Relaxed Lockdown – What the HELL is actually GOING ON!!

Featured image created to show the title and nature of my post - Relaxed Lockdown - What the HELL is actually going on

What the hell is going on – Relaxed Lockdown.

Apologies for the ranty ish title there but it says all that is needed to understand things really. What the Hell is actually going on with this Relaxed Lockdown and COVID?

A street sign named Lockdown, for the comedic factor - Here we see a Relaxed Lockdown in its natural habitat... The outside world (yes it does exist!)
Here we see a Relaxed Lockdown in its natural habitat… The outside world (yes it does exist!) – Photo by Matt Seymour on Unsplash

I haven’t really been one to keep up with the UK news or Local for that matter, other than the odd articles possibly being shared by our local Newspaper – The Scarborough News (at least I think that’s what it is called). Reading up on if there are any issues or BIG NEWS happening in our local area that I may need to know about (check the image out down below of this headline… It’s not real but I would love to read this sort of News).

A funny Image I created of a made up newspaper and article to show what nonsense you can read in the newspapers during COVID Lockdown and lately as it is becoming a more Relaxed Lockdown.
Ridiculous News article from The Scarbados Herald since they relaxed lockdown of a Family being terrorised by Steroid Enraged Seagull at the South Bay in Scarborough.

Sorry I do apologise for my Childishness above, Do not Google The Scarbados Herald it doesn’t exist (it just shows results for our other local Newspaper here in Scarborough – The Gazette & Herald. The articles was completely and utterly made up by me (Got to love Canva for making graphics).

Come on who doesn’t love a good bit of comedy every now and then? Anyways back on topic, to me it just seems that since the Government have started to relax the Lockdown rules as it were across the country and businesses begin to start re-opening and re-building there trade once again.

Certain people are just blatantly incompetant and disregarding any safety measures that have been put in place. Wether these are to adhere to government issued guidelines or whether it is the actual business or premises themselves that have set them. Not just for the safety of the members of the public but for their staff also.

Please follow the COVID Guidelines, they are there not to just keep you safe but for others too, if you don't the pandemic will strike again and we will kiss the Relaxed Lockdown Goodbye
Please follow the COVID Guidelines and safety measures, they are there not to just keep you safe but for others too, if you don’t the pandemic will strike again and we will kiss the Relaxed Lockdown Goodbye – Photo by Aleks Marinkovic on Unsplash

Comedic Scenario of the Relaxed Lockdown Guidelines.

It is just plain outright idiocy if you ask me, you can see back towards the middle of the COVID19 Pandemic a few things I had noticed during Lockdown. People having a typically British whinge and a moan with Karen from number 12 – “Oh yes I went to the local Happy Shopper for a bottle of milk yesterday.”

Oh aye Karen, did you remember your mask? –

“NOO!! Did I eckers like, what do I want to wear one of those daft things on mi face for, it is just a load of old tripe is this Corona whatever virus, all these Government ruddy guidelines and safety measures”.

Did anyone in the shop not say anything to you?

“Well yeah one rude fella told me to get out if I didn’t follow and abide by their safety measures and guidelines… Managers badge or not I told him to sling his hook or I’d send our Darren down to see him. He told me I HAD TO… HAD TO WEAR A MASK!! I told him three F’s and quickly and happily wandered off to grab my rich teas, daily mail and box of PG Tips” (other brands of Tea Bags are available).

Alright Calm down Karen… Anyone else say anything about not following the rules or Guidelines?

“Yeah that little scrote James from down richardshaw drive, you know, the Swatty Mummy’s Boy. He did so I told him to shut his cake ole or I’d give him a clout round the Lug Hole, oh and that snotty nosed cow that works on the till, the one that stinks of Old Gin. Yeah she told me I should be wearing a mask and not to stand too close to that ridiculous plastic thing they’ve got up around the checkout area!!”

Oh god no Karen you didn’t say all that did you?

“I bloody well did Sharon!! the rudeness and audacity of them folk to be telling me what I can and Can’t do. Bloody hell they think just cos I can’t be arsed to wear one of them mask thingy’s and wash my hands wi thatt oriible sanitiser stuff is going to make a damn bit of difference when it’s all made up and this BIG CONSPIRICY THEORY by the British Government!! I couldn’t be arsed, I just wanted my brew and biscuits so I could sit Happily and watch bargain hunt so I told her I had asthma and the Dr told me I didn’t have to wear one”.

