What my girls recommend on Netflix.

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Netflix – what my daughters recommend during Lockdown.

Lockdown has got us all spending more time together and more time at home. As with us I’m sure it will be the same for you too that netflix is getting more use than the household appliances.

I had a chat with my girls the other day. The question to them was – If you could tell other boy’s and girl’s something to watch, what would you recommend on Netflix?

Well i’m going to share them with you.

1 – What Mouse would recommend on Netflix.

Mouse is my 8 year old Step Daughter. She loves to sit and chill with something on the telly so there is a couple of what she would recommend on Netflix.

First up, Miraculous – Tales of Lady Bug & Cat Noir

This is a series that features 2 Parisian teens. Mairnette and Adrien. They transform into Superheros Lady Bug and Cat Noir and Protect their City from Supervillains.

Mouse recommends this and in her words. It is interesting. It has good characters and story lines. And that she likes how it is a lady bug that saves the day.

Miraculous - tales of Ladybug and Cat noir. Mouse would highly recommend for kids of her age.
Miraculous – tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir – Pic Source

Secondly, Sam & Cat

Sam & Cat is a modern day teeny bopper american sitcom similar to the old classic of Hannah Montanna. For me I find it annoying, especially with the way Ariana Grande puts on that annoying voice.

Mouse has this to say about it – It’s entertaining. It’s funny and makes me laugh. I think both boys and girls would like it as there is characters anybody would like.

Sam and Cat. Both Mouse and Titch would recommend this one.
Sam & Cat – pic source

2 – What Titch would recommend on netflix

Titch is my 7 year old step daughter. She is definitely a flicker when it comes to being in control of the ever demanded and trophy esk object that is the remote control. She definitely has different tastes to her siblings also, here is what she had to recommend on Netflix.

Firstly, The Worst Witch.

The Worst Witch is a series created from the popular book series, written by Jill Murphy. The series follows a girl named Mildred Hubble. An ordinary girl from a world outside of magic. Mildred finds herself at Miss Cackles Academy for Witches and follows her life through Witch Academy. Seemingly for myself it’s like a poor budget bbc harry potter, but titch really likes it.

Titch has this to say – I really like it, how she has made friends with witches. It’s funny when things go wrong for her. Other children will like it because I like it. (No better way to say that someone will like something).

The worst witch. A definite go to for titch and i know she would recommend.
The Worst Witch – Pic source

Secondly – Charlie and Lola.

Charlie and Lola is an animated series based on a brother and sister. Charlie is always teaching his sister Lola New things. Such as new foods and losing a tooth. I think it could be a little young for her these days but ever since the day I entered this little girls life when she was 15 months of age she has loved it.

Titch has this to say about Charlie and Lola – I like it because Charlie does things with Lola like I do with my younger sisters. I think it’s very funny. I’ve watched it always since i was in mummy’s tummy. That’s why I think other babies and boys and girls like me will like it.

Charlie and Lola. Titch would recommend for her age group and younger.
Charlie and Lola – Pic Source

3 – What would Pig Recommend on Netflix.

Pig is my 4 year old Daughter. She would almost pick everything to recommend on netflix . But i asked her about her favourites.

Firstly, The series of Shrek films.

Like most parents I love Shrek, i think its hilarious and even without the kids I would happily sit and watch it on my own.

Pig says this about Shrek – He is green. His best-est friend’s are a talking donkey and cat. Just like my cats and dog can talk. He is very funny just like me. (Let’s just say Pig has a very vivid imagination but she is such a character).

Dreamworks film Shrek. Pig's favourite and what she would recomend.
Shrek – pic source

Secondly, Ben and Holly’s little kingdom.

Ben and Holly is an animated series about a young elf named Ben. A fairy princess Named holly. Two best friends who share adventures with each other and their friends.

Pig has this to say about Ben and Holly – I like it because it makes me wish i was a Fairy Princess who could do magic. I don’t think boys would like it very much because there are more fairies. And boys don’t like fairy’s.

Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom. I know pig would recommend.
Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom – pic source

4 – Just for a laugh what would Beast recommend on Netflix.

Now all these would be inaudible answers other than an attempt at the name of the show. Beast is my 1 year old Toddler. As most can guess we know what she will recommend so I will just list them.

Hey Duggee – Even I like duggee.

Hey duggee. me and my toddler would recommend.
Hey Duggee – Pic source

Peppa Pig – The nightmare of all parents. The animated show with songs and tunes that stick in parents minds for days on end… The sea the sky, the sea the sky, the sea the sky. Yep, your welcome. Because if you know Peppa Pig then its too late. You have already sung the song in your head and now its stuck there.

Peppa Pig. My toddler would recommend.
Peppa Pig – pic source

Well that rounds up the Girls Netflix recommendations. I may do another of these with them of what they recommend on disney+.

After something more age appropriate for us grown ups why not check out my post on Self Care tips during Lockdown here.

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  1. Some great choices here! I love the Worst witch and Sam and cat, I am not even ashamed to admit that!

    I might have recommended Hannah Montana to my step daughters just so I could watch along!

    1. I don’t mind the worst witch, it reminds me of shows I used to watch like round the twist and the queen’s nose.

      1. I loved both of those!!

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