HUGE NEWS – Podcast Interview Launch!!

Huge news

HUGE NEWS – Podcast Interview Launch!!

Well hello there lovely followers and readers. What a momentous occasion this post will mark. It will be a Celebration of the Launch of my new podcast and to celebrate my 100th Blog post here on Yorkie…Not Just For Dad’s.

The Yorkie Not Just For Dad’s Interview Podcast

All set and ready to a fashion for the podcast.
Yorkie…Not Just For Dad’s podcast launch – Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Let me just say and make you aware I am a complete newbie when it comes to this kind of thing but after my first Official Interview I have to share with you in my next post (both Posts posted simultaneously).

I don’t have any official equipment other than a little bit of editing software on my laptop, ability to record via Zoom and a set of headphones, not even a podcast microphone. Big thank you though to my first Guest – Amy Frost, some of you may recognise the name.

Well she is Young Archie’s Step Mum from the amazing story I shared recently with you all about this inspiring little lad who practically set up with his ideas a family business just from the basics of six chickens to a fresh produce business. Seriously this young lad is too cool for school, Read about there story here if you haven’t already.

So that is an announcement of Episode 1 for you all too, you can check out the interview here. But let’s crack on and let you know how you can listen.

Where can I listen to the Podcast.

To find the Yorkie…Not Just For Dad’s Podcast you can find them in this specific category on the blog here for interview podcast episodes.

Things will be the same as most other posts on the Blog, a bit of a story and write up but I will be uploading the audio interview and embedding this into the Post so you can have a listen.

100th Blog Post and the Launch of Interviews
100th Blog Post and the Launch of Interviews – Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

A link or player may also be added into the sidebar here on Yorkie…Not Just For Dad’s. Up to Press this is how you can find and listen to my interviews. I have some research to do so I can maybe make it available on other platforms such as I-tunes and Spotify and other Podcast apps if it turns out to be a popular feature.

I know it won’t be one of the best Podcasts around, no where near in the top 100 podcasts or anything like that. The best for parenting wise I have found is entwined with a touch (I say this lightly its a lot) of comedy. This is actually the first podcast I actually ever listened to which is From Lads to Dads the guys are legends, one of the best podcasts in my eyes and the best form comedy I have listened to, has been in fits of laughter. If you haven’t had a listen I would highly recommend it.

I have a few plans for interviews for the podcast here on Yorkie…Not Just For Dad’s and for the time being the episodes will be posted Monthly on a Sunday.

Interviews with many figures throughout the world of parenting much more
Interviews with many figures throughout the world of parenting much more – Photo by CoWomen on Unsplash

Hope you will enjoy the interviews and I will apologise I was incredibly nervous and anxious being a first time host but my Guest Amy was super cool and easy to chat with. As we began chatting before recording I was soon at ease.

This week has been manic with products to review for collaborations all coming in at once. Keep an eye the interview with Archie’s Step-mum Amy to follow up and hear more of their amazing story. My anxiousness has been through the roof, bit of a stressed nervous wreck, part of my mental health struggles.

To find and to listen there are an array of Podcast apps out there. Then check out the discover web page for google podcasts here.

Hope you enjoy my new Interview podcast here on Yorkie…Not Just For Dad’s and keep checking up on my blog, a lot coming up over the next few weeks which I am super excited about.

To catch my Interview with the little legend Archie’s Step-Mum Amy Frost Here.

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  1. Best of luck with the podcasts. I’ve always wanted to do something similar myself but have neither the bravery, nor the slightest bit of technological knowledge to do so!

    1. Thanks Steve. Do it matey, I have no technological know how either. It was my First guest that gave me the pointers and the apps and software required.

  2. Oooo podcasts, you’re a braver man than me 🤣

    1. 😂 Something different and we have to push ourselves don’t we. Hopefully more to come

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