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Well where to begin, this is the first time attempting to write about the Pregnancy, Labour and the Birth of one of my Daughters. Well let me tell you guys. Whether you are a first time father and bricking it or a seasoned veteran expecting your 2nd, 3rd, 4th or a world record attempt. You will at some point or another find yourself overindulged with a waft of Emotions.

NAH! don’t Talk Daft.

Seriously i’m not talking daft. The whole scenario of the run up through the pregnancy until labour when the day comes and your child is born. Whether or not it’s a planned and booked in the Diary Induction, C section or the ever surprising shock of your partner leaving a puddle on the floor of the baby aisle in Tesco’s or Sainsbury’s because her waters have gone.

Once you are on that path to meeting your awaited bundle of joy. The feelings and emotions you can go through are very overwhelming. Us Men we deal with emotions differently, some are the wear your heart on your sleeve and open to crying… No that doesn’t make them a wuss! It shows a sign of compassion and care. Others will hide it and lock it deep down.

For those of you who lock it away, be prepared for it to erupt as the birth of your child is incredible and your emotions will flood during labour.

What was it like for me? How did i find it? Well let me tell you.

Three times over the years I have been in this amazing situation. With my eldest daughter and my Ex Partner, and for my two youngest daughters with my Fiance Sarah.

The Pregnancy, Labour and birth experience of all three of my daughters have been so different to each other. As Unique as the girls themselves.

Pork Chops Entrance to this world.

It was a dream pregnancy if i’m honest with you. No issues throughout the pregnancy, all scans and midwife check ups went well. I remember it well the moment it happened and the early stages of labour were to follow. We were sat down eating tea at the table, my now ex partner at the time said she felt uncomfortable.

Putting it bluntly like she was bloated and needed a banging Sh*t!! Pleasant… Tell me about it. There’s nothing pleasant in the details of the labour and birth. The next minute… Gush!! Like she had pee’d herself. Then she began to feel more uncomfortable. Quick phone call to the Midwife. They said it sounded like her waters had ruptured and to pop her to the maternity ward so that they would be able to check her over to see what was happening, whether or not her waters had ruptured and to monitor baby.

Few tests and that speculum thing and irregular contractions on the belly monitor thing they use, labour had begun.

The moment i shall never forget… I became… Superman!! Nah I became something better, I became a Daddy!!

At 4.11am on the 1st March 2011 marked the Birth of my daughter. I met my first child. The wave of emotions had been slapping me randomly throughout the labour process. I’d like to think that i’m not an overly emotional bloke but you just can’t hold back the tears of happiness, no matter how hard you try. Then the realisation hits you like a train! The what if’s begin.

What if I’m not a good father? What if I can’t do this? What if this happens?

One scary thing that did follow was that my ex partner needed Stitches, but couldn’t be done where she was currently on the maternity ward. This meant a quick trip down to theatre. After all you both have just been through. The worry that follows being told something like this sets of the anxiousness. Especially when you are left to fend for yourself with a less than 1 hour old baby.

A big Fair play to the midwives though at that point they were super helpful, running through making a Bottle for her, talking me through the nappy change and even down to dressing her.

Lets just say I have got your typical big Man hands. Scary the first time around doing something which requires gentleness for something so tiny and delicate.

But all wasn’t what it seemed.

A dream first pregnancy, low stress, all 100% healthy. Until that is when we were meant to leave and take our newborn Daughter home. With Mum being swabbed to test if her waters had in fact gone. A result came back just before our venture home which caused us to panic. The results had flagged a positive to Group B Strep.

This meant that mum and baby Pork Chop had a few days in hospital for monitoring, regular 4 hourly trips to SCBU (Special Care Baby Unit) for regular antibiotics through an IV drip.

The anxiousness through this time was unbearable, having to leave your child. For Dad anyway, it was Heartbreaking. Been unable to sleep or relax at home, constant texts and phone calls to check for updates with baby. It was a lot to handle and deal with mentally. I would think it would be for any parent but more so for a new Father.

After 2-3 days antibiotics and monitoring the Dr’s were happy that she was a fine bill of health. Confidence well and truly built by the words from the Dr’s and Midwives and over those few days Pork Chop was doing great. Pooing and Peeing and eating like a Starved animal, Just like her Daddy. Away we went on the journey home.

My Pork Chop a few days after the birth and her arrival.
Pork Chop my now eldest daughter – 1.3.2011
Well that leads onto what next which will be the Arrival of my gorgeous Pig.

Expect the next part which will be a post about the Pregnancy, Labour and birth of my now 4yr old Daughter nicknamed Pig.

I will be posting these wonderous and miraculous events as a 3 part series. Please tune in on Monday. Hopefully if my idea and plan comes to fruition it will be the start of something new here at Yorkie…Not Just for Dad’s. The beginning of ‘Dad’s and the moment they met their Baby’ series.

Where you will find other Dad’s share their experience of labour for them in their own little story post right here on this blog for you. These will be in the form of a Guest post. Oooo New authors, Exciting.

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