfridayLinky

    1. How did you find it moving from cot to bed with them all been different routine and sleep wise?

  10. Haha, I remember moving our eldest to a bed. She was so excited but we did it when she was way too young and she just wouldn’t stay in the bed. You live and learn, hey?

    1. A constant learning curve is parenting. Hard work and repetitive when they are in and out of bed. How was the move with your youngest?

  11. Ahh yes, brings back memories this does 😂
    It’s amazing how quickly they can move when they are about to get caught as well, Usain Bolt? He wouldn’t stand a chance…

    1. No absolutely not 😂 he should hire them as trainers 😂.

  12. survivethekidz

    These tips are wonderful! My daughter hated her crib and was so happy to move to a real bed. It took some time for us all to get used to the level of freedom.

    1. It’s such a big adjustment for everyone, it really does take time.

  13. Thank you for the tips. I have 2 years old and just got him his own bed and been talking to him about sleeping in his bad. But he is not ready to make a move. He just goes to bed and comes out as soon as I am out of his room. I think I have to be consistence to take him to his bed!!

    1. How is he when you speak to him about sleeping in his own bed? Consistency is key. 6 days in for us, we have had a few good nights but a couple that have been constant for a good 2 to 3 hours of putting her back to bed.

  14. I am a sucker for midnight cuddles… my husband perseveres thank goodness cause I mush up ” oh come for a cosy” hes like “yeah then I’ll take you to bed” thankfully its only 2/3 times a yea but it did used to be awful and strangely moving home helped him.

    Great post!!!

    1. Aww nothing wrong with cuddles though. It’s hard not to sometimes.

  15. Great tips! It’s always so nerve racking when they go to a big bed. My youngest still creeps into our bed at night.

    1. Bless. We put a baby gate on just so we know she can’t attempt the stairs in the night.

  16. Sammie hodges

    Great tips. We had to move our youngest earlier too and I think it was a case of second child syndrome! She kept climbing out of the cot!

    1. Awful isn’t it when they climb out. That’s why we moved her into a toddler bed. She’s crazy too so would have had too much danger fun diving from it.

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  19. Clara

    Thanks for sharing your story. We have a similar plan the following weeks. I’ve read the book on sleep training toddlers: by Susan Urban and I hope it’s going to help us with the transition. Fingers crossed!

    1. Not a problem at all. The transition went very well for us and even now is going very well. We now have a triple bunk bed for them. My youngest on the very bottom and her 2 older siblings on the top 2.

      I wish you good luck 👍. Thank you for reading and your comment.

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