5 Daughters- How do you cope and manage – Question for Dad.

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After putting a post out recently on my Instagram, a follower asked me a really good question. one that I had never really thought much into before, it sparked the idea for this post. How do I find it and manage living with 5 Daughters.

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Daddy Daughