5 Self Care tips for Dads.

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5 Dad Self care tips to help during lockdown.

The majority of the country are in the same boat at the moment with the current lockdown situation. Along with been in such close proximity to members of the household, children and partner. Self care to help you keep sane in a way, help you relax, some you time and to help with your mental health.

Below I will share with you 5 of the things I’ve been doing to get some me time, some time to relax. Within a busy family home, we have our hands full. With the girls off school and nursery due to the current pandemic of coronavirus, the Mrs not working due to being at high risk and also university closed and working from home.

Home schooling is in full swing and on top of that trying to get pig upto speed with letters and numbers. But also keeping the youngest beast occupied and entertained.

5 things for self care for Dads.

Here are my 5 tips to help with self care. This is from a Dad so may not be for the ladies. NO don’t worry it’s not stick vaseline on the bedroom door handle and shut yourselves in with the significant other.

1 – Take some time out and have a bath.

I find especially on an evening when the kids are in bed, run yourself a bath. Pour or grab your favourite beverage, for me it’s a nice whiskey with ice or a coffee. Pop on your favourite go to play list and just chill in the bath with some music. Relaxing, peaceful, a bit of time to put your thoughts in order and have some you time.

A nice glass of Jack Daniels Honey on Ice i my favourite Jack Daniels Honey Tumbler. One thing that helps me with self care.
A nice glass of Jack Daniels Honey with ice.

2 – Play some video games.

Another I find that helps with some me time and to wind down and relax is to play some video games. Depends what sort of games you like, we all have favourites. Mine have to be racing games, I have an Xbox one so it usually tends to be Forza Motorsport or Dirt rally.

A shot of my television screen of Forza Motorsport 7 for Xbox One. Some me time and something I enjoy helps with self care.
Winding down with a spot of Forza Motorsport.

3 – Movie night with your better half.

Me and the Mrs have a great relationship. Even through these times of been together majority of the day. What I find helpful for self care, is spending time with her, chat about nonsense, have a laugh and settle down in bed or on the sofa watching a film on Netflix or the recently acquired for us, Disney+.

An image to Showcase 3 of the popular streaming apps - Netflix, Prime Video and Disney plus. A form of self care I can do on my own or with my partner.
Netflix, Prime and Disney+, great for films and series.

4 – Spend some time in the Garden.

I know for some this may not be possible, because you may not have one. We are fortunate to have an outdoor space, a garden. I do enjoy a spot of gardening. Trimming hedges, cutting the grass and even planting plants etc… When we have things to plant. This is another good idea for getting out during lockdown and getting some essential fresh air.

An image of my daughters playing and having fun in the garden. Some fresh air always helps with self care.
Out in the garden with the princess tribe.

5 – Listen to something or Read.

Me myself I’m not much of a reader. I’ll read blogs and articles on my phone but that’s about it, I dont usually tend to read books. What I like to do especially while carrying out my house wifely duties is either to listen to music or lately I’ve got into podcasts.

Generally tend to put it on our Bluetooth portable speaker we have (I actually recently reviewed it for something to do, check it out here). One podcast I found via Instagram they’ve just started up a 2nd season so currently working through that at the moment. (From Lads to Dad’s Podcast, a great life, check it out here).

An image showing one of the larger Streaming audio services spotify and an image of my favourite podcast - From Lads to Dad's. Listening to music or something I enjoy helps with self care.
A podcast I enjoy (from lads to dads) and Spotify, popular music streaming.

So there we go – 5 Self Care Tips for Dads.

There we go. Just 5 of my own tips to help with self care through our time in lockdown. No idea how long this situation may go on for, or even how things in the world will be after its all over and done with.

Self care is important. Not only do we need to look after others at this time but also ourselves. We can’t look after others if we don’t look after ourselves. Here is why self care can be so important.

What sort of self care do you do to help with your well being and mental health? Would love to hear yours, share away in the comments.

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42 Thoughts to “5 Self Care tips for Dads.”

