What is the life of a Stay at Home Parent during a Pandemic like?

A look into the Life of a Stay at home Parent during a Pandemic.

The covid19 pandemic has hit everyone so hard this last year, but what is life as the Stay at home parent during a pandemic actually like? This is what we will be looking at in this post.

What is life like as a stay at home parent during a pandemic.

What is life as a stay at home parent during a pandemic like?

A lot of you who follow the Yorkie not just for Dads blog and also follow me on social media will know that I have been the full time Stay at home Dad with my girls for almost 2 years now.

I have been home with the girls, being the school run Dad, the main parent responsible for the housework whilst Sarah has been working and attending Uni doing her Nursing Degree.

Before lockdown, regular walks while out and about on the school run came part of being the stay at home parent during a pandemic.
Out and about on the school run with my youngest daughter.

This is no easy feat being the Stay at Home Dad, more so now with our youngest daughter Beast being a fully fledged toddler and embracing the terrible two’s!

Life is more challenging these days than back when I shared the stay at home Dad life with a one year old with you all.

Added into the mix of being the stay at home parent during a pandemic I have been the one to take on the role as teacher with Homeschooling the girls.

Got to have a bit of light hearted fun when you are the stay at home parent during the pandemic.

Having the kids around all day everyday has certainly added its challenges, it has meant the load of housework has increased tidying up after the hoard of girls we have in our household.

Tidying up toys has been a regular task while you are the stay at home parent during a pandemic.

Constantly picking up toys, mountains of pyjamas in the washing basket because being honest, during this third lockdown it has been very rare that we have even got changed out of our pyjamas, but I mean why do kids leave everything strewn all over the place?

The massive increase in the weekly shopping budget. We all know what kids are like, especially when they are bored. They are hungry and growing kids and we constantly get the classic phrase of ‘Please Sir can we have some more.’

Late night shopping and extra shopping trips have become the norm to fill the cupboards for everyone while being the stay at home parent during a pandemic.
Late night shopping trips to Aldi have become a common occurrence.

The parental stress at times has been through the roof, under the same roof with 4 kids that all want different things such as what to watch on TV has become the ignitor for fights. I mean this Tik Tok I made actually sums up dealing with parental stress at the moment.

The Mental Health battle of being the stay at home parent during a pandemic.

The subject of mental health, especially Depression and Anxiety is something I speak openly about in my posts on my blog. I went for years not speaking about the way I was feeling. But these days I find it easier to speak more openly and even find it helps massively.

Mental health and anti depressants

My partner Sarah throughout all the lockdowns we have had and while being the stay at home parent during a pandemic has been an absolute rock for me in terms of support when I have found myself struggling.

There are services still available during the pandemic which can help support you with your mental health, some of these are even online based such as healing clouds, there is also still the option of visiting your GP and speaking with them about what you may be struggling with.

I’ve certainly had rough days during the pandemic where I haven’t even wanted to get out of bed, the anxiousness of starting another day of homeschooling expecting the worst, the whinging and lack of enthusiasm to get on with school work and learn about various subjects.

The homeschooling has been tough but we have made a few changes and settled into a nice routine which seems to be working well for us.

It makes parenting harder when homeschooling and you struggle to get your child motivated and engaged with their work, one issue being the stay at home parent during a pandemic.
Mouse has struggled some days with motivation for school work which has been tough.

The fear of failure, being unsuccessful of teaching your children that certain adjective or mathematics calculation, the frustration of not being able to help them grasp the simpleist sound of phonics or times table.

All of this can get very overwhelming and trigger anxiety attacks and spiral you back into the depths of depression.

I have been taking note of how I am feeling and know when I am indeed getting low and need to step back. I mean even though it is half term this week, me and the girls ended up having the last 2 days off of school work last week.

Taking some of that time for myself for a spot of self care really does help you to wind down and relax a bit when things have been getting stressful and too much.

It is great being the stay at home Dad.

Being the stay at home dad throughout all of this has been amazing though, I have got to have an element of involvement in my children’s education. Something not many parents will ever get to do.