But Karen you don’t have Asthma and you aren’t even registered with a Dr!!

“I know that Shazza and you know that.. but they don’t do they!! It shut em up and they left me alone though, won’t try and bully me into wearing one of those chuffing things!! Have you tried breathing in one of them?? So restrictive I thought I wa gunna suffocate when our Darren told me to try one on”.

FFS Karen, see ya in a bit I’m off down to working men’s to pick up are Frank.

“Nay worries Shazza i’m off down to Asda to do mi Big Shop later on, see who tries to tell me in there what I can and can’t do!!”

Difficult Situation

The above is just fictional, it isn’t fact filled. I’m just having one of those writers block moments where I can’t think of what to write and share for you guys. Hence the old faithful topic of content for many these last 8 months or however long we had been in lockdown for… such like sharing their positives during Lockdown. What they may have Been watching on Netflix perhaps or maybe compiled a list of Places they would Like to Visit after lockdown. Hopefully for not much longer, especially now we are seeing a more relaxed lockdown.

Have you noticed anyone just completely disregarding specific guidelines and safety measures that have been set to follow due to COVID lately.

I have got to know James, Blogger over at My Hero Joshua thanks to the Dadvengers Dad’s Chats Live on Instagram on Friday Nights. He had mentioned over whatsapp that even though we are in relaxed lockdown and have specific safety measures and guidelines still to follow, a wedding that was happening close to his local area has had to be dispersed as it happened to be a crowd of over 100 people.

I mean come on!! Where is the common sense these days. People have died because of COVID and you get idiotic morons who think they know better than medical experts and science biology people who are trying their best, not just here in the UK but globally, to try and find something to cure this virus or to reduce it’s spread and ferocity.

The COVID safety measures and Guidelines are not difficult, please maintain the through this period of Relaxed Lockdown
The COVID safety measures and Guidelines are not difficult, please maintain the through this period of Relaxed Lockdown – Photo by Étienne Godiard on Unsplash

You will find people don’t have any common sense, wandering round aimlessly not just putting themselves at risk but also others too. Other members of the public, Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents and even children, but the complete and utter disregard of this just because they refuse to wear a mask while they bob into Tesco for a pint of milk and a bag of spuds!!

Repercussions after Lockdown.

A lot of us will find some local businesses will be suffering hardship from having to shut up shop and close their doors during the Lockdown Period due to COVID. Some may be re-opening and some businesses still awaiting the go ahead from the Government following the Relaxed Lockdown situation we are currently in and awaiting the latest COVID updates.

As some businesses begin to re-open their doors some still remain shut awaiting updated guidlines and measures from the government following COVID
As some businesses begin to re-open their doors some still remain shut awaiting updated guidlines and safety measures from the government following COVID – Photo by Ben Hope on Unsplash

Children are meant to be returning to school in just over three weeks time, Mouse and Titch are meant to be going back as far as we know on the 8th September. Have we had any update from their school of what safety measures and guidelines will be put in place? Nope, nothing as of yet, I’m assuming they will be awaiting news and updates on guidlines and safety measures from the government. Not only that but Pig is about to embark on her Schooling journey. One of the new starters, I won’t goo into much detail about Pig Starting school here, I think I have ranted enough but expect a post soon on that subject though.

Regarding Relaxed Lockdown measure and the schools will they be split into Bubbles? Social Distancing measures, Face Masks? As of yet we do not know
Will there be Bubbles? Social Distancing measures, Face Masks? As of yet we do not know – Photo by Taylor Wilcox on Unsplash

For the meantime though, I hope you enjoyed my Random rant, I’ll end it here before I stress myself further and my head explodes (a great way to get your feelings out is writing for my blog, so if you ever find a random post like this, I am de-stressing LOL).

I just want to say A HUGE THANK YOU to all NHS staff and Keyworkers for all you have done throughout this mess with COVID, putting your own health at risk and your families, to either help out the needed or to keep essential businesses flowing and open.

Thank you to NHS staff and Keyworkers for all you have done throughout the COVID Pandemic and throughout the Lockdown Period. – Photo by K. Mitch Hodge on Unsplash

Let me know in the Comments below your thoughts moving forward are on the Relaxed Lockdown scenario and how they are being relaxed.

