My Family Christmas Traditions.

Family Christmas Traditions that make the Festivities more Memorable.

Christmas is a fantastic time of year especially for families, the opportunities for the time spent together and the events and activities available is magical, some become yearly regularities and become more family traditions.

Sharing with you my Family Christmas Traditions.
Family Christmas Traditons.

What are your Family Christmas Traditions.

Here are a few of my Family Christmas Traditions.

As a large family with 5 young girls we have a few Family Christmas traditions, main ones of these are Festive Family trips.

With the likes of Christmas Markets, Santa’s Grottos and various other festive activities found in abundance all over the country I’m sure many of you will have similar traditions.

Want to see other annual Family Traditions why not head over and check this Blog Post from the guys at Twinkl with #makeityours Unique Christmas Traditions , while your visiting Twinkl take a look at the vast array of Free Christmas Resources they have to occupy your family this Christmas.

One main one for us is a short trip up the A64 to:

Stockeld Park

Based in Wetherby, North Yorkshire is a place named Stockeld Park. Fast become a popular Christmas visit and one of our Family Christmas Traditions.

Stockeld Park is famous for its Enchanted Forest lights display, whether you walk around or enjoy it by travelling in the form of dry skiing. Such a wonder to see when it gets dark. Beautiful light displays, various interactive displays just adds to the festive feel.

Along with the Maze, as long as you don’t get lost along the way, Ice skating rink and amazing Santa’s Grotto.

For us visiting here is like seeing the coca cola Christmas truck advert, it just makes you feel Festive and kick-start the Festivities.

This year I think is the only year we will have missed out of 5yrs, very disappointed but with Covid still lingering I think the current circumstances will have a large effect on most Christmas family traditions.

Last year we also took a day out with the kids to Castle Howard just outside of York. Truly was a fun time, the Manor House decorated for Christmas was amazing.

Family Game Nights.

Board Games and games in general are one activity we enjoy as a family. Christmas more than ever, together as a family we seem to play these more at this time of the year and also with new additions too to increase our collection.

One we played just the other day, available from The Entertainer was Elf the board game. We had such fun, added to the Christmas festivities as it is a Christmas themed board game.

Visiting Santa

With young children who do believe in Santa Claus, they love nothing more than visiting the big man himself and expressing their dream gifts for Christmas.

A visit to Santa's Grotto at Stockeld Park, one of our favourite Family Christmas Traditions.
Visiting Santa at his grotto at Stockeld Park.

We have an amazing grotto within our local Boyes store here in Scarborough. It is another of our Family Christmas Traditions to go and visit Santa every year. Same again this year though with Covid, upto now we still haven’t visited, still undecided if we will.

Heading through the Festive Set up at Boyes store in Scarborough to see Santa at the Grotto. Visiting santa is our favourite Family Christmas Traditions.
Heading through the Grotto to see santa at Boyes Scarborough
Heading through the Grotto to see santa at Boyes Scarborough

Nights with Family.

Another of our annual Family Christmas Traditions is the nights spent with the Family, the in laws, brother in law and parents.

Baking together as a family and even eating is a festive past time most families will be able to relate with- want to do some festive baking, make sure to check out my Festive Baking Round-Up.

This will be a trickier one to plan and carry out this Christmas though what with the rule of 6 but still the takeaway nights, card games and adult beverage consumption can still proceed thanks to the likes of Zoom.

Elf on the Shelf.

I know some hate it, find the Elf cringey or the way it can portray bad behaviour and actions. For me the girls love it, they find it absolutely hilarious, the excitement and joy they express everyday to see what our 2 elves Elfie and Ralphy have got upto during the night.

Cheeky Elf raided Mouses penny Bank for a takeaway pizza.

Previous years I have done it I’ve taken pictures to remember it by, the elf on the shelf has become one of our big Family Christmas traditions, this year has been no different except I think I’ve shot myself in the foot slightly.

Elf on the Shelf has become one of my favourite family Christmas traditions.
Elf issuing an Elf Infringement by wrapping the TV.

Day 1 for elf on the shelf, this clever twat – Me! Decided I would do a funny video via TikTok – give me a follow on TikTok Yorkienotjustfordads.

I did this to make it seem to the girls that the Elves had stolen my phone while we slept and recorded their antics.

Wanna Build a Snowman?

Its been hard work but as of writing this post I am 13 or 14 videos in. The girls reactions have been amazing. Take a look below at what the Elves have been getting upto.

Let me know your Family Christmas Traditions in the comments below.

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14 Thoughts to “My Family Christmas Traditions.”

  1. Some great traditions Eddie.
    As for Elf on the shelf… well as you know I too started doing something similar on tiktok and I just got too busy to carry on doing them.. I’m lucky if I remember to do the elf on a shelf on a night!

    1. Oh I know buddy, the Elf have been moving around 1 to 2 am 😂 don’t know about them but I’m nackered

  2. Yes, have noticed your Elf videos! We do occasional Elf pranks, but I can’t be bothered making too much effort! Board games are a must but the days of Santa visits are through. Mind don’t “do” Santa any more.

    1. I enjoy doing the elf, the girls reactions are brilliant. Ah do your 2 know the secret? I think next year the 2 eldest will be brought in on the secret.

  3. Somme great traditions there mate. I love a good board game and Stockeld Park looks absolutely fab!

    1. Thanks Steve. Board games are great aren’t they. Some of the ones you’ve been playing look ace. Stockeld is amazing, gutted we won’t be there this year.

  4. Some amazing traditions you have here. This Christmas will be a strange one, but I’m just ready for next year and truly looking forward to it. Next Christmas will be amazing 😁

    1. Definitely will be a strange one. Hope next year brings more normality in a way. Have a good Christmas.

  5. DiaryOfTheDad

    Some great Christmas traditions there! Like you, we usually enjoy venturing out to a couple of nearby attractions but we’re not risking it this year for obvious reasons. Another one is that we always take a picture of the kids in front of the fireplace on Christmas Eve – and it always descends into chaos! We moved house this year, so I’m hoping the new fireplace will somehow instil a sense of calm. I know I’m only kidding myself…

    1. Lovely tradition and being able to look back over the years. You never know they may surprise you this year with excitement of a new fireplace setting.

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