Kids and snacks – Why are they constantly Hungry!

Kids and snacks please sir can I have some more

Kids and snacks – Please Sir can I have some more.

What a classic line from a classic movie. Please sir can I have some more!! Something I’m sure the majority of parents will relate to at the moment in lockdown. The kids constantly asking for snacks and something to eat. It’s never ending, they can just have eaten there tea, which for some of them isn’t a small portion. 5 minutes later, I’m hungry, can I have something to eat. I don’t know about you but it is tiring, mentally exhausting. The constant nagging for snacks and something to eat.

Why the famous movie line – Please Sir can I have some more?

Well I thought it was quite fitting. Schools are closed the whole family is at home. The kids are bored, the kids are hungry.

It seems like it’s constant. The phrase that’s become cringe worthy. DADDY I’M HUNHRY!!

The kids are like bottomless pits. Constantly asking for something to eat. Wether they are actually hungry or if it’s just down to boredom. How can you tackle the boredom hunger though.

Won’t somebody please think about the wallet!!

Absolutely! Please won’t somebody please think about the wallet. Since lockdown began our shopping bill seems to have doubled. More of a variation of items for lunch so it’s not the same boring old ham sandwiches day in day out. But also with the girls being at home we have entered the territory of requiring extra snacks.

Trying to keep things healthy too is a massive challenge and a fair old task to accomplish, Why?

Titch is what you would class as a fussy eater. Pig mouse and beast, you offer them a healthy snack of a fruit variety. They are happy as a pig in stinky stuff. Not Titch though, ooo no she won’t touch it with a barge pole.

We seem to be buying extras of other healthy ish options to try keep the snacks from being too crappy. The likes of cheesestrings, frubes, yoghurts, popcorn, crunchy corn kernels. Honestly the list of things we buy and have bought is endless.

One item that has almost tripled is a popular one in our house. Fruit, like I mentioned above. Put fruit chopped up in a bowl or on a plate and they will devour the whole lot. Another one is crisps. A big go to snack for a lot of kids, adults included. Off topic here slightly but what’s your go to flavour? I love pickled onion monster munch or salt & vinegar.

A bowl full of fruit. Good for healthy snacks
Would last a good while right? Wrong about a couple of days worth.

I’m kind of looking forward to the end of lockdown and the girls can go back to school. When we can get back to normal with the shopping rather than like a scared child opening a cupboard in fear of a monster jumping out at you. The monster in this instance is an avalanche of crisps or biscuits.

Even us parents are wanting go to snacks, for me it has to he Bounty chocolate bars. Oh my its just heaven.

Keeping them occupied.

Keeping them occupied and offering a distraction away from the boredom hunger is tricky. It is especially when your attempting to occupy 4 of them with different wants.

Playdoh has been a good distraction for the girls. Get them set up with their playdoh sets and tubs of playdoh and it keeps them busy for a few hours and takes their minds off of food, hunger and eating.

Playing and getting creative with Playdoh.
Playdoh time.

Most of the time and we have noticed this especially during lockdown is that when the kids are bored…. They just want food. Snacks, bread, anything. They are relentless hollow legged eating machines.

As above we try to distract them. Get them doing something and usually it is successful of distracting them from the thought of hunger and food.

Check out a post of mine about Board Games which can help battle boredom.

How has your shopping bill been affected by lockdown?

What’s your child’s go to goodies?

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17 Thoughts to “Kids and snacks – Why are they constantly Hungry!”

  1. I’ve started slipping blueberries in with the grapes that I put out as a snack and they’re not complaining… yet! They’re amazingly healthy berries though.

  2. Our shopping bill has been massively effected, but hoping it won’t last forever! Also some good (healthy ish) snacks that can last a while are breadsticks and we also put things like Cheerios and corn flakes into little containers for Grayson to have!

    1. That’s a great idea with the cereal. No definitely won’t last forever which is the good thing.

  3. adamjnew85

    Don’t get me started 🤣 I dream of going a whole hour one day, without hearing the H word.

    1. 🤣🤣 It’s constant isn’t it

      1. adamjnew85

        It really is 😂

        1. 🤣🤣 That’s why it’s cringe worthy

  4. This is so my life all the time! I never realised what I put my own parents through as I am sure I was exactly the same!

    I am so jealous of people who say they are saving a fortune, I am most definitely not. If it is not the kids its my partner!

    1. 😂 I know it’s costing us a fortune too. I think I would be the same too.

  5. Dear Eddie,

    When my boys were young we would have art nights. Clay projects were fun for all of us. Melted wax pictures are fun. All you need is a pile of old crayons and a candle in a holder. (I used an old wine bottle so the wax would drip down the sides…two projects in one) Hold the tip of the candle in the flame and use the soft wax to color on cardboard.
    It is a constant keeping up with little ones, isn’t it? I’d say you’re a model dad.



    1. Thank you and thanks for the suggestion that sounds very good. Will have to dig the wax crayons out and give it a go

  6. Our grocery bill have more then doubled. I have 5 growing boys at home and every hour seem to ask for more food or snacks. I’m glad most love fruits and veggies but I buy what I believe to be a weeks worth of groceries are all gone in about 3 days.

    1. It’s amazing how quickly it seems to dissappear. Must be alot with 5 boys.

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