10 Tips for organising your Children’s Birthday Party.

When it comes to organising your children’s Birthday Party it can be more complicated than you think and worryingly stressful. Well there is no need to stress over your child’s birthday party with these 10 Tips for Organising your Children’s Birthday Party.

Organising your children's birthday party can be stressful and overwhelming.  I have put together 10 tips to help it be less stressful and go smoothly.
10 Tips for organising your children’s Birthday Party- Image credit – Lidya Nada Unsplash

This time of year for me and Sarah can get a bit stressful and a cause an array of financial worries too. Christmas is looming around the corner and we have 4 Birthdays in the house to contend with. With these 10 tips it helps us to be more organised and certainly relieves a lot of the financial worry when it comes to Birthday Parties for the Girls.

10 Tips for organising your Children’s Birthday Party.

Throughout the 10 tips I am about to share with you I will aim to help you be more organised, be less of a stressful time when organising your children’s birthday party and hopefully you will be a party planning wizard.

No I am not available to plan your child’s party – I am no expert but just a plain old Dad that’s had a bit of experience with helping organise our 5 Daughters Parties (well Sarah has, I’m just an assistant).

Tip 1 – Budget.

Having a budget for your Children's Birthday party will help you throughout the planning.
Time to set a Budget – Image Credit – Kelly Sikkema Unsplash

So the Budget for your Children’s Birthday Party, I have put this first as I believe it is the most important, the rest of the tips will all work around your budget.

As parents we all want to give our kids the most magical and memorable day possible on their Birthday but sometimes this isn’t financially viable.

You have to plan and organise based on what you can afford and with the next tips you will be able to plan an amazing day around that such as what sort of venue you can afford, what entertainment you have available in your area and if it is within your financial reach, this all comes down to helping the organising process to be less stressful.

Tip 2 – Theme, Entertainment and venue.

The Theme, Venue and Entertainment are all an important factor to consider when organising your children's birthday party.
Figuring out the Theme, Venue and entertainment – Image Credit – Joyce Adams Unsplash.

First off you may want to discuss what sort of Party your child would like. There are a whole host of themes and various parties you could opt for. Whether you hold the party at home, a function room, soft play centre or other similar venues.

Once you have decided on what sort of party they would like then you can also tie in what sort of entertainment. If at home you could go old school with party games such as pass the parcel and musical chairs – obviously age dependant for all this.

You can plan the entertainment once you know what sort of themed Birthday Party you are having.

Tip 3 – Guests and Invitations.

Birthday Party Invitations.

When you have your venue, theme and entertainment all figured out and finalised for you children’s birthday party, then you have the fun long winded part of how many guests and who and what sort of invitations they’d like.

Certain venues for various parties may charge per child so this sort of comes under your budget also, how many children can you afford to pay for, but these usually include food and drinks for the kids which always a win and takes a load of us as parents on the day.

If you are having the children’s birthday party at home, do you have the space for so many guests? All things to be considered before sending out invitations.

Once the numbers are sorted and you know how many people will be invited then you have to think about invitations. Again some venues such as a soft play centre provide you with invitations which has all the relevant details of the party and also the venue too.

What if your daughter wants a unicorn themed invitation or your son wants spiderman invites? Most of these are cheap enough and available pretty much everywhere in Supermarkets, Card Shops and online such as Amazon.

Tip 4 – Setting a Date and Timings.

Setting a Date and Time for your Children’s Birthday Party – Image Credit – Maddi Bazzocco Unsplash

Setting a date and Time for your Children’s Birthday party is pretty important, especially if they are of school age. For a lot of parents it may not be possible to attend a 3.30pm or 4pm midweek school day party around work commitments.

Thats where the Times and Dates will play a big part to if guests will be able to attend. Also for yourselves, does it fit around your day to day routine with work and the kids, you don’t want to have to rush around like a headless chicken to get everything done or get to a venue on time. Remember we are reducing the Stress here not adding to it.

Tip 5 – Food

Image credit – Eilis Garvey Unsplash

Food is always something to consider early on in organising a children’s birthday party. What sort of food will fit into your budget, the preparation time ahead of the party, the end mess factor. This is especially so if you are holding the party at home, do you have the space for this on top of a houseful of over excited hyped up on sugar kids.

If it is held at a venue, do they cater for parties or is it something you will have to do. Most venues offer this and have options of either a hot or cold menu. Depending on the type of party is it wise to have kids running round a soft play centre after a large helping of sausage chips and beans? Also budget for the venues catering too, is it included or do you have to pay extra for what you want.

