Pregnancy, Labour and Birth a Dads Story.

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My Story and experience of Pregnancy, Labour and Birth of my Daughter Pig.

Pig’s Entrance into our lives.

Now the other half’s pregnancy journey with Pig as she has always been nicknamed, was lets say a roller coaster of issues, stress, panic and emotions all before she was even born. Pigs Story and entrance to the world is one of those, lets just say if she was a first baby, it would certainly put parents off from anymore!! Yep her pregnancy was that stressful.

We had to have extra midwife appointments and scans as the mrs had experienced bleeding throughout the early stages, 10 weeks onwards if i remember rightly. In the end the bleeds were put down to an implantation bleed. Kind of like a blood blister inside that would randomly bleed. Still when pregnant and expecting a child the massive rush of panic and anxiousness that runs through yourself and your partner is heartbreaking.

Around the 20 week scan we were informed that the Mrs had what was known in simple Dad terms is a ‘Low lying Placenta’. If you don’t know what that is, click the link below.

Low Lying Placenta

The Stress The Worry it’s very overwhelming.

So with all of this, and the possible horror stories we had read and also heard from advice from this low lying placenta. We were bricking it. The mrs was on strict orders to take it easy, around work I had picked up more of the workload at home to help out. Trying to keep stress levels low as to not upset mum was tricky.

Thankfully all was good signs by the 30 odd week checks and scans and luckily had looked to have moved. The other halfs anxiety of the situation had massively risen and the dread and thought of possibly having to have a C-section was what triggered this for her.

Happy Days – BUT!!! The smooth and easy ride wasn’t over yet!

We thought this may be the starting moment in the pregnancy that we could possibly relax. If you can call it that for a pregnant mother.

Nope it wouldn’t be that simple would it! Noo pig had other ideas and like she can be at times now as a 4yr old, she wanted to make things as awkward as she possibly could. Cue the next issue for the mrs to Deal with.

The latest and hopefully the last issue with the pregnancy of Pig!

SPD was the latest. The mrs had suffered with it ever so slightly with her older 2 daughters. Titch more than Mouse but nothing like with Pig. Now for those that are unaware and like me had never heard of SPD – Symphysis pubis dysfunction then click here.

This meant being mobile for her was very tricky. Having to walk with the use of crutches. Seeing her in pain and unable to get comfy and struggle to sleep in bed. Unable to interact as much as she’d have liked with the girls. Her strength and determination throughout Pig’s pregnancy was incredible. If it was me and I had gone through the stresses we have so far and then being in such a painful and distressing situation whenever you move on top of this. I’d just stay in bed and not do a thing or beg for this little demon to be removed from the insides of me. EVICTION NOTICE WOULD BE SERVED!!!

But sadly this wasn’t an option. All that could be done to ease this was the likes of Paracetamol and a few home stretching exercises. One big thing even to this day I will never forget is the crack. The almighty CRACK of her pelvis as she rolls over in bed. Urgh the sound rattled through you to the point it would make your own hips panful!

The End was in sight and we were almost there.

Towards the end of a pregnancy journey, obviously there was labour. We wouldn’t have to wait longer to meet the little demon from within. Due to the pain and struggle the other half was experiencing from the SPD they booked her in first thing for Induction on her Due date. Even though her due date was 29/10. It would have been rather fitting for at times known as the little witch to be born on the 31/10. Celebrating her birthday on halloween.

But it wasn’t to be and I know Sarah was glad of this and just wanted it all to end. It really had been one of those pregnancies that if it was your first pregnancy. You certainly wouldn’t want to attempt any more just incase you went through this again. Nah well not for us. We were daft enough and went onto having little Beast.

Anyways the labour day and the arrival of Pig. This out of the whole pregnancy i think went the smoothest of all. No issues at all. Same old waiting for the whatever they do to induce, the tablet thing I think. Waiting for that to kick off party time and get things going.

One thing I will say though is even the midwives said it with Pig and Beast, that Sarah’s body is cruel. Made for pregnancy in a way, well labour anyways. Once she gets going and her labour is firing on all cylinders so to speak, she labours very quickly. None of this waiting around for things to progress. Very intense.

I actually felt sorry for the student midwife we had.

As above bless her, we had an amazing student midwife. So pleasant comforting. Having to spend time with Sarah in labour can be a hell of a laugh. Especially when the good ole gas and air is involved. We still sit and laugh together of the face she pulled Numb Lipped from the breathing tube thing of the gas and air. Telling me and the Student Midwife how she was a Platypus. Haha seriously you cant make it up. Wait for the post of the Pregnancy journey of Beast, that was even better on the gas and air.

Pregnancy, a long ole slog but leads to an angel like this, no matter how stressful it may be.
Little Pig, a few days old.
From 9months Pregnancy to Labour to this, a Proud and happy Daddy (moi) and the new arrival - Pig.
Me and my Pig a few hours old.

So that’s a bit of background of Pig’s pregnancy journey and labour.

Feels a bit weird a Dad chatting about labour and pregnancy. It’s not something we would discuss I don’t think. Ah well something we should be able to open up on and chat about.

Come on Dad’s especially comment away, let me know your thoughts and experiences for the journey with your little ones.

As i said in my previous post The Birth!! Yes guys it is perfectly normal to get Emotional!!

In the next month I’ll be looking for fellow Dad’s to share their story of the pregnancy and labour of your children, and pop it up as a guest post on my Parental Series – The pregnancy journey and Labour. Not just Dad’s either mum’s too, without you these stories wouldn’t be possible. Expect Bests Story and journey sometime next week. Not going to set a definitive day, bit busy this one was meant to be live on monday. Ooops sorry lol. Couple of days late is alright though, isn’t it?

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