Owning a Brand New Car?

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Have you ever imagined buying a Brand New Family Car?

Brand spanking new Car/Car’s are for me nothing but a dream and a figment of imagination for the time being Sadly.

I wonder about buying and owning a brand new car.

Sometimes I sit and think and try to imagine what it would be like to purchase a car, brand spanking new. If you have ever walked into a car dealer, your always hit with the smell… You know the one. That new car scent.

The smell of New materials. For the eye a view of glistening, shiny paintwork from the cars and the extremely polished tiled flooring.

I’ve oftened imagined buying a brand spanking new car. A fresh start with less than 100 miles and nobody elses Ass groove in the Captain seat.

For the time being though it is just for the imagination to wander and dream. No chance at the moment we could possibly by brand new.

But still it doesn’t stop you looking in the on the shelf car review mags. The reviews on shows such as Top Gear. Even maybe reading New car reviews online.

Imagining owning a brand new car reading Car Reviews.

I do this often, with a vast number of Car Magazine names followed on the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram along with the manufacturers too.

Following new car reviews the Testing of the vehicles and what’s new from the manufacturer. I find them interesting to read.

For us as a family though, we are restricted to a certain type of family car. Going back to a previous post ‘found here’. We need a minimum of 7 seats from a family car.

The latest offerings from the car industry today has to offer the larger numbered family.

It’s becoming more apparent the styling wise of New 7 seaters are more SUV based than the previous popularity of the MPV.

Giving the larger family the practicality of an MPV but also the ruggedness and styling found from a 4×4 SUV.

A lot that i’ve found while reading reviews of 7 seaters or what certain Motoring/Car review magazines deem to be there top 10 best at the moment.

They seem to have the same to say of the issue with space that I have while looking for a 7 seater Car.

Showing the relevance of an SUV appearance for a 7 seat family car and owning a new car.
The new SUV 7 Seat Family Car from Skoda – The Kodiaq – No not Kodak it’s a car not a camera! – Image Source – WhatCar – Best and Worst 7 Seat Cars 2020

Boot Space in a new car while the 3rd row seats are ‘Up and At Em’ so to speak or in use for passengers.

A few of the Car’s that seem to be on offer these days, still seem to lack the luggage space while all 7 seats are in use.

Some are even naturally 5 seat designs but for an extra cost you can opt to have a 3rd row installed to create the seating space for 7 passengers. Thus leaving an even tighter spaced luggage area in the Boot.

Highlighting the lack of space for a Family which require the use of all 7 seats. But require the luggage space for family items and baby paraphernalia, one thing to look at when buying a new car.
Ok Love, just let me figure out how we’ll get the pram in? – Image Source – AutoCar Review Volkswagen Touran

Hey there… You loooking Fiiine! One new car I love the look of.

This brings me to the styling of a car. I consider the styling highly when I’m looking to purchase a new car. In the past of being a car enthusiast, I like my cars to look good.

Not so much these days as the cars we have for daily’s lately are cheap family motoring. Under a strict budget and not cared for like you would a brand spanking new £20k plus motor.

I Love the look of the, the review from WhatCar can be here Ford S-Max. I love the sportier car like appearance compared to the more practical typical MPV esk styling you get from the likes of the Ford Galaxy or the Volkswagon Touran.

I even prefer the styling to the SUV 7 seaters available.

An image of the very smart and stylish Ford S-max. One brand new car I would love to own for a family car someday.
Look at it, I know its the ST-Line S Max but looks Stunning if you ask me. Image source – Carkeys – Best 7 seater cars in 2019

Yet again the issue for me and my family is the Luggage Boot Space when all 7 seats are in play. Too small for the family baggage and baby paraphernalia that accompanies a family with young children on their motoring travels.

But wait… What are the better claimed 7 seater’s in the Car market today?

Well let me share them with you. Although I think these may have been reviewed by a none large family esk parent. The Husband Wife 2 kids and the dog type to purchase a 7 seater.

Here’s a few of the more interesting and fact filled Top Ten Best 7 seater car review ‘s that i have read.

I really liked the Reviews that you can link to from the Car Wow – 7 Seater Cars review. Have a look through their review of a certain vehicle imparticular. Great informative videos also.

Similar with WhatCar’s – Best 7 Seat Cars 2020 round up article. Same again follow a link to read a full Review of a car imparticular that they have Tested. Very thorough, looking into all aspects of Motoring.

Reading through these it doesn’t leave much hope for a brand spanking new car with 7 seats for our family.

Why doesn’t it leave much hope? Well putting it simply and bluntly. The Luggage spaces of the majority other than a select few, once the 3rd row seats are up and occupied.

What is left is pretty much naff all maybe enough room for a changing bag and a rucksack with a small pike of children’s winter coats.

Come on its a family car. My ideal car would be similarly styled to the S-max. Sporty car looking with the space of a family MPV without looking like a bus basically.

The space inside for a growing family which can accommodate the growing’s of a tribe of young girls. Paired with a mightily spacious luggae cargo area behind the 3rd row seats.

Large enough to fit the baby paraphernalia along with space for picnic stuff and rucksacks of spare clothes and winter coats for the colder family adventure.

Those summer jaunts out for the day with space available for beach blankets, beach tents, windbreaks and the other sorts of useful items us parents carry around with us.

I would love nothing more than to be proved wrong in this instance.

One day you never know the wind may change and we fall on some good luck and possibly in a position to go ahead and treat our family to a brand spanking new car. But it doesn’t leave much hope to achieve that with the space requirements we need in a family car.

Now I know this may be wishful thinking on my part, but I enjoy the writing of these car and motoring posts.

Now if thete are any motoring manufacturer or Reviewers happen to see this. Take note I will offer mine and my family’s services to give our honest opinions on our thoughts of 7 seat Family Cars available on the market.

Using all the children and accompanied car Seats to test the spaciousness of the interior. The ease of fitting said young person transporting devices, whether by seat belt fitment or Isofix.

But also to truly put to the test the spacial capabilities of the Boot Luggage space for a family with Baby and Young child related accompaniments.

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5 Thoughts to “Owning a Brand New Car?”

  1. Well Eddie, you’ve noticed I sometimes review cars but I don’t think I’d buy one fresh out the box because of the instant loss of value! What a lot of car dealerships do is loan brand new cars to their sales rep to drive, but on the basis that if a customer likes the car, it gets sold to them. That way they get a constant stream of ‘nearly new’ cars to sell more cheaply (…it’s all a game). As for the seven seaters that lack boot space, I think the idea is that you get roof bars and a roof-top-box. If you do ever get the money to buy a new vehicle, it might be a good idea to go electric. it’s certainly what the Government is pushing for!

    1. Thank you for your input John. Agree the depreciation is shocking, some brands don’t drop as high as some but for the amount it can drop over x number of years is a hell of a lot. We’ve had roof boxes for family holidays for the extra luggage space their such a faf, especially if it was to use one day to day with the daily family car. Not the convenience you’d like. One thing I’ve not followed much from the motor trade is the electric and hybrid side but with the recent news it’s inevitable.

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