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Playdale Farm Park – Review of this fun filled attraction

The logo for Playdale Farm Park.
Playdale Farm Park attraction here in Scarborough

I got chatting recently with Playdale Farm Park on their Instagram page at first and then in contact via email. After speaking for a few days we were invited down to take a look at their attraction and to review recently post lock-down and what they had put in place to keep family’s and staff safe.

First off a bit about Playdale Farm

Situated in Cayton on the outskirts of Scarborough lies this wondrous Family attraction. Playdale Farm Park as it’s name suggests is a working farm that has made use of it’s space by creating an inviting and thoroughly enjoyable farm experience for members of the public, especially family’s. They Recently won a local award for Best Local Family Attraction. You can find out more about their Scarborough & Whitby Mumbler Award here.

Playdale Farm Park won a local award from the Scarborough & Whitby mumbler for best local family attraction.
Playdale Farm Park won a local award from the Scarborough & Whitby mumbler for best local family attraction – Pic source Playdale Farm

With so much on offer you and your family will have a thoroughly enjoyable experience here, with an array of animals to see and feed, an indoor play hay barn, a choice of 2 outdoor play areas, Plenty of outdoor benches for the all important family picnics.

An undercover picnic area with seating which makes it an ideal family day out come rain or shine. Playdale farm have a cafe on site, an indoor soft play (currently closed due to the pandemic but I will cover more on that later n the post), an outdoor Pedal Go-kart track, Zip Wire, Summer Sledge run (imagine yourself like the guys from cool runnings, its great fun) and a large open field for Frisbee Golf.

Told you so, there is so much on offer here at playdale and I can guaruntee, Mum’s, Dad’s you will have just as much fun as the kids will.

Safety First at Playdale Farm

First things First before we got into anything else. I know what is on your mind when considering taking a family day out with the kids at the moment. Safety… It’s certainly a worry and nerve-wracking to say the least at the moment and you want to know what there is in place at an attraction before visiting so you know your family and children especially are going to be safe.

Let me say Playdale Farm have cracked it. They have installed at the entrance, exits and throughout the Animal barn hand sanitising stations with very clear Signage to state the importance of cleanliness. With touching and feeding the animals in the Barn, the importance of hygiene is a large one anyways with a hand-wash sink before you exit for you and your children to wash your hands.

My girls Sanitising their hands before entering Playdale Farms new one way system into the animal barn.
My girls Sanitising their hands before entering Playdale Farms new one way system into the animal barn.

A strict one way system with clear markings along the walkways have been added to maintain the recommended social distancing rules and measures. I found it very clever how they are informing visitors of the social distancing by asking them to maintain a lama distance, brilliant.

Signage you will find around Playdale Farm ensuring you maintain a Llama distance.
Signage you will find around Playdale Farm ensuring you maintain a Llama distance.

As you venture around the attraction at every play area and activity there is a hand-wash station and clear sign posted information about what is required for keeping visitors and staff members safe. A lot of Playdale farm is outside and in the open so the requirement for wearing face masks isn’t strictly mandatory other than when in the cafe or the gift shop.

Inside the Indoor Play Hay Barn again you are greeted with a hand sanitising station and asked to maintain one hay bale between yourself and other family’s and visitors.

Notices and Hand Sanitising station outside the straw barn.
Notices and Hand Sanitising station outside the straw barn.

The only issue we had while on our visit to playdale farm, which I must stress is nothing of their fault in the slightest but just one of those typical groups of 2 or 3 family’s that you find that seem to just ignore the rules. The type that would just let their children run off unsupervised without even making them aware of the social distancing measures in place.

During my discussion of what safety measures were in place with a lovely young lady named Megan at Playdale Farm, she mentioned to me about something they have in place for Shielding family’s. They are running a shielding hour. The parks opening hours are 10am in the morning, they have put in place opening from 9am until 10am for 2 Shielding family’s.

This means that their safety is paramount and they have the whole attraction to themselves for a whole hour. It is then their choice wether to stay for longer or if to end their visit. This is no extra cost than the usual entry fee which I find extremely reasonable for what is on offer, Adult entry is £7.75, Children – £ 7.25, senior citizens (65+) – £6.25 (Great for Grandma and Grandpa to take the little treasures off your hands so you can enjoy some peace and quiet) and children under the age of 2 enter Free.

So that covers the safety gubbins and now we can get on to sharing with you the fun and exciting stuff. What the attraction has to offer.

What is on at Playdale Farm

Playdale Farm is just truly awesome fun. My daughters absolutely love it here, when we ask them what they would like to do either on a weekend or during the school holidays. One o the first places they request is Playdale Farm. First off we will start with….

The Farm Animals.

There is such a selection of animals to see here at Playdale farm, from your everyday crop of Farm animals (sorry for the pun) to Alpacas and Llamas. You can see the majority of the animals in the indoor barn area.

Pork Chop, Pig, Mouse and Titch with the Sheep before venturing to see more of the animals.
Pork Chop, Pig, Mouse and Titch with the Sheep before venturing to see more of the animals.

Inside the barn you will see the Sheep and lambs, time your visit right and you will see the tiny new lambs and be able to interact and join a feeding session. With having Rabbits and Guinea pigs to see you can also take opportunity of handling the small furry lovelies too.

