Returning to work from being the at home Parent.

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Returning to work after stay at home dad stardom – the inevitable.

Well it’s been over a year now that I have been a stay at home dad. The thoughts and worries of returning to work have started. It won’t be until next year I don’t think until I return to work. But almost two years is rather a long time to be out of the working lifestyle.

Routines have changed and being at home with the children has become my daily norm.

The thoughts and worries of the actual returning to work. What will I do for work. Do I want to go back to my previous career that I’m qualified in? Do I want to retrain and look into a new career.

My working life before being the stay at home dad.

Well ever since leaving school and for at least 15 years I worked as a Retail Butcher. Working within a butchers shop is something I really enjoyed. Getting to know your regular customers and having a good dose of banter was a big enjoyment for me.

I worked in various shops and each all did things differently, all which I thoroughly enjoyed. From butchering carcasses to making burgers and sausages.

A picture of me back in my working life as a butcher. Donned in my butchers whites, trillby hat and apron. Do I go back to the career I know when I'm returning to work.
A snap of me back in the day as a Butcher, check out the hat.

But the question I find I’m asking myself. Do I want to go back to being a Butcher when I return to work? I’m not sure, for almost 2 years up until I was made redundant and made the decision to become the stay at home parent.

I worked as a warehouse superviser and dabbled in a bit of tele sales for a local Motor Factors dealing with car parts.

I enjoyed the tele sales side of things, would I go to do this, I’m still not sure.

Perfect opportunity to learn a new trade before returning to work.

During the time I’m at home and looking to return to work. This would be the perfect opportunity to look at learning a new skill. A college course or a home university course.

But then what do I enjoy and what would I like to learn and retrain as? It’s something I really don’t know.

Some open text books for studying. Would I go back to learn something new for when the time comes and I am returning to work.
Return to college study something new and aim for a new career? Pic source unsplash.

Blogging and Writing.

I started my blog as a way of documenting and writing about my parenting experience and a dad’s perspective on being the stay at home parent. I’ve enjoyed my blog and will continue to write.

The writing side of it is something that I thoroughly enjoy. I never thought of writing or being a writer as such but is something therapeutic about it and now become a hobby of mine.

Laptop out, writing and doing admin for my blog. Is this something I could do. Returning to work, working for myself at home.
When the house is asleep I catch up with some Blog admin and writing.

An idea of working from home when I return to work.

This is one thing that I have thought a lot about and really like the idea of. This is working from home. Being in what has become for the last year my office, my workplace.

Comforting in a way, being able to combine my time as a stay at home parent with working also and getting back into earning an income once again. I like the sound of it.

But what could I do? I don’t know what sort of work or career I could have working from home. No offence to those that do but I don’t want to become an Avon rep or someone who organises Ann summers parties for the lonely mums to sell them sex toys and lingerie. Not my cup of tea.

There is a blog that I follow regularly and that is John from Dadblog UK. He has done a lot of work lately with regards flexible working for parents.

Also a Stay at Home Father himself I’m sure he knows these worries quite well. One post I find myself reading a lot is this one of John’s focusing on retraining, upskilling, Co working and Job seeking. You can find John’s post Here.

What support is there around for helping at Home Parents Return to Work.

One site that I have found which offers a relatively flexible job search ideal for parents who require flexible working. Also a site filled with usefull info and even a blog, which is aimed at dad’s and mum’s too that are returning to work. Find the site Here.

But what other support is available. I know during the time I have been the at home parent and my partner working part time around her University course.

We have been in reciept of universal credit. I have been assigned a work coach who has offered me advice and support during the time away from working life. But also support around decisions on returning to work and also where to look.

There’s also Working Families another helpful site full of useful information to help parents and carers.

For the time being I will carry on writing on my blog and get the old cogs in the noggin turning to think about my vast options I have for when the time comes to returning to work.

While I’m considering my options about returning to work here’s a look at being the stay at home dad.

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11 Thoughts to “Returning to work from being the at home Parent.”

  1. adamjnew85

    I can relate to this already, even if I’m still fairly new to the stay at home dad role. I’m already thinking about the future, it’s no secret to anyone that knows me that I’ve always wanted to be a “writer”. I’m going to work hard in different avenues, to make a go of it.

    But what else is a possibility? My kids, especially my eldest is probably still going to need caring for as an adult, so I’m always going to need to be flexible. There’s a lot to think about. Thanks for sharing those websites, I will be checking them out.

    1. Definitely matey, definitely have a go at the writing, especially if it’s something you enjoy. I’ve been enjoying the writing side of blogging. I’m definitely looking for something that I can do from home.

  2. Going back to work after any kind of break is tough. I can’t say I am looking forward to getting back to work after 10 weeks off, but it is so great once you’re there.

    Whatever you decide to do, it has to be the right move for you and your family, take your time, I am sure there is something out there for you which will be perfect x

    1. It is quite scary in a way. There’s something perfect for everyone. Still have plenty of time. It will be this time next year that beast will be heading into nursery.

  3. I am kind of in the same boat, but not really. I have officially been off work since March 22nd, and I am currently on maternity leave. I am actually not sure if I want to go back to work. I really enjoy being a stay at home mom, and I can’t stand the thought of leaving my son when July comes around. I really don’t think that I will be ready and it makes me really anxious. I really hope you are happy with whatever you choose to do! Learning something new is never a bad idea in general! Good luck!

  4. I started my blog because I wasn’t happy in my old job but didn’t know what I wanted to do. Three years later, I’m still blogging and loving it, and the skills I’ve learned (writing, social media, graphic design, seo, etc) are what landed me my part-time paid job last year. So you never know, you might find something lands in your lap too! Good luck, I hope you do find something that you enjoy doing 🙂 Lisa

    1. Ah that’s great, I bet your loving the part time job. I’m sure something will come up. I’ve loved the writing of blogging. The media, graphic design and SEO I’ve. Learnt a lot.

  5. Great post! I agree that starting to do something you haven’t done in a while can feel daunting. I hope everything goes smoothly for you!

  6. One of the reasons why I registered as a child minder was so I could work from home #thatfridaylinky@_karendennis

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