My 2022 – What is to come?

Well after a super busy Christmas and New Year which I hope you all had a good one it has led me onto think what my 2022 may bring and what opportunities my blogging journey may bring.

My 2022, what could be in store for me, my family and my blog this year.
What is in store for my 2022.

I am still really enjoying the whole blogging thing, I enjoy the writing when I can actually think of content to share which is something I have struggled with as of late, especially the past couple of months which you readers may have noticed.

I am hoping to get back into more of a schedule and routine with the blog in what is to be my 2022, be a bit more structured. I am aiming and would like to work with more brands, something both myself and the girls enjoy doing but also work on more campaigns.

By campaigns I mean by working with individuals, businesses to help raise awareness and spread the word of things that are relevant and important.

I am aiming to be the same over on my Instagram- you can find this over at Yorkie not just for dads on Instagram, I hope that my 2022 may be a good year of growth for both my blog and social media pages.

I still really enjoy the journey I’ve embarked upon with YouTube and my passion for cars with the New and Used Car reviews I have been filming. With a similar aim growth wise and hope to get to a position to work with Car Brands and Manufacturers directly with press cars, another of my 2022 aims. If you haven’t already then head over and check out my YouTube channel – Pitt Motoring TV.

Photography is a thing I’ve become quite passionate about, I really enjoy taking photos of cars whether that is at meets, events or for dealerships. I picked up my first ever DSLR Camera towards the end of last year and hope to share more of my photography journey with you over the coming months.

During My 2022 what else would you like to see more of here on the blog and socials?

As always feedback and constructive criticism is a massive help and I’d like to ask you my readers and followers what content you enjoy and what you would like to see more of here on Yorkie not just for Dads? Let me know in the comments below.

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2 Thoughts to “My 2022 – What is to come?”

  1. Lee

    Good luck with your blog in 2022, I enjoyed reading it during 2021.

  2. Best of luck with your blogging journey during 2022 Eddie. You’re doing the right thing by doing both blog and Instagram.

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