Places I want to visit after Lockdown.

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Here are a few places I want to visit after lockdown.

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Being Tilly’s Mummy

There are a few places that the me and the family have thought of. Here I will share with you the places I want to visit after lockdown. For me I would love to say the Pub but I’m not much of a drinker. I would say work for some peace but I’m the Stay at home parent. Haha, not having much look here am I. Now I’m joking, if you couldn’t tell already. Please read on to find out places I want to visit after lockdown.


One place I want to visit after lockdown with the kids is Eureka. Eureka is a local science museum we have here in Yorkshire based in Halifax. A great fun filled day out for the family.

Eureka has many different areas, all based on a different subject but all filled with fun interactive activities for children to get involved with. From Desert Discovery, Creativity Space and Spark Gallery. I know the kids and me and mum will enjoy this. I remember visiting when I was a child and is one place to be added to the list of places I want to visit after lockdown.

Eureka Childrens Science museum based in Halifax is one of the places I want to visit after lockdown.
Eureka Halifax, Childrens science museum – Pic source Here.

Find out more about Eureka from there website here.

A local Pub and Eatery that we visit regularly.

A local Pub and Eatery to us here in Scarborough is a lovely place called Scalby Manor. Why do we love this place you ask. All you can eat Breakfast and Sunday Carvery.

No more words need to be said, whats better than an all you can eat breakfast and a good old carvery. The girls especially love the Breakfasts. One place that we will be definitely revisiting once again and is one of my number one places I want to visit after Lockdown.

Scalby Manor, a lovely pub local in scarborough. One of the places i want to visit after lockdown.
Scalby Manor – Scarborough – pic source Here

Here is a bit more info about Scalby Manor if your ever visiting Scarborough and looking for somewhere to get some grub.

As with the rest of the nation – Visiting Family.

I can’t wait for the lockdown to be over with so we can visit family again. Visit my brother and parents, visit the in laws. The kids can see their Grandparents again. I know with visiting family one thing I will look forward to is a BBQ or Sunday Roast at the Father In Laws house. His BBQ’s are always great and his wife does the most amazing Roast Potatoes with a Sunday roast.

Would also be visiting Family members that live further away too. My partners Nan, Aunty and cousins live down in the Oxfordshire area. We usually tend to go down to see them a few times a year. This year so far with Lockdown we haven’t been able to visit. So a nice long weekend or a week away down that area of the country visiting those members of family will be great as a place I want to visit after lockdown.

The simple places you take for granted.

I would like to mention the places you take for granted. With my partner being classed as extremely vulnerable. None of us are meant to leave our home. It is a big risk me popping to the corner shop for a top up of milk or some Chupa Chup lollies for the kids.

The places like the beach where we live, been able to walk the dog along the sand and watch as the kids play in the rock pools and the sea. Our local park, been able to get out and go play with the kids. I may sound crazy with this one as I know where many Parents stand on this one. Soft Play, it’s kind of like a marmite thing. Some Love it and Some hate it. I love it, love going and running around all crazy having fun with the kids. Plus the coffee, our local soft play does an amazing black americano.

I’m sure my list of places I want to visit after lockdown could go on for day’s so I will just leave you with those few.

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  2. Anu

    After reading your post I too wish to make a list of places I would like to visit.

  3. I think I must be struggling a bit today as this made me feel a bit teary! Silly sod! I am more than happy and in fact think we should remain in lockdown but I have to admit that I can’t wait to do normal things! None of us realise how much we take normality for granted until now x

    1. This is so true. We have the beach practically on our doorstep and hardly go, but during lockdown I can’t wait to be able to go and have a walk on the beach with the kids and the dog again.

  4. I liked the idea of visiting family after lockdown. Missing them. 😔

  5. I really miss eating out too. We have places where you can get take-out but it’s not the same. I like the atmosphere! Hopefully we will be able to enjoy these things again soon.

  6. I really enjoyed this, it’s heartwarming especially to visit the family, I miss eating out also SO much and I can’t wait to go back to eating in restaurants and cafes!

  7. We love Eureka too, bit of a trek but worth it.

    1. Me too, I haven’t been since I was about 12yrs old. Would love for my children to see it.

      1. I would happily tour the kids science museums of the UK. Glasgow science centre was one of our last day’s out before lockdown (I have a review pending on my blog but it seems kind of pointless to share right now). ThinkTank Birmingham is great too, and the Space Centre in Leicester and MOSI in Manchester. I’ve got science day out hunger pangs now just thinking about all the fun we could have!

        1. The space centre sounds awesome, I love space. I can understand that, be good post for when lockdown is over with and people are itching to get out again.

          1. Totally recommend the space centre. Its excellent (but take your own picnic) and does the “re-enter within 12 months at no extra cost” thing.

  8. Fy

    This was such a nice read and good reminder of all the little things we miss or had taken for granted. I can’t wait to go out to restaurants and cafes!


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