Tip 6 – Decorations.

Image Credit – Matheus Frade Unsplash

The decor to fit the theme of your party is also something that will tie in with your budget. Does your budget cover the decorations needed for the party at home. Does the venue offer decorations included in the price or can you supply and put up decorations at the venue?

Never mind the arduous task of deciding which balloons, colour scheme and variety of other miscellaneous party decorations there are available these days. Try opt for the helium though, its just as fun for us adults as it is for kids (please be responsible though).

Tip 7 – Gifts.

Image Credit – Edgar Soto Unsplash

I have found myself doing this on many occasions, you know of your children’s friends but don’t know them very well. You don’t know their likes and dislikes and what they are into. Thats the same for other children’s parents about your child.

Speak with the parents in the playground or if they ask you the question then make suggestions of what sort of gifts your child would like. It helps massively, as with anything parenting, communication is key.

If you are wanting some ideas for Birthday Gifts then why not check out my Kids Pocket Money Gift Guide for some inspiration.

Tip 8 – Party Bags.

Don’t forget the Party Bags.

I hate covering this one because for me there is northing worse than a party bag! I’m sure we all have the same feelings and even done it on many occasions ourselves.

Filling party bags with the most unuseful items you can find in the likes of a pound shop or amazon. Ones that make annoying noises, crammed full of sweets and sugary treats. All fun and games from a party perspective but for the parent who has to take the child home with it, God help you.

Again Budget comes into this one, make sure to plan your party bags with your budget in mind, don’t overdo it and stretch the finances on them.

Tip 9 – The Birthday Cake.

One of if not the most single important part about a birthday party is the cake. The centrepiece of a party. Will you go for a homemade cake – if your bakery skills are upto the job. It can be a fun way to get your child involved in the party organising too.

If it fits into your budget you could get a specialist Baker or cake maker to create you a memorable masterpiece, these could include your child’s favourite characters or even the party theme.

Another good option is your local supermarket. The cakes available off the shelf sometimes are great, well priced for those with a budget, various themes to suit the majority and great tasting too.

Tip 10 – Open Gifts Later.

This may seem an obvious one but the party is in full swing and your child starts opening their Gifts.

This can always end badly and why I’m mentioning it in these tips. The last thing you want after going through all of the above to organise the Birthday Party, the kids having an amazing time to then have kids that feel bad and left out at all the toys, books and craft sets your child may have received.

Not to mention the arguments that may begin between the kids over a certain toy or even toys getting lost, broken or going missing.

So there are my 10 Tips for organising your Children’s Birthday Party.

So there we have it, I hope you found these tips for organising your children’s Birthday Party useful and help you in your preparations for your child’s next birthday bash when it comes around.

For now we are in the middle of organising a Soft Play Party for Pig, a Laser Tag Party for mouse and god knows what for the youngest Beast – and all within 3 weeks of each other too. Wish us luck.

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6 Thoughts to “10 Tips for organising your Children’s Birthday Party.”

  1. Ah we have large boy’s birthday coming up soon enough. We’re doing a video game party where a truck comes and parks on the drive and you fill it with kids and that’s in. Nice and quiet in the house.

    1. That actually sounds super cool, think I’d like that for my party 😂

  2. I may seem like a proper full parent here… but, I hate kids parties, I don’t think we’ve ever had one with our kids.. we’ve had get together with their friends etc, but not big parties.

    I just don’t like them. It takes to much unnecessary organising, then there’s the feeling that you must buy the child a present, on top of the “competition” between parents on who can buy the biggest, best present. if you don’t get a present how much money do you put in the card, again which parent gives more. Then there is the one child who is always left out, and your constantly running around finding a child to play with them.

    Then comes the food.. dietary requirements for each kid, juice all over the table and more chicken nuggets and chips than you’d ever feed a kid. On top of 30 odd sweaty red faced kids..

    I’m not sure my kids like them either if I’m honest, neither of them have ever wanted one, always just asked for a few friends for tea.

    Some good advice though Eddie.

    Now I need to go get the psychological smell of sweaty kids and chicken nuggets out of my head… bork…

    1. Not for everyone I must admit. I dont really like them but the kids laughs of enjoyment make it worthwhile. Only done 1 party at home and never again.

  3. Oh the politics of budget, not to mention getting the timing right! it’s also easy to overdo kids’ parties. You might think of booking an entertainer, but they’re often very happy to simply play sleeping lions.

    1. Sometimes keeping it simple is the best way. So easy to go overboard with the budget as it soon adds up.

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