Simple Sensory Play Ideas at Home.

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Simple to set up Sensory Play Activities at Home – Guest Post.

Introducing Dad Ashley – Instagram – @_daddays

Hi! I’m Ashley a first time Dad to my almost 10 month old Son and have recently started an Instagram page to share fun days we have along with activities at home and to gain some inspiration from others!

Some of our best activities have been sensory based so I was really pleased when Eddie reached out and asked if I’d be interested in writing a post on sensory play ideas for his blog!

A photo collage of 3 various Sensory Play Activities from this Guest Post written by Ashley about the Sensory Play Ideas he uses at home with his son.
Simple Sensory Play Ideas

I thought the best thing to do would be to choose some of my favourite activities we’ve done so far and hope some of these Sensory Play Ideas will be helpful to others!

Please note, I am no expert and just enjoy sharing what works for my Son and I! Each child is of course different so these may not suit everyone! The below Sensory Play activities are supervised activities and I limit the chance of anything being eaten for obvious reasons!

No Salt Play Dough – Sensory Play Activity with Recipe.

Playdough is a great sensory play, for feeling textures, different consistencies and for developing hand muscles. It can be scented, coloured with food colouring and you can always alternate the theme and objects to play with to develop motor skills too!

My Son is at the age where he will try and eat whatever activity I put in front of him, so a lot of thought has to go into making sure things are ‘taste-safe’ just in case he tries to eat some!

We follow a no salt play dough recipe and so far have had some great successes! It seems good for little hands, it’s squishy and stretchy and for me it seems easy to do and stress free!

My Son loves it when they are themed so I’ve shared some below!

As this recipe doesn’t have salt which often acts as a preservative, this dough doesn’t last as long as others (but to be honest, after it has been played with and thrown about, it isn’t something I would probably keep anyway!)

The recipe we follow is:

  • 2 cups of plain flour
  • ½ cup of water
  • 3 tablespoons of olive oil
  • Food colouring (optional)

Frozen Oobleck – Sensory Play Activity

Oobleck is one of the easiest activities to set up, all you need is cornflour and water and there are plenty of recipes on the internet for you to try different consistencies!

Of course you can add some food colouring in there to make it even more inviting, but the texture is great for sensory play (and messy play so be prepared for the mass clean up after!)

I took a different stance on the typical Oobleck activity, and froze it in moulds instead with some food colouring! It created an almost chalky texture and slowly melted into the dry cornflour I had put in the tray!

It was great that the blocks of frozen Oobleck could be picked up and moved around and we finished by adding some water to the tray to create a runnier texture! Older children could use a spray bottle to add water in gradually to the cornflour to make the Oobleck mixture themselves!

I’ve seen great examples of other Oobleck set ups too, where others have added flowers or themed it around fruits which can be perfect for imaginations!

Rice Play – Sensory play activity.

Another winner in this house is rice play, and it seems the more colourful the better! This is perfect for my Son who loves to swish the rice around, move different objects around whilst mixing up the colours!

I’m all for easy set ups, and creating coloured rice is so simple to do, all you need it some food colouring, white wine vinegar and rice! I pop the dry rice in a bowl, add a splash of food colouring and the vinegar and mix it up until it’s the desired colour before spreading it out on a baking tray to dry (which happens relatively quickly).

A few of my favourite set ups on my Instagram have been a plane activity, where I made bright blue rice and some salt dough planes and a big rainbow rice pan, but I’ve seen so many other amazing ideas too online with some space themed, animal themed and even superhero themed!

Rice play is a great option for sensory activities, it uses different senses and allows my Son to play with new objects and develop his fine motor skills!

Rice Play. One of the simple at home Sensory Play Ideas in this Guest Post written by Dad Ashley who carries out a lot of Sensory Play activities with his son.
Rice play – Simple Sensory Play Idea you can do at home.

I hope this blog post has been helpful and given a couple of ideas for future play activities, and please tag me at @_Daddays if you do recreate anything similar as I’d love to see it!

I’d just like to say a BIG Thank you to Ashley for writing this post and allowing me to share it with you all.

Definitely an Instagram account worth a follow. You can find Ashley and their Page for Sensory Play Activities with his son @_daddays

Ashley is a great guy and a super Dad. I hope these sensory play ideas that you can simply set up at home with your little ones becomes helpful for you.

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