  1. singlemomchapters

    These are such good tips for people who don’t know what to do these days. Thank you for writing such a helpful post ☺️❤️

  2. AshleyRamey

    These are all great and I find my husband and I too, doing a lot of these things. I’ve noticed on his off days this past weekend he was a little stressed with not being able to get stuff done (everywhere is closed) so he went fishing in our neighborhood pond/lake, listened to a podcast and also went for a bike ride on his motorcycle and I guess after watching my self care this week and the last he’s just starting on his because of hours cut back at work. He will get the hang of it soon. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Not a problem. Oh he’s a lucky guy, I wish to have a motorbike, must be so peaceful.

      1. It’s one of his favorites. I think it’s a huge stress reliever for him! Hope you all are staying happy and healthy! Thanks!

        1. We’re doing ok, bit challenging at times to keep the kids occupied, just thankful for the nice weather to be out in the garden. Hope your both doing ok, how’s the pregnancy?

          1. Yes! Definitely something to be thankful for. Fresh air can fix a lot of things. And it’s going! Being induced on the 17th but fingers crossed he comes before then. Just hanging in there. Lol. Thanks for asking!

          2. Are you prepared for it? Must be an anxious time with everything currently going on.

          3. It’s is causing a lot of anxiousness! But I think we are as prepared as we are going to get.

  3. These are all great tips! It is so important to take some time to ourselves so we can look after out children.

  4. adamjnew85

    Great tips. I can’t remember the last time I had a bath (i do shower 🤦‍♂️😂) That’s perhaps something I should do this week.

    I’ve been making time for the other 4, podcasts is something I’ve got really into over the last year, and is a great distraction.

    1. Podcasts are great, I tend to pop them on and catch up while doing housework. I’m normally a shower guy, but when feeling off and down a bath is quite nice. Always have to make time for the xbox though lol, like a teen again playing 24/7.

      1. adamjnew85

        Yeah, doing the housework is when I generally listen. I’m not a big “gamer” I mostly just play sports games, if I get a new game I can obsess over it for a couple of seasons though 😂

        1. Same I don’t get much chance to play, usually when kids are in bed. Yeah great time for podcasts and playlists.

          1. So many good tips! It’s so good to finally read a self care routine and tips for a dad as we all deserve a little break!!

  5. Lovely tips! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. I am doing everything

  7. These are some great tips that can work for anyone😊. Sometimes I find it hard to just relax, I had forgotten that we have a bathtub, thanks for reminding me. I am usually a shower person, but tonight will be bath time. Thank you for sharing

  8. theabcmomblog

    Getting outside has been a lifesaver for us! Otherwise, we’d surely be going crazy. The kids and I took playdough out to the back porch yesterday afternoon and built a dinosaur swamp 🙂

    1. The dinosaur swamp sounds awesome.

  9. These are such great tips! Thank you for sharing a helpful post during this difficult time

  10. Like you, we’re very lucky to have a garden and I’m not sure what we’d do if we couldn’t get outside right now. Just being outside, walking barefoot on the grass, breathing in the scent of cherry blossom. It’s one of the best self-care/wind-downs I know. Great tips, thank you, and stay safe 🙂

    1. Funny you should say walking barefoot on the grass, the youngest who is 1 went on the grass barefoot for the 1st time yesterday and hated it. We love it out in the garden.

  11. Love these tips thanks – it’s hard to have dad time at home when there’s three girls (2 kids and the wife) in the house so I’m trying to find whatever time I can! It’s usually in the evening when everyone else is in bed (I’m a bit of a night owl) but apart from that there’s not much else time. Don’t have a console otherwise video games would be a great release! But otherwise its listening to music when I’m working is the only release I sort of get.

    1. It is tricky. Mobile phone games are coming on too lately graphics wise, sometimes end up playing those while kids are in bed. Keep safe buddy

  12. Such a great post, I love how you are getting out in the garden too

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  15. These are wonderful tips to follow during lockdown, and I must say u have a great outdoor space to enjoy!!

    1. The garden and the weather has been great these last few weeks. For us and the children.

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