My Busy Bots brings you Fun and creative Half Term Activities.

Activities for half term to help learn Kindness and Positivity with My Busy Bots.

This week has been Children’s Mental Health week (1st to 7th of February). We are still within the constricts of a third Lockdown and may well be for some time to come yet. The other day I shared some useful advice for supporting our children’s mental health and today I’d like to share some fun activities your children can do during the upcoming half term with My Busy Bots.

This week is children's mental health week and to help our children to learn to express themselves I'm sharing fun activities to do during half term from My Busy Bots.
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This years children’s mental health week theme has been Express Yourself.

Encouraging our children to find ways to share their feelings, thoughts, or ideas, through creativity. This could be through either art, music, writing and poetry, dance and drama, photography and film, and doing activities that make them feel good.

It’s a lesson which is important for our children to remember that being able to express themselves is not about being the best at something or putting on a performance for others. It is about finding a way to show who they are, how they see the world in a way that can help them feel good about themselves.

Express yourself is the theme for this years children's mental health week, something my busy bots have covered with fun creative educational activity packs.
For Children’s mental health week the theme is express yourself. Image source Shutterstock.

My Busy Bots have released a new addition to the fun family collections they have. A fun and creative way to help keep our children busy away from screens and doing fun educational activities throughout the upcoming half term.

The new addition is aimed at teaching our children Kindness and Positivity, an opportunity for them to learn in a fun and creative way and also possibly take some of the half term stress from us parents too.

The New Kindness and Positivity booklet from My Busy Bots.

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My Busy Bots

The new Kindness and Positivity booklet is packed with fun, encouraging activities and colouring pages for children to enjoy, away from screens and school work which will offer a much welcomed break during half term.

The all new activity pack by My Busy Bots to help children learn Kindness and Positivity in a fun and creative way.
The new Kindness and Positivity Booklet from My Busy Bots.

They can do them on their own, or with you – a nice way to open up conversations about how they are feeling. Pages can be coloured in, then torn out and hung up as positive reminders! 

This booklet is ideal for children from about 6 years upwards and perfect for both girls and boys – created gender neutral, filled with all things happy! 

Kind words activity sheet in the new Kindness and Positivity pack by My Busy Bots.

– Booklets are A5 (148 x 210mm) and wire bound
– 25 pages of fun, including a colourful front cover
– Perfect as a refill for your Fun Folder Activity Pack

– £4.99 per booklet

My Busy Bots – Fun Folder Activity Pack

This colourful activity pack has a zipped folder containing 15 mini wooden coloured pencils, a sheet of stickers and an activity book – already for creating!

Hand drawn fun activities with colouring pencils and a zipped case.

The hand-drawn fun, exciting characters that you will see zooming and dancing around the covers are sure to spark your child’s imagination.  It’s durable, wipe-clean, compact and sturdy enough to take anywhere.

Available for ages 5 and upwards.

My Busy Bots also have a great selection of activity books, for the 7+ age range too:

·         Kindness & Positivity Booklet – activities encouraging self-love, kindness and positivity! 

Front cover of the kindness and positivity activity book from My Busy Bots.
My Busy Bots Kindness and Positivity Booklet.

·         Enchanted Woodland – from foraging for forest food, writing magic spells, designing your own Fairy & Elf kingdom and much more.

Front cover of the Enchanted woodlands activity book from My Busy Bots.
Enchanted Woodlands.

·         Africa – pack your bags to travel around Africa learning about some of the interesting countries, animals, creating your own African travel wish list and lots more.

My Busy Bots educational workbook for children aged 7+ helping children to learn more in a fun and creative way about Africa.
My Busy Bots Africa activity booklet.
Here is an activity sheet from My Busy Bots Africa workbook. Educstuonal but fun, labelling the areas of Africa.
My Busy Bots Africa activity sheet.

Inside the 7+ activity book is jam-packed with fun ways to learn. Each themed booklet covers various areas of learning – maths, handwriting, literacy, the world around us and of course imagination and well-being.

Fun crossword inside an activity pack from My Busy Bots, included with stickers and pencils.

As you would expect from My Busy Bots, the activities are fun, educational, colourful, and most importantly mess-free – no glue, glitter or sticky stuff – and with all the bits you need.

Mess free creative fun activities in My Busy Bots Dinosaur pack.
Mess free creative fun activities in My Busy Bots Dinosaur pack.

As a bonus, there’s room for any extras your kids may want to take along, and you can fit 2 of the busy bags in them as well!

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