Norse SK125 Electric Pressure Washer Review – AD

Dads Review of the Easy-to-Use Norse SK125 Electric Pressure Washer.

Disclaimer – This post is an AD. I have teamed up with Union Mart Ltd to bring you this review. They have gifted me the Norse SK125 electric pressure washer to test out and for the purpose of a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own and have not being influenced by gifting of this product.

I have been so excited about this collaboration with Union Mart Ltd to Test and Review the Norse SK125 Electric Pressure Washer. I mean who wouldn’t be excited, Jet Washers are such a cool Dad toy to have aren’t they.

Check below to see my first ever Unboxing Video I created for the Yorkie not just for Dads Instagram Page.

What is more exciting is the team at Union Mart Ltd have set up a discount code for you readers and followers. So if your on the lookout for a new Electric Pressure Washer then this Norse SK125 Pressure Washer may be what you are looking for – Use code YORKIEDAD10 at the checkout to receive a cheeky 10% off your order.

The options of what you can use your Jet Washer for is endless, From cleaning your patio or decking to using it as a tool to assist in washing your car. I know what you are thinking though, It is November. Why would you want to head out into the cold, wet weather that we are accompanied by here in the UK at this time of the year.

Should you use a Pressure Washer in the Autumn and Winter Months?

Well pressure washers are a super useful tool to help get ready for the winter months ahead, here is a little round-up list of how you could put your Electric Pressure Washer to good use this Autumn/Winter.

  • Garden Furniture
  • Patios and Decking
  • Conservatory Plastics and Windows
  • Children’s Outdoor Toys – Slides, See-saws, Swing Sets etc..
  • Fences
  • Car/Van

So as you can see from the list above there are many uses that you can use a Pressure Washer for in the autumn/winter months. You can also read this Blog Post by the guys over at Union Mart on their Website – Should you use a pressure Washer in Autumn.

Using your Pressure Washer at this time of year is also a great way of reducing the risk of Winter Slips, Trips and Falls. A fun Toy for us Dads a Pressure Washer maybe, it is still a tool which carries risks. I mean you can see what it does under such high pressure, imagine what it would do to your skin or if used incorrectly. That’s why it is always good to know the Do’s and Don’ts of using a Pressure Washer.

During the time I have had the Norse SK125, putting it through its paces I have had a few plans and ideas of what I can do to Test it, some of these are in the list above so keep on reading to see how the Testing went and what I think to this Electric Pressure Washer.

Testing area 1 – Pressure Washing the Patio.

So the first challenge I set for the Norse SK125 was to see how well it handled our Patio. Our patio is one of those concrete types (old council house so are fairly common in UK households).

Two years we have lived in our Home and during our occupancy other than sweeping I haven’t undertaken any kind of cleaning of the patio. I think by the looks of it and the build up of moss and green algea type substance it hasn’t been touched for years beforehand either. So lets put the Norse SK125 Pressure Washer to the Test.

So as you can see from the Image below it wasn’t very pleasant to look at. Years of being unloved. Never fear dear Patio we shall soon have you sparkling and ready for the ball once again.

A before photo of my patio before getting to work cleaning it with the Norse SK125 Electric Pressure Washer.
Urgh its green…

As you can see, not a pretty patio, so lets crack out the Norse SK125 Electric Pressure Washer.

Here is an image of the Norse SK125 Electric Pressure ready to get to work on my patio.
The Norse SK125

For the task at hand and with the Many Accesories that the Norse SK125 comes armed with I Opted for the Trusty Lance and Patio Cleaning Attachment.

A during shot whilst using the Lance attachment on the Norse SK125, a nice clean area surrounded by ugly green dirty patio.
Check that out… Its Clean.

When I attached on the Patio Brush attachment to see how that did. It did ok, I don’t think it is suitable for our rough surfaced concrete Patio. With lumps bumps and crevices it seemed to stick and the plastic would twist and bend. I would assume this would be a very useful attachment for the cleaning of patios which are smoothed surface – may have to take it on an outing to the In-Laws at some point and re-attempt the Patio Brush on their Smooth Slabbed Patio.

Here you can see the Patio Brush Attachment that comes with the Norse SK125 being tested on our Patio.
Testing out Patio Brush Attachment.

Overall after Switching back to the Spray Gun Lance, playing around getting those oh so satisfying lines you see in those videos on YouTube I think it did very well, made a massive difference to our once green patio which is now nice and clean.

An after picture of how clean the patio is now after using the Electric Pressure washer to clean what was once green.
A nice and clean Patio once again.

Check out this Video I created and posted over on the Yorkie not just for Dads Instagram Feed.

Norse SK125 Electric Pressure Washer.

