My Mummy is a Monster Review.

Review of My Mummy is a Monster: My children are Monsters.

The first fun and exciting childrens book out of the ‘Monstrous Me’ Collection is *My Mummy is a Monster: My Children are Monsters. Written by liverpudlian author Natalie Reeves-Billing.

With these children’s stories Natalie wanted to share parenting perspectives from a parent and also a child but in a fun and clever way.

The first installment in Natalie Reeves-Billing Monstrous me collection is My Mummy is a Monster: My Children are monsters.
The first installment in the Monstrous me collection- My mummy is a monster: My Children are Monsters.

She managed this by adding a flip perspective to the book. One way you have My Mummy is a Monster, give the book a flip or get the kids to somersault it and you have My Children are monsters. The second in the collection is My Daddy is a Monster: My Kids are Monsters – I previously reviewed this book too which you can read here.

In this review of My mummy is a Monster we will take a look at both stories.

My Mummy is a Monster.

First let’s start of with My mummy is a Monster, this part of the book is from the children’s perspective, looking at the various ways why there Mummy is a monster.

Front cover of amy mummy is a monster.
Cover of My Mummy is a Monster.

With fantastic illustrations by Lisa Williams and the fun story line by Natalie Reeves-Billing we see the children see their mummy as a monster with the way she brushes their hair – I know my girls must imagine the same as they hate having their hair brushed.

Even to brushing their teeth, how cruel their mummy is making them walk forever after school carrying their heavy school bags.

Mummy Monster making the children brush their teeth in the children's book My Mummy is a Monster.
Mummy Monster forcing the children to brush their Teeth.

The book is great for older children to read independently. Many a time I’ve heard Mouse reading this in her bedroom and is a great choice for a bedtime story for the younger 3 girls.

Monstrous Mummy making the children carry their school bags in the children's book My Mummy is a Monster.
Monstrous Mummy making the children carry their school bags.

It has some fantastic illustrations by Lisa Williams. These were loved by my girls, funny, bright and colourful which adds a sense of interaction with the story.

My Children are Monsters.

Following giving the book a flip we can now read the same story but from Mummy’s perspective and why her Children are Monsters.

The perspective of the story from Mummy. MY children are Monsters.
My Children are Monsters

The parenting stresses of trying to brush their hair and getting them to brush their teeth. The challenge that is shopping with the kids.

A very relatable illustration from the children's book My Mummy is a Monster: My children are Monsters. Taking the Monstrous children shopping.
The horrors of shopping with monstrous children.

It is a great way for children to understand what life as a parent is like, the stories are written in a way that many parents and children will be able to relate to and adds a conversational aspect that you can have with your kids.

As we settle the children to bed with a cuddle, are they really monsters at all? Illustration from the children's book My Mummy is a Monster: My children are Monsters.
All is better with a cuddle.

The pesky Monstrometers.

Throughout the story there is a fun activity in this children’s book, see if you and your kids can find all the monstrometers.

The monstrometers are little handheld mirrors that feature in the illustrations throughout the book and show the true form of the monster.

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the Monstrometers in every picture in My Mummy is a Monster.
Look out for the Monstrometers in every picture.

The Monstrometers seem to get lost throughout the story and we have to find them all. Pig loves this as we are reading the book together. She points out whenever she finds one.

About the author Natalie Reeves-Billing.

You can find out more about Natalie Reeves-Billing and the Monstrous me collection, along with her other children’s book she wrote to help children understand the Coronavirus pandemic with *Ben and the Bug.

Natalie Reeves-Billing website is packed full of fun, you can check out her blog, online shop and download fun free activities for your children with themed colouring and activities from the Monstrous Me collection. You can find these over at the Lollipop Lodge website.

You can also check out Natalie Reeves-Billing on social media in the links below.

Natalie Reeves-Billing Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter.

Disclaimer. I was gifted a copy of this children’s book for the purpose of this review. In no way has the gifting of this book influenced my thoughts and opinions. What you shall read are my own. This post contains affiliate links meaning I earn commission from purchases of the links, this is at no extra cost to you. These links are marked with a *.

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9 Thoughts to “My Mummy is a Monster Review.”

  1. This looks like a great set of books mate.
    Great read too. I’ll have to look into buying them.

    1. They’re really clever fun books, your little lad would love them. Pig i think is the same age, she’s 5 and she loves them.

  2. I really love the switching of perspectives with this story — it sounds great — plus the illustrations are so good. Thanks for the review, I’ll share it with my friends/family who have children and want to get them reading.

    1. Its very clever and the kids love the story from the different perspectives. Obviously my daughters prefer the mummy monster where as me and mum prefer the children are monsters. That would be great, thank you.

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  4. the illustrations from the book felt quite dire. is it suitable for reading young children? hmm

    1. Great to read to young children, my daughters love the book. My 5yr old relates with the children in the story with brushing their teeth and hair.

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