A Dads experience of Labour and Pregnancy.

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Labour and Pregnancy – My blessed Beast and her amazing story.

So this will be my last post in my Parental Series, Pregnancy, Labour and Birth. But I would like to apologise, I was hoping to get each of my posts for my ‘Parental Series of Pregnancy and the Journey of labour’. Up and published on a Monday.

But I’m afraid being a parent happened, which I’m sure you all can relate to. The time to sit and write is something I’ve been short of lately. Well here we go this is my latest for you even if it is slightly later than planned. This is the story of the pregnancy and labour journey of my youngest daughter. The Beast.

Pregnancy, it doesn’t half drag when your excited.

Beast’s pregnancy was a lot less dramatic and stressful than Pig’s. Smooth sailing most of the way through the pregnancy. Extra scans were required due to her growing on the small side, so this was monitored through extra scans.

But also towards the end of the pregnancy, the 3rd trimester some may call it. For common parents the home stretch, the last leg, or even Eviction Notice Pending and being served. My partner Sarah had started experiencing reduced fetal movements, albeit slightly worrying when your so close to meeting the new member to your clan.

Tied in with the extra scans but also appointments with a Consultant. This was to carry extra checks and make sure all was Hunky Dory. The reason behind the reduced movements though was down to Beast facing towards Sarah’s back. You feel the kicks more towards the belly than you do towards the back. See I learnt something new and maybe I might have just helped you learn something new too.

The other half still struggled with SPD – Symphisis Pubis Dysfunction. This time around though it was no where near as bad or as severe as she had suffered while pregnant with Pig. You can find out more of what it was like for her in my – Parental Series – Pregnancy, the Journey and Labour – My Daughter Pig.

Here came the day for induction.

Due to Beast measuring small and recent reduced fetal movements, Sarah had been booked in for an Induction on her due date.

The Day came and in typical parental fashion. Those familiar feelings of previous Labour and memories come flooding back. Memories you hold of your other children’s Labour and birth twined with the nervous exciting anticipation of getting to meet your new arrival. For Sarah this brought back the memories of the pain and what she was to expect from labour. It’s weird how it just creeps up on you.

If you are a soon to be new parent and have never been in this situation before. Here’s a few bits of info for you about what an induction to labour is, just in case you and your partner are lined up for one.

  • Induced labours are started artificially. 1 in 5 Labours in the UK are started by Induction every year.
  • Before an induction is planned, you may be offered something called a ‘Sweep’. Membrane sweep or Cervix sweep. This action should separate the membranes of the amniotic sac surrounding your baby from your cervix. This separation releases hormones (prostaglandins), which may kick-start your labour.
  • Inductions are undertaken on the maternity ward. Usually under supervision. Inductions are commonly either by a tablet in the *cough* (Pessery). Or a gel into the *cough*, embarrassing a dad mentioning the erm… well the… Vagina.

Well I hope that may clear up some questions for you of what an induction is.

Let’s Carry on shall we..

The induction was done and the waiting game had begun. Sat in those god awful vinyl uncomfy hospital chairs. Coffee in one hand and mobile phone in the other attempting to pass the time with random Mobile games. The likes of marble dash or coinmaster. As things begin to get moving, the Nerves begin to build and the anxious waiting of what’s to come, the what ifs and if everything will go smoothly.

For the other half, I think I touched upon these words from the midwives before. Her body is a natural for childbirth. The way she can progress from early stages of labour to almost ready to rock and roll is unreal. She progressed so quickly at one point, she was dripping with sweat, shaking and saying she was cold. Her bodies way of combating what was ocurring. Going from 0 – 120mph in like 2.5 seconds. She’s like the Bugatti Veyron of childbirth!

Other than the above her labour went smoothly. We had a brilliant Midwife and also a Student Midwife. Don’t be put off or anxious with having a student midwife present and assisting. She was brilliant, so calm and confident with tasks she was provided with.

One thing I think we will remember but also the midwife and the student. The moment the other half’s water’s went. After a stint on the gas and air, most parents will know what this stuff is like.

Informed of her water’s, her almost instant reply was “Oh, where did they go…. Did you catch them.” Hilarious random things that you remember from a memorable situation like this.

And… Here we go again.
My first picture with my daughter after labour. A father once again, my 3rd daughter. They say real men produce girls.
A father once again.

A father once again. A Dad to 3 Daughters and Step Father to 2 Girls. What can I say, Always told Real Men produce Girls.

Now majorly outnumbered, and certainly no more children planned for the foreseeable future. Life with a fifth Daughter begins. What would lead to a few months down the line was definitely not in the plan after Beast’s arrival.

A few of my first posts here on my blog will bring insight into my story. How I have taken on the role as a Stay at Home Dad. To look after the Beast and my other children. Also you will find how I have found my journey so far.

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