I have had the chance to find out and experience what subjects they enjoy and are passionate about learning more of.

The time spent together has been unimaginable, the bond between parent and child throughout this has been strengthened for sure, I know many of you will think the same too.

Fun in the snow we had last week.

I hope this has been an interesting insight for you of what it has been like to be the stay at home parent during a pandemic. I can’t begin to imagine how difficult it is for those of you who are working from home as well as balancing parenting during a pandemic too.

I’m lucky in that respect that I don’t have to worry about work and possible deadlines and meetings while I’m at home as the stay at home Dad with the kids.

Are you a stay at home Mum or a stay at home Dad? How have you found life being the stay at home parent during a pandemic?

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16 Thoughts to “What is the life of a Stay at Home Parent during a Pandemic like?”

  1. This is a great read Eddie.
    It’s been tough. Really tough. I’ve only been a stay at home dad for nearly a year and within that year I lost my job, my dad then had health scares and now I’m a home teacher with the added stress of entertaining the kids and trying to keep some form of normality.

    I can relate to everything you’ve wrote about.

    Have you found writing your blog a good release mechanism for stress and anxieties etc? I have.

    1. Must of been hard to go through Damion losing your Dad. I know I found it tough when I was made redundant.

      Writing and the blog has really helped, given me something for me to do too, what we can do at the moment is rather limited but it has offered a space of release. The amount of posts I have written and deleted just to get something down on paper so to speak. It has been a great help. How are you finding the home schooling, I know you have older kids don’t you too.

  2. Really good insight into your time as a stay at home dad during the pandemic. I’m glad your significant other has been a rock during these challenging times.

    It’s a good opportunity to get involved and gain greater understanding of our children’s schooling. My mother in law has been the real MVP for us during all this, but while I’m upstairs doing the desk job, I’m grateful for all the extra time seeing them.

    1. Thank you James. Must be tricky doing the desk job from home with the kids too. Hope you and the family are well.

  3. Thank you! Hardest bit is when I have to work upstairs away from them as they don’t always understand I’m working so like to make noise! 😄

  4. My friends who are parents also say they have found it challenging having their kids at home all the time, home schooled. But they also love the idea at the same time that they treasure this time where they also get to have more time with the kids.

    1. I can completely agree with that, the time with the kids is great, I’ve certainly got to know more about them and bonded more with them but that still comes with the daily parenting challenges.

  5. Brilliant post, I lost my job in the first lockdown so I am back to being the stay at home mum, my husband is furloughed at the mo though so that helps. You are doing an amazing job! Your kids will never forget all this extra time with you.

    1. Thank you Katherine. That must have been tough losing your job. At least your partner is home for support. I bet your children have loved having you both at home. The kids will always remember the extra time that they have all spent at home with their parents and I think that alone will have a positive aspect on our kids.

  6. Thank you for sharing this, it gave a true and honest account of what it’s like for you as a stay at home parent – and a new insight.

    1. Thank you for your comment, glad it gave you a new insight.

  7. Its a tough one for sure. I have been at home during the pandemic every day with our 2 year old its been great fun but tough

    1. It is isn’t it. 2 is a great age though, so adventurous and curious. Me and my 2 year old have done a fair few things together around schooling the older kids.

  8. Chalk and cheese travels

    They never stop do they. And curious is right i can’t do a thing without him there chexkingbit out its great though wouldn’t want it any other way

  9. Oh the household food budget has rocketed. As has every frigging utility bill! Yeah Eddie, it’s had it’s ups and downs. You know what though, talk to anyone, a-n-y-o-n-e of any generation: We are the first generation of parents / stay at home parents who have had to parent in these conditions. The loss of civil liberties is unheard of in the UK. it’s no wonder so many academics are studying the impact on us and out kids!

    1. The results of surveys and studies that have been carried out over this last year througout the pandemic would make for an interesting read. I’d completely forgotten about utility bills but yes they’ve shot up too.

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