Podcast… What’s one of them then?

My First experience with a Podcast.

Podcast is the subject, but also a bit about technology these days. I wouldn’t class myself as a Tech addict like some. Most things its like watching an episode of ‘Tomorrows world’ oooo never knew that was possible.

Now i’m one of those blokes. One who only over the last 12 months has started to explore the various selections today’s technology has to offer. From everyday devices, especially my Smart Phone.

Technology… The possibilities are endless.

I never knew the possibilities of things available on your device or even tablet, laptop or tinterweb in general. All sorts of stuff with apps that are so versatile, creative, entertaining. Some that are even able to help you manage day to day life better. Adulting things such as finance management. How to turn a selfie into a twin of a trout down your local river.

Since I began blogging. As my confidence has built up along the way I turned to social media outlets to aid in my journey. You know the usual Facebook page. Twitter. (Been live on there around a week now. I still do not have the foggiest idea of what your meant to do with it). And lastly Instagram.

Delving into the Insta world.

Now Instagram has been great and to be honest with you. I think I prefer it to the likes of Facebook. I’ve found it a better outlet of the 3 for sharing my Blogging antics and daily schenanigans.

As you do building up a variety of people to follow and also to follow your page. I came across something that intruiged me. Some blogs I’ve began to follow which I haven’t done in the past. One that is quick becoming part of my morning Dad Chores routine with being a SAHD (stay at home dad). A podcast. Now if you’d have asked me this time last year. Have you listened to such and such Podcast on iTunes or Spotify. You’d more than likely have got an old bloke style reply! “What the bloody hell is one of them, never heard of em before”.

Daft i know! But i now know what a Podcast is.

I want to share with you a Podcast. Recently started by a couple of Lads, who are now Dad’s. (funnily enough). Ben and Matt, from what they’ve covered through they’re episodes so far are old Uni mates. Typical lads, on the lash, lads holidays abroad, the usual back in the day late teen party rave days.

From Lads to Dad’s Podcast.

The Header image used for the 'From Lads To Dads' Podcast.
From Lads to Dad’s Podcast, New Episode Every Friday!!!

I found out about the ‘From Lads To Dad’s’ Podcast on Instagram. They had shared details about their new podcast with a bit of insight about it. How they discuss and share their stories of becoming dad’s. Being a Dad to their kids. Also sharing their thoughts through pregnancy. Labour, and all the other bits and bobs us dad’s go through on the road to becoming Fathers. Ben and Matt share old stories from the past of their Lad days. Even stories of one of their Dads antics which are absolutely hilarious. He sounds a great character and a hell of a laugh.

The Discussions. The content and laughs are relatable to many. read on as i tell you more of these Lads To Dads.

Ben and Matt also discuss other problems that may hit fathers at some point in there lifetime. This is what hooked me slightly if I’m honest. They speak openly about their experiences with their Mental Health. How they’ve coped with it. But also to help erase the stigma you usually find dad’s have of speaking out about their struggles with Mental Health and Well being.

You can tell these lads are close Mates. For a listener with the way they chat, discuss topics, questions between each other. It sort of paints a picture for the listener. For me I could see myself sat around a table down the local pub. Nice cold pint in my hand having a good ole laugh. Getting myself involved with them. From sharing stories, to brilliant dose of Banter.

Along with relatable content. Because a lot of us dad’s will have experienced a similar situation as these guys have. This in my opinion is a great reason to listen and follow. Have a laugh along with them thinking to yourself. Shit I remember that with my middle child when they were that age. Honestly it’s great stuff.

I’m Officially a convert! Now an avid Listener and Follower of these Lads to Dads.

I’m all caught up with the episodes of ‘From Lads To Dad’s’. I will now be awaiting the next episode from Matt and Ben. Eager to find out what other stories they have to tell from their past. Whether it be embarrassing or outrageous but also to hear their experiences of life as a Father. Problems and issues that they’ve had to face or overcome.

If you’re an Avid podcast listener and fancy a good chuckle on your commute to work. Would like something relatable and to get drawn into like I did. Especially to mix into my morning routine. These past few days while i’ve been cracking on with house bitch duties. The girls at school and pre school. Charlotte down for her nap. I would highly recommend you give them a listen and follow.

Now how do you listen to these podcasts you ask? I may sound a little daft but I didn’t know before I found these lads on Instagram. Easy Peezy, I listen to their Episodes on Spotify. Check the link below for the ‘From Lads To Dad’s’ Podcast page on the Web. It’s also a mighty long list of providers that their Podcast is available to listen on. I never knew some of these even existed.

From Lads to Dad’s Podcast Page

From Lads to Dad’s Facebook Page

From Lads to Dad’s Instagram

Another image to share with you from the Facebook page of the 'From Lads To Dads' Podcast.
Now I know what a Podcast is and have become a listener and follower of these fellow Dad’s on their Fatherhood Journey.

I now know what a Podcast is and how to listen. Since seeing this on instagram. I have begun following my 1st podcast. Created by Ben and Matt. Thanks Lads and keep the Laughs and Bants coming looking forward to the next episode.

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