Positive during lockdown.

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Almost 5 weeks in lockdown, hard to keep positive at times. It has been a surreal and nerving time. There’s a lot of negatives to list of times at the moment. We have also had a few positives. During this lockdown and times we are going through at the moment it is great and important to focus on the positives.

Pig’s school decision.

During what would have been the Easter school holidays. The children who are due to start their school journey in September are released. We only picked 1 school for pigs choice. The same school as her older sisters. We knew that she would be accepted but still happy and positive that she will be attending that school.

We are happy that she will be with her sisters. A few of her close friends from nursery have been accepted at the same school so she will be with her friends. From Titch and Mouse been at the school we know the school. It is a really good school, the teachers are great and we know pig will love it.

Pig telling us all about how she will be starting school.

Beast has loved her sisters home.

Another positive over the last 5 weeks for beast must have been great for her. Usually it’s her home on her own while her sisters are at school. But she’s had her sisters at home with her. She’s been able to bond even more with her sisters and have people to play with.

Beast enjoying playing in the garden with her sisters.

Beast’s speech.

A big positive for us is over these last few weeks beasts speech has come on a lot. Gone are the random muffled grunts and sounds in an attempt to speak to what she wants. She is now saying certain few words clearer and more pronounced.

No longer do I get Dada, but I now get a lovely sweet clear Daddy. Mummy no longer gets mummmm but now mummy. Whenever the cupboard is open for her nappy she clear as day shouts bappy. We know she is attempting to say nappy. Come bedtime on a night we get a cute dummy muffled night night with a cuddle. Babby for when she wants to play with the baby doll even how sweetly she attempts to say dink (drink) and pasta. She even has a new word that we childishly find hilarious. Beast loves her carrot sticks and calls them ‘Carrot Dick’.

Beasts speech has come on alot over the last few weeks. Cute some of the words she now says.

It’s really nice to see mouse maintain her school friendship with her best friend.

Mouse and her best friend at school haven’t seen each other during lock down. But a positive that they have kept in touch. Writing letters between each other. Her latest letter even included a bracelet her friend had made for her. They have video called through Facebook and played the interactive games available with it.

It’s great to see and that they can still maintain their friendship during these difficult times we are experiencing at the moment.

A letter mouse received from her school best friend.

These are alot of my main positives taken from our time during lockdown. There is more, especially the time we are getting to spend with the kids together.

I hope your all finding lockdown ok and managing to enjoy some positives out of the time.

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25 thoughts on “Positive during lockdown.

  1. Awesome post Eddie, I think everyone needs to try and look for the positives in a time like this. I’m glad you’re all keeping safe, and hopefully this won’t be for much longer.

    1. Thanks Ashleigh. Trying to remain positive is important otherwise the mental health takes a toll. We are keeping well, hope you and family are too.

  2. Great Post, definitely people should be looking on the positives, there are some and we should focus on that, especially with kiddies, as for them if we are negative they will be

  3. You know the most interesting thing about this post? Beast’s speech. I guess it makes sense it would come along so much with sisters around (always good to have older kids around to copy, right?). Great news about the school. That’s always a really stressful time isn’t it? great post Eddie and brilliant to see you and other dad bloggers picking out the positives from this situation.

    1. Thanks John, yeah I think the older girls been around has been beneficial to her speech. Ever her Tantrums too in a way copying her sisters.

  4. Oh these are such lovely reasons to be happy! Sounds like your little one is loving having playmates and I bet it has helped her speech no end as well x x

    1. Thank you, and I think it has helped her with her speech, especially our 8yr old, she will sit with her at snack time and read her a story.

  5. Great post, lovely to see some positivity during this crazy time! Also how adorable is the letter to your little girl from her school bestie 💕🌈 hope you’re all well!

    1. We’re doing ok thank you. How about you? Yeah they’re both cute with the letters and even the jewellery they’ve made each other.

      1. Vincent is fine I think he thinks he is on a holiday! I’m just waiting on a swab so fingers crossed it’s negative. Aw they’re so sweet aren’t they! Bet they can’t wait to see eachother again 💕

        1. Fingers crossed for the negative. Bless him I bet he’s having lots of fun. Yeah they keep telling each other when they video call on Facebook.

  6. I’ve been doing my best to keep positive, I’m probably succeeding 75% of the time, which is workable.

    Ps. I love the nicknames you have for the kids 😂

    1. 😂 Thanks Adam, to be honest they are their actual nicknames too and not just for the purpose of the blog 😂. That’s good, glad your managing to stay positive buddy.

  7. Although this is a strange time we’re all going through at the moment, it’s so important to focus on the positive things. I’m glad Pig got her place at her sisters’ school, you never know what will happen there do you!?

  8. I love all your little positives 😊 and carrot dick really me laugh!!

    The handwritten letters the kids are sending to each other are amazing! I used to do that back in the 90s when I was younger and I thought it was a lost art. So glad to see it’s still going 😊

    1. Glad that made you laugh. I used to be the same with friends I’d met on holiday when I was a kid in the 90’s too, sending letters.

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