Stay at Home Dad life with a 1 yr old.

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Day to Day Stay at home Dad life with my youngest daughter Beast.

I would like to share with you all the life with a 1yr old and an insight into the stay at home dad life.

What is life with a 1yr old like old? Let me tell you, a whirlwind, I am the at home parent with our 1yr old daughter Beast as she has become nicknamed (Check out my post explaining my girls nicknames here).

Introducing to you my one year old daughter Beast. But how is life with a 1yr old?
Introducing Beast, how is life with a 1yr old?

Day to Day Stay at Home Dad life and what life with a 1yr old is like.

Beast has been yet another dream baby so far for me and Sarah. From around 6 or 7 weeks of age she was sleeping through the night – RESULT!! From a midnight feed until 6 or 7 Am. Can’t complain at that right. Your typical baby too. She drank lots of milk, slept a lot and yep you guessed it shit a lot.

We started to get a little concerned with her up until around 7 or 8 months old. She was a happy and content little thing. No known health issues or anything to point to a medical problem. But it was more why she was so lazy, as the at home parent the typical stay at home dad life for me was in full swing to try get her smashing those milestones.

NOPE!! No matter what encouragement we gave her, whether it was different aids available in the likes of certain toys. She just wouldn’t sit up. She wouldn’t crawl, I think she started rolling at 6 months. That is how she decided she wanted to be mobile. Not even an attempt to get on her hands and knees and crawl.

Some may say this was a dream for the stay at home dad life, not chasing a newly adventurous baby around the house during their exploratory expeditions with their new form of mobility.

Showing how beast wouldn't even entertain sitting up in her Unicorn sit me up ring, attempts to aid and help diminished for this stay at home dad.
Little Beast just wouldn’t Sit Up!
Beast rolling around. This is how she decided she would like to be mobile rather than attepmt to crawl, amazing moments to experience as the stay at home dad.
This is how I roll…

Life with a 1yr old as the stay at home Dad.

So far since March I have been an extremely privileged Daddy. I’ve become a SAHD – Stay At Home Dad.

Out of my five girls (3 Daughters & 2 Step-daughters – Check my Step-dad post Here to why I call them all my girls), I have been the at home parent with Beast day to day while her siblings are at School. The extra time spent with her has been magical, the bond we share is incredible. She has become such a Daddy’s Girl.

I have been able to witness milestones that us fathers usually miss due to those daily grind obscenities otherwise known as… work commitments. To experience these has being an amazing experience. I’ve made memories that will never be forgotten, bonds with my girls cemented stronger than ever.

From around 8 months something seemed to click with Beast. All of a sudden she came on leaps and bounds. From Rolling around and laying on her belly or back in one place.

She began sitting up, she was soon up on her hands and knees and crawling everywhere she could. We really had to brush the cobwebs away from the eyes in the backs of our heads.

Now she was certainly into everything, slippery little sod she was – given the chance she would be climbing inside the tumble dryer. A new found freedom was found and wanted everything she could get her little mitts on. From here on is where I entered the Stay at home Dad Defcon 3 stage.

Up to almost 11 months she had begun pulling herself up on sofas and certain furniture. Walking along them, and with a walker.

First Birthday.

Just before her 1st Birthday back in November. A special day arrived. The moment she began walking herself unaided. Now the fun really begins – otherwise known as Stay at Home Dad DEFCON 5 (could it go higher… She’s a toddler!! what do you think?)

A nice 1 balloon for the birthday girl along with balloons and presents.
Set up for her 1st Birthday.

From Beasts 1st Birthday to now. She has been a barrel of laughs. Oh my she’s so cheeky and damn bloody quick too. One minute you look and she’s sat playing with her stacking blocks. But the next she’s brushed past your legs and made a mad dash escape for the kitchen or the stairs in the hallway to explore the homely surroundings.

This alone, the bond we have gained between one another has been well worth the decision of becoming the stay at home dad.

Beast loves to get involved and play with her older sisters. Especially at times when they’re trying to play a certain game or an activity she can’t get involved with.

Sometimes a very disgruntled and annoyed sister can be heard complaining about this. Usually Pig but they’ve all adjusted to the little mover very well.

X amount of months… Nah she’s still 1.

Now at 14 months, she is full of attitude. The paddy’s when she doesn’t get something she wants. Out of frustration if she is not being able to work a certain toy the way she wants is absolutely hilarious. I mean it’s full on!!

Typically proceeding to throw herself on the floor, banging feet, fists and head against the floor with grunts, shouts and screams… OR…. Like a pro Baseball pitcher stepping up-to the plate… Launches a toy with enough power and ferocity that her little toddler arms can muster!! Which can you believe is quite a lot…. Ouch my head still hurts!!

The big bad word for any baby and toddler has been pulled out of the arsenal in this parenting journey I have embarked on as the stay at home dad.

The most typical go to parental word… NO!!

Now there is a but and it is a big But… She’s so cheeky and wants to play. She has to have everything… and I mean everything, from her sisters toys, anything Mum and I have. Any wires that she may be able to reach and even pets, such as the cats or grabbing the dogs tail. It’s the usual inappropriate stuff that looks so enticing and entertaining to play with that she MUST have.

Onto New Territories.

Well it’s new territory for us. Beasts older siblings were quick to realise the meaning behind the word NO! They were really good babies.

Where as for Beast this is not the case at all. No!! It must mean something completely different. It means unleash the Cheeky beast from within and become a cheesy grinned devil who will not listen or do what’s being asked of her.

Making my time as the stay at home dad unforgettable I’m sure. But she is a baby still, well in our eyes a demon but you know she looks so sweet and innocent. With time and patience I know she will learn and it will get easier.

For the time being its a long road of No’s and ah ah aaah’s and pulling her away from things with a “No don’t touch” or “arggghh just stop it… please…. Lord have mercy!!”.

Wish us luck. I will surely update you on the progress of our Gorgeous Cheeky Beast during my time as the stay at home dad… That isn’t meant to sound like a prison sentence…. Honest….. This is magical and the best thing since sliced bread. Seriously though I am ever greatful for being able to have this opportunity that I know not many fathers get with their children.

Such a cheeky happy soul charlotte is, sat n the floor. Loving the time with her sister Ellie.
The Cheeky Beast in question.
(Beast on the left and Pig on the right).

I hope you have enjoyed the insight I have shared with you of the day to day Life as the Stay at Home Dad with a Baby.

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