Seat Tarraco – The award winning Family Car.

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Seat Tarraco a 7-seat Family Car wins 2 awards at the Parkers New Car Awards 2021.

As most of you readers of my blog out there will know, I am a Dad of 5 Girls and that means when it comes to family motoring we need something large enough to shoe horn the kids into.

We can’t exactly do that in the likes of a vauxhall Astra now can we without looking like an act at the local circus. We need a 7-seat family car for our needs. This is one thing I like to follow and read online when I get the chance, what is on offer in the world of 7-seat family cars.

Parkers Car Specs. This screen grab shows this feature on the Parkers Website and is one I always use for research when I am looking to purchase a 7-seat family car. Car Specs

Who else reads reviews and follows news of the new car releases on the likes of Parkers Twitter and Whatcar? I know I do – I can dream of owning a brand spanking new car.

This time of year is great for this though with the Parkers New Car Awards for what is to come from the world of motoring.

Seat Tarraco Wins Two Awards in the Parkers New Car Awards 2021

The 7-seat SEAT Tarraco has been awarded not one but two trophies at the Parkers New Car Awards 2021. An incredible achievement for the Seat Tarraco.

The impeccably styled SEAT Tarraco. The Award Winning 7-seat Family Car from SEAT.
The Award Winning 7-seat SEAT Tarraco – Pic Source Seat Media.

The super knowledgable car masters over at have acknowledged the 7-seat SEAT Tarraco as the Best Large Family Car and the Best Seven-seater in their Parkers New Car Awards 2021.

Here is an image I made to show the 2 awards the SEAT Tarraco won in.
Winner of Two Awards at the Parkers New Car Awards 2021

The crew over at Parkers identify the best cars from 15 various categories which are selected to reflect on what today’s current consumer buying habits are based.

With some amazingly strong competition from 63 shortlisted vehicles, Parkers panel of knowledgeable and expert reviewers have vigorously analysed each vehicle entered, comparing their cost-per-month, value, overall quality and practicality.

Plenty of space in the 2nd and 3rd row seats in the SEAT Tarraco for the family.
Spacious for the Family in the SEAT Tarraco 7-Seat Family Car – pic source SEAT media

As a large 7-seat family car, the Seat Tarraco was highly commended for offering unbeatable value, size-defying handling and all-round stylish design.

A rear end image of the SEAT Tarraco showing how striking and beautiful the styling is.
Strikingly Beautiful Styling – The SEAT Tarraco from the Rear -pic source SEAT media

Keith Adams, the editor at Parkers had this to say about the Seat Tarraco –

“Fresh from its trim and spec updates for 2020, the SEAT Tarraco has emerged as the large SUV to buy if you’re looking for an unbeatable combination of good value, keen dynamics and smart styling. We love the way SEAT has tuned the Tarraco’s steering and suspension to make this large SUV handle and drive like a smaller, sportier car. It’s also stylish inside and out.

“Where the Tarraco really excels, however, is with its low prices and excellent finance, which put this substantial car within the reach of so many families.”

Keith Adams – Editor

The SEAT Tarraco claimed the number one spot in the seven-seater category, too, recognised for offering generous equipment levels at an extremely competitive price point, and dynamic performance. Now as a Dad looking at these points which the SEAT Tarraco has being recognised for when looking to buy a new family car is definitely something to consider.

A dashboard shot of the Seat Tarraco showing the multimedia centre in its home on the dash.
Stylish Interior with lots of Tech Equipment offered.

Keith Adams also had the following to say –

“The surprisingly-affordable SEAT Tarraco clinches this award thanks to its great-value finance, generous equipment and overall value for money. But don’t think that this is a car recommended on purely rational grounds – the Tarraco is excellent to drive, with keen steering and handling, and sprightly performance from the more powerful models in the range.”

Keith Admas – Editor

The 7-seat SEAT Tarraco has been constantly recognised for its sharp driving impressions, courtesy of its impressive driver feedback and keen handling. Its influential character combined with a vast array of advanced technology and a practical and affordable package have made it a standout since its launch in 2018.

The SEAT Tarraco looks very capable taking on the B-roads here in the UK.

These latest accolades come hot on the heels ofthe SEAT Tarraco following its win of Auto Express’s Best Large SUV award earlier in the month of November.

Richard Harrison, SEAT UK Managing Director had the following to say –

“Despite being SEAT’s first-ever large SUV, Tarraco continues to bring in silverware, this time as both a large family car and a seven-seater. Our range of SUVs are consistently praised for being fun to drive, good looking and underpinned with the inherent value that comes with every SEAT and the Tarraco is no exception.”

Richard Harrison, SEAT UK Managing Director

If you would like find more information on the award winning 7-seat SEAT Tarraco, visit

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4 Thoughts to “Seat Tarraco – The award winning Family Car.”

  1. You know what, I don’t think I have ever driven a Seat before! Or maybe I have on holiday when we’ve rented? Anyway, I wasn’t aware it did any seven seaters. Clearly doing a good job to be so highly recommended.

    1. I have and to be honest John they are a good choice family car. I took one of the 7 Seat SEAT Alhambra for a test drive when we purchased our old Toyota Corolla Verso. Was a nice car, nice drive but we preferred the Toyota for our needs. It has done very well, would love to see what the boot space is like in one for the usage of a pushchair and other baby/toddler paraphernalia with the 3rd row seats in use.

  2. We’re looking at leasing an SUV style car at the moment… Literally the hardest decision ever! I’ve considered everything, Volvo XC40, Audi Q3, Toyota Rav4, VW Tiguan (we have an older one at the moment and love the latest version), Nissan Qashqai & Honda CR-V. Then i spotted the Seat Tarraco outside the pre-school gates and instantly loved the size, shape and the additional benefit of having those extra seats when the middle row is crammed with child car seats. After reading your post, i think i’m going to have to book a test drive 😁

    1. The market is filled with SUV’s at the moment, they are like the in thing. 7 seaters are very handy, even if you don’t need all 7 seats, the amount of space and peace of mind if you have those 2 extra passengers. The new Kia Sorento is very good too 👌

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