So lets get down to the Facts shall we. I don’t know if your a Dad or person like me but when browsing the likes of MachineMart or parousing the Tool Aisles in the likes of B&Q you read the Tech Specs of the piece of kit you take a fancy of buying.

Its a bit like when doing research of Buying a New or Used Family Car in a way, checking out the boring Parent esk factors such as boot luggage capacity and MPG of the possible new family motor and not the more exciting Power and Torque Figures, the 0-60mph times and what could possibly relate to smiles per gallon. Well lets take a look at these Tech Specs for the Norse SK125.

The specification figures below have been Sourced from the product description of the Norse Sk125 Electric Pressure Washer on the Union Mart Website.

  • Type: Electric pressure washer
  • Working pressure: 11.8 MPa / 118 BAR / 1750 PSI
  • Allowable pressure: 16 MPa / 160 BAR / 2350 PSI
  • Maximum flow rate: 460 Litres / hour
  • Motor capacity: 2200 Watt
  • Power supply voltage: 240V ~ 50HZ
  • Intake water pressure: Max 1MPa
  • Max input temperature: 50°

Seems good doesn’t it, the Tech Specs are good so how about the Accesories.

The Norse SK125 Electric Pressure washer comes very well equipped with a number of accesories.
The Norse SK125 is very well equipped.

So what do you actually get in the box.

  • SK125 pressure Washer
  • High pressure hose on reel
  • Patio brush
  • Rotary brush
  • Triangle brush
  • Spray gun
  • Spray gun lance
  • Variable nozzle
  • 90 degree turbo nozzle
  • Detergent tank
  • Filtered hose
  • Fiber extension hose
  • Quick hose connector
  • Quick connector filter
  • Handle
  • 2 x Wheels
  • Reel handle
  • Washer handle
  • Nozzle cleaning tool
  • Instruction manual (Obviously)

Assembly and my favourite feature of the Norse SK125 Pressure Washer.

So as you can tell from the What’s in the box list above, it is flat pack and their is some form of assembly required. This is super simple and the instructions are clear and easy to follow, not like the flat pack gobbledy gook instructions you get from the likes of IKEA!!.

There is one stand out feature that I really like about the Norse SK125 Electric Pressure Washer and that is this.

A great feature I think and helps with the storage of the Pressure Washer itself. A handy Compartment which is home to the Detergant tank but also storage for the Spray gun, Spray gun lance and the Variable nozzle along with the Nozzle Cleaning tool and small amount of lube for the connections.

My Overall thoughts and opinion so far of the Norse SK125 Electric Pressure Washer.

So far with my time bonding and forming a Dad and Tool relationship with the Norse SK125 Electric Pressure Washer I have been Impressed, it brought our patio up Lovely and also our Garden Fence.

One thing I did have a bit of a worry about was our water pressure. It isn’t the greatest and we do not have a Fitted Outside Tap. I use one of those attachments for the Kitchen Tap and a genius engineered hose pipe out of the kitchen window job.

I didn’t think this would be adequate water pressure for the Norse SK125 to perform to the best of its ability but alas I was presently surprised as I was wrong. It worked perfectly. (I’m not saying this may be the same for you if you also have poor water pressure, each home varies I guess but worth a try).

The Norse SK125 Also comes with a filtered hose which can be used to pick up water from any available water source. Keep an eye out for my part 2 test and review post as I’ll be giving this a whirl.

As I mentioned the only thing I was unsure of with this was the Patio Brush attachment. I think it was just the rough uneven surface of our patio which made it seem quite flimsy and too flexible when attempting to clean. This meaning may be more suited for use on smoother patio types.

The Value for money with this Pressure Washer with what you get in the box is Great. From Union Mart Ltd the Norse SK125 is listed at £139.99 which I think for the Job it does, the features it has and the accessories is very good and also is Free UK Shipping.

Not only is this Pressure Washer Budget Friendly but also very Easy-to-Use. The connections of the various attachments and the hoses are just a simple click and go type.

Want one? Head oveer to Union Mart Ltd and order one of these for yourself. Don’t forget to use the Code – YORKIEDAD10 for a cheeky 10% Discount.

Union Mart Ltd

Want to know more about Union Mart Ltd and see what other goodies and toys they have for Dads like me and you then head over to their website and check the range of Tools, Generators, Welders and more. Find Links to the Union Mart Ltd Website and Social Pages Below.

Website –
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I shall have a part 2 post with more later in the week as I still haven’t had the chance to have a ‘Blast’ with the Norse SK125 to see how it does with our Family Car. Sadly the Family Car Recently Failed its MOT so it has been sulking at the Garage. But to help cheer the old girl up she will be treated to a nice wash using the Pressure Washer on her return.

Also still to come too is the Winter clean of the Kids outdoor toys, such like Beasts Little Tikes Cosy Coupe car and Slide before they are stored away in the shed for the winter.

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