Learning from Playtime.

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Playtime – It’s a way to learn.

Playtime is a big thing with our girls. Especially Beast, at 15 months old play is an essential learning source for her. Using the use of toys to aid and improve her motor skills, knowledge of colours and even communication.

Vast amount of toys available which will help your child’s development during playtime.

There is a huge range of toys available for children beasts age. You could literally spend a fortune on some toys available. She has the interactive activity stations. You know the ones that sing the ABC and counting, animals with animal sounds. The ones with 5+ different activities to do all rolled in to one toy. All ideal for playtime for your little one.

Playtime with her Fisher Price activity chair and Vtech Activity Table. A great source for your little one to learn essential skills from play time.
My little Beast enjoying time playtime with her activity table and chair.

But the main one’s I have found that she interacts with the most and that has helped with her development. Especially with learning various colours along with hand eye Coordination is some playtime simple stacking blocks.

Play time with her Stacking Blocks. Using a learned skill of hand eye Coordination she is able to stack the blocks to create a tower.
So proud of making a tower out of her Stacking Blocks.

A source of playtime entertainment for your little one while you try crack on with some essential housewifery duties. Or a way for you to get down on the floor with your young one and enjoy playtime, help them to learn and develop.

Learning through playtime. Stacking Blocks to create a tower.
Tower building with her Stacking Blocks.
How our little one has developed from such a simple toy.

Beast has come on leaps and bounds these last few months. If you ask her now to grab a certain colour block, say the red block for example she knows exactly which one to head for. She even in her own attempt to say the name of the colour. Even though to some it would sound like an inaudible noise, but to us her parents who interact with her daily. We know that it’s her way of attempting to say the word.

With encouragement and simply naming the colour block that she picks up, will help her to learn the simple colours, and a fun way for toddlers to learn through playtime.

Asked her to find the orange Block. Saying colours during this activity in playtime to her to help learn which colour the blocks are. She can identify the block by it's colour.
Finding the orange Block.

Then comes the stacking of the blocks themselves. When she was 8 or 9 months old she was unable to stack them. It was more of a fun game for her to bang them together or even throw them. Even though the throwing was much to her older siblings annoyance. They would tend to usually fly in their direction.

As she has aged, grown and developed through playtime over these last few months. Her development even though may not be noticeable to some, to us it is great. She can now independantly stack the blocks, and to her fun and amusement demolish the stack. But then the fun restarts to rebuild, an amazing game that seems to keep toddlers occupied during playtime.

She identifies certain colours. She can independantly create different sounds from either clapping the blocks together or using another object such as a spoon to create a drum.

The versatility of these toys are great. They aid in your little ones development and motor skills massively. From stretching at a young age when unable to crawl or roll to get one of the blocks. Even when at a stage where they are able to be mobile, wether crawling, rolling or even walking. It helps them to learn these essential skills.


Personally I have found this kind of activity a great form of distraction. From wether she is having one of her growing Tantrums or paddy’s. (Find out more of my daughters paddy’s Tantrums and Meltdown’s click here). Her older siblings playing with their toys in the same room, you know the type. Barbie dolls with incredibly enticing and appertizing small objects. If she is on one of her typical cheeky moods, she climbs for an object that she isn’t allowed. Like a picture frame on our sideboard or raiding the printer which is spurting out mummy’s uni assignments.

Stacking Blocks and playtime are a good form of distraction to entice your little one away from something that you may not want them to get or do.
Using her Stacking Blocks as a form of distraction.

They are a great form of distraction. Get the blocks and entice her away from a situation or item that you don’t want your little one involved with.

Many types and variations available.

There are many types of these toys available. Some square, some round, some soft, some hard. Whatever you choose they are sure to help aid in your child’s development and help them learn.

Below I have added a few links to some available.

As you will have seen from the few links I have added in for you. There is a vast array of different stacking blocks or cups available. Some more interactive than others, all depends on what you are looking for and age too. Mostly available everywhere really, supermarkets, high street stores, toy stores and online.

I hope this post may have been useful for you. To new expecting parents I would highly recommend this form of toy for your list of what to buy for you little one. For the seasoned pros and veteran parents, I’m sure you will have had these types of toy for your little ones. I’d love to hear your experiences with them. How do you share playtime with your little ones?

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  1. Blocks are awesome. I think my youngest, at age 7, will still play with them! What am I saying….I like to play with them,!

    1. Me too John, my older daughters like to play with them too. Even getting involved building them with the youngest so she can demolish the tower.

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