Potty Training – A Few weeks in.

Here is a Beastly Potty Training Update.

So as some of you may be aware I recently started and undertook the challenge of Potty Training with my youngest daughter Beast – read more on the beginnings of the potty training here.

So I have an update for you and how its all going, well let me me brutally honest… Absolute NIGHTMARE!!

Oh look at me, a tired dad in the 1st week of the summer holidays, potty training is fairing well on the old stay at home Dad.
Nothing to see here just a Dad of 5 girls… keep reading.

Nightmare… Really?

Well maybe not so much of a nightmare but I shall explain why I’ve compared it to an absolute nightmare.

Let us use some imagination here, picture the scenes. It is now half term, the welcomed 6 weeks summer holiday break. The kids have 6 weeks off school, a nice time for them to recuperate and have the time to be kids without the pressure of education and strict routines.

Yep, pj’s playing in the garden, as you can imagine with 5 there will be a lot of chaos. Toby the family pooch is never far away.

There are 5 of the Princess Tribe in our house, this last week there has been as my eldest daughter Pork Chop has been with us for the week. Anyways, Beast is doing what toddlers do, running riot playing with everything in sight, which with 4 other kids around you can imagine the scenes of toys, craft activities and other child related paraphernalia everywhere.

Beast is overwhelmed, opportunities of experiencing new things everywhere, but what has this got to do with potty training you ask? Well she has no nappy, in big girl nickers. She is aware of where the potty is… but does she use it is the big question here.

Nope, with the overwhelming manically busy scenarios that surround her she completely forgets. Puddles happen, not a negative thing, it is fine. Positive reassurance with her and making her aware that the potty is there but so far to no avail, we have had success whilst things around the house have been calmer (praise the Lord for screen time). We have successfully had a few pee pee’s as beast calls them on the potty.

But as you can probably imagine with all this going on along with the potty training of a toddler, it is manic to say the least, but as parents we shall persevere.

Potty Training – What Now?

Here is the big question, should I continue with the Potty Training or should I throw in the towel and wait until after the summer holidays when things at home have calmed down a bit.

A break from the manic scenes at our house and potty training to have an adventure.
Beast may look sweet and innocent but like any toddler she has a possessed streak.

These are all things I have considered and even attempted, but over the 2 weeks of Potty Training so far, Little Beasty has become accustomed to the zero nappy lifestyle and now will happily remove her own nappy, sweet I know, NOT when she decides to throw said nappy at you or her siblings, find it hilariously comical and continues to do so.

Parenting life with a toddler there and a whole other story. So I have decided to grit my teeth and ride the storm. Persevere with the journey of potty training and see how we get on.

Hard work, VERY, but nothing in life comes easy right? It is a cluster of things at the moment, especially with it being the first week of the 6 week half term break. Once a routine has been reestablished it shall be much easier.

With plenty to do in Scarborough where we live and the Beach nearly on our doorstep we shall have lots of fun.

I shall keep you updated on this journey next week but for now if you’d like to keep up with us all more, go give us a follow over on Instagram @yorkienotjustfordads.

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2 Thoughts to “Potty Training – A Few weeks in.”

  1. Good luck. It takes a while for sure. certainly brings back some memories Eddie!

    1. Thanks John, still early days, she is still 2 as well so just letting her take her time with it.

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