Is it too soon?

Is it too late? Has it happened too quickly too early and a second wave is a large possibility? (I keep hearing rumours online but I’m not 100% sure if that is just specultion).

What are your thoughts on the current COVID situation and relaxed Lockdown restrictions? Maybe you live in an area close to one of these Local Lockdown scenarios we are seeing more often cropping up.

Speaking of Relaxed Lockdown too, have you made plans or taken yourselves for a day out or a UK Staycation? I recently was invited down to a local Farm Park Attraction we have here In Scarborough. Taking a look at how they had made their attraction safe for visitors and staff with Safety Measures and what they have added to be following government Guidlines they have had to follow.

What they had to offer at the attraction. The Results were very good and is a Fab day out if you are ever visiting the Scarborough area. Take a look at my review of Playdale Farm Park Scarborough (Just to make you aware that was a Gifted Day out but it didn’t affect my opinion or view of the attraction in any way).

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14 Thoughts to “Relaxed Lockdown – What the HELL is actually GOING ON!!”

  1. So much stupidity around this relaxation of rules. Seems to me that some people just got bored of having to do as they’re told; cue stupid, selfish behaviour when there’s the slightest hint of getting away with it.
    The fuss around masks baffles me. It’s just not a big deal to wear them.

    1. No it’s not and especially for the short period of time they have to wear them for.

      What about the staff and NHS workers that have to wear them when on shift at all times, or even the plastic full face masks and suits if they are working in a high risk environment. It is so frustrating.

      The random chat in my post was based around a conversation I over heard queing outside Aldi the other day. It’s only going to happen again isn’t it with the lack of respect for safety measures and guidelines and disregarding the severity of what may happen because of it.

  2. I work in a shop, and guess what….people dont follow rules and guidance, there are whole lengths of how much they will follow, there are very few that do everything, just bits of it, the masks annoy me alot, i ranted in my lockdown diary this week about it, people suck and they will no doubt be first to moan if we are back in lockdown.

    1. Exactly but they are likely to be the sort of people who like you say ignore safety measures and guidelines but will be the first to moan and kick off at the Government over social media cos Janet can’t go get her comb over at her local salon.

  3. It’s a massive shit show isn’t it, I’ve got asthma and manage to wear a mask to get a couple of pints of milk from one stop. Full super market shop I wouldn’t do it, I’d have to keep taking the bloody thing off….getting me out of going to the supermarket at the moment 🤣

    And don’t get me started on schools…..Lily’s school not even certain they will be opening was the latest news

    1. Ridiculous isn’t it. Sarah (my partner is the same) suffers with bad asthma so we are still sceptical about where we go, but can’t believe how many peoe are ignoring things set to keep them safe!

  4. James @dadlifewiththemunfords

    It’s a complete mess the whole thing, there will always be people out there that will flunk the rules because 1) they don’t like being told what to do and 2) have the attitude of that it won’t ever affect them.
    Unfortunately that is the society we live in and will trigger a second spike forcing the government into another lockdown and I can bet you the first people to moan will be the people who didn’t follow the rules.
    The people I feel sorry for are the people who have lost family and friends to covid who see these people every day just not willing to follow simple short term rules.
    Sorry my little rant 🙈

    1. No problem James, rant away. Completely agree with you. They would be the first to moan too, It’s just ridiculous. Thanks for the comment bud 👍

  5. I honestly can’t wrap my head around why it is SO difficult to wear a mask. I mean, I DO get that there are some people that have a valid reason not to wear one. That being said, when I log onto our local Facebook group and see people actually recommending that others ‘just lie about having asthma to get out of wearing one’, it makes me seriously roll my eyes.

    1. That’s another blood boiler isn’t it. Social media, like you mentioned people recommending lieing about an underlying health condition.

      My partner Sarah suffers with bad asthma, she was even in hospital last October because a simple chest infection. We still haven’t ventured out much as of yet, odd walks in the quiet open areas and an open outdoor attraction.

      We have a day out planned this coming Monday and she’s already said that she will be wearing a mask, she still wants to follow safety precautions even with her asthma.

      Thank you for stopping by and your comment on the subject.

  6. Don’t even get me started on this Eddie – maybe one for the Dadvengers After party!

    1. Absolutely it’s a piss poor show ( the lockdown relaxing not the after party 😜)

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