Say Hello to my Furry friend... one of the cute guinea pigs here at Playdale Farm.
Say Hello to my Furry friend… one of the cute guinea pigs here at Playdale Farm.

With Llamas, Shetland Ponies, Pigs and piglets, Goats and their kids and also the farm birds from Chickens to Quails and Playdales very own Hatchery, you can see the process from an egg laid through to hatching and even partake in chick handling.

Even thought at present due to corona the animal handling is currently not ongoing sadly but if you follow Playdale Farm on their Social Media Profiles such as Facebook and Instagram, i’m sure they will update once these are restarted once again.

The one way system and Llama distancing that they have in place within the barn and throughout the park works very well. Plenty of animals to see, have a little fuss and stroke and even feed with Animal feed that is availabe to purchase upon entry to the Farm.

Outdoor Play Areas

Here at Playdale farm there are two outdoor play areas for your little ones to embark upon and adventure, one larger Play area that is named Metropolis must look so exciting for the kids. With various slides, climbing walls, viewing globes, binoculars it’s like every kids dream in a play area.

Metropolis - the large outdoor play area here at Playdale Farm.
Metropolis – the large outdoor play area here at Playdale Farm.

Situated dead centre of the attraction it is surrounded by picnic benches (these are now placed with social distancing distances taken into consideration) so you can sit relax, have a brew and a flapjack or ice cream from the outdoor kiosk just near metropolis. Sounds like heaven doesn’t it, also in eye sight so you can keep an eye on your kids.

The smaller play area which is found on your route to the pedal Go-kart track, Frisbee Golf and Zip-wire and Sledge run. You’ll find Playdale Farms historic and ever so popular red tractor. This is one of those features that is a must for a family photo or a selfie. The small Play area is more suited to the littler ones, with smaller slides and in general more of an easy access than metropolis.

The smaller play area which is more suited to the younger kids
The smaller play area which is more suited to the younger kids – Pic Source Playdale Farm Park

Indoor Play Barn

One thing that is always great fun when visiting a farm is playing in the hay stack am I right? I mean come on did any of you ever sneak onto your local farm just to go play with your friends in the hay stack? I know me and my mates did.

Anyways, inside the play hay barn there is a tree house in the corner and the Hay bales have been stacked so that there is plenty of climbing for your kids, things to leap from, gaps in-between the lower bales so you can walk or run between. It is just super fun, the kids will love it and spend a lot of time just running riot around inside here.

With safety guideline notices and hand sanitising stations for the important safety at the moment within the barn and on entry.

Facilities available

It is always good to know what facilities are available at such an attraction. There is always going to be a time when your child comes running utterly desperate for the toilet because they have been too engrossed in playing and having fun, or running around like a cheetah that they are about collapse from thirst and need an all important fruit shoot to boost them back into action.

With a cafe on site for food and hot and cold drinks with locally baked goodies, it has you covered. Currently running on a limited menu and take out only at the moment due to the corona virus, an outdoor kiosk which also sells hot and cold drinks, ice creams and snacks. Playdale farm has you covered on that front.

Ladies and Gents toilets and a baby changing facility. Nothing worse than trying to change a number 2 nappy in a pram or on a bench so this is brilliant for those with babies or young toddlers.

A gift shop so you can spend more money treating your children on your day out with a range of toys available, soft cuddly animals and even items suitable for adults too.

Pedal Go kart Track

Here at playdale farm they have their very own tarmac outdoor race track. No your not racing cars but go-karts… Pedal ones. So if Dad you are of a competitive nature with your kids, get those legs ready for some pedalling and prepare yourself for tears when you thrash them round the race track.

Playdale Farms Go-Kart track is so much fun for the whole family
Playdale Farms Go-Kart track is so much fun for the whole family – Pic Source Playdale Farm

Or with the picnic benches available just beside the track you can sit and relax and embrace the fun your children are having and enjoy the views across the coastline and Yorkshire wolds. They even have emu’s just near the picnic benches too which is another animal that you can experience here (oops almost forgot about those).

Back to safety again… yeah I know… Blah Blah Blah, but it has to be mentioned i’m afraid, Hand sanitising station available with clear signs indicating procedures to help keep your family, other visitors and members of staff safe.

Zip Wire and Summer Sledge Run

Awesome fun for the kids, I couldn’t help myself for a cheeky go on the zip line (sorry playdale, couldn’t resist my inner child). Your kids will have lot’s of fun on these, I know we did.

The Girls having fun on the Summer Sledge Run.

Frisbee Golf

At the bottom end of the park you will find the Frisbee Golf area, a field filled with Picture boards with holes in for attempting to get the frisbee’s through. Caution on windy days or you and the kids may end up with hands free Frisbee’s.

This activity is super fun for the whole family.

There we have my post lockdown review of Playdale Farm Park Attraction, an amazing family day out whether you are a local resident or visiting the area. Great to know that on your family day out that you and your family are being kept safe with the measures in place.

Some other great places to visit while in the Scarborough is Dalby Forest and Scarborough castle, both well worth a consideration for a visit.

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