Simple & Delicious Chicken Fillet Burger

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Simple & Delicious Chicken Fillet Burger – Foodie Friday Week 4

Back once again with another Foodie Friday post. So for this week I thought I would keep in trend with my previous post on Burgers. But this week a Chicken Fillet Burger, a healthy and high protein packed burger option.

Let's make a Chicken Fillet Burger. A healthy take for a burger, using a chicken fillet.
Chicken Fillet Burger.

Why not have a read of my previous burger posts. We have had a chat about Burgers and I also shared with you my Daddy Cheeseburger.

So today we are going for something more healthy but not letting up on the flavour. Chicken Fillet Burgers are very versatile, their is so much you can do with a simple breast of chicken to create something wonderful.

So let’s get into chicken burgers, I’ll even show you an easy tip on how to prep a chicken breast for this burger.

Are Chicken Fillet Burgers Healthy

Chicken is Leaner, lower in calories and saturated fat and less likely to cause obesity and related health problems. They are definitely the better option if you’re watching your weight or trying to improve your diet. So these chicken fillet burgers are ideal if you are following a diet plan such as Slimming World or Weight Watchers and wanting healthy options.

They are certainly a healthy option in. Comparison to the frozen mulched and battered options you may find packaged in boxes in the likes of Iceland and Farmfoods.

Variations of a Chicken Burger

Chicken fillet burgers are so versatile with what you can do with a simple piece of chicken.

Some chicken fillets cooking in my griddle pan for my Chicken fillet burger.
Yummy Chicken for my Chicken fillet burger.

You can either have them marinated in your favourite style of cuisine such as Greek, Turkish or even Asian.

Why not mix things up and go for either a battered or breaded option. Such like a KFC home made burger. Not as much of a healthy option as just a plain chicken fillet, but still makes a scrumptious meal.

We all love Jamie Oliver though right and all the magic and the wonders he does with food. I’ve used a couple of these before, check out 9 of his best chicken burger recipes.

Why not give something a little different a go. I have tried this a couple of times before, dip your chicken fillet in some crushed doritos, flaming hot are delicious, and simply bake in the oven.

A preparation Tip Ideal for Chicken Fillet Burgers

When it comes to preparing your Chicken Fillet for your chicken burger. It is best to split your chicken fillet in half.

Cutting your chicken fillet in half allows it to cook quicker and more evenly, great for your Chicken fillet burger.
Cut your chicken fillet in half.

It creates a thinner breast so it doesn’t need as much cooking, and makes it more even. Not thick at one end so the chicken cooks equally.

Another tip is to lay your chicken fillet between to sheets of either Greaseproof Paper or Tin foil, even clingfilm works.

Using a Rolling Pin or Meat Mallet. Bash it flat so it is even, you get a better and more even cook on your chicken fillet.

You will also find yourself with a better shape and size for your bread roll too. This is a good tip if your making a chicken parmo, I’ll leave this on for a future Foodie Friday.

What toppings to put on a Chicken Fillet Burger?

This part is all to do with your personal preference and taste. Whatever style cuisine you are going for with your chicken fillet burger.

You could go for these Toppings.

  • Guacamole
  • Onion
  • Lettuce
  • Mushrooms
  • Tomato
  • Cheese
  • Pickle

As said it is entirely upto you and which goes with whatever burger you are trying to create, also served with a side salad or some slimming world chips you can add to the healthy eating option.

For me I went with a Cajun seasoned Chicken Fillet for my burger topped with Lettuce, sliced red onion and Halloumi. Oh my what a winning combo that was, delicious.

A chicken fillet burger I recently made. Topped with Lettuce and sliced red onion. And halloumi. Utterly delicious.
Chicken fillet burger topped with Halloumi

So there we have it, this weeks Foodie Friday – Chicken Fillet Burger.

Fancy keeping with the healthy meals? Why not take a look at my Chicken Kebab Skewers, super simple, quick and easy to prepare and cook. Totally delicious to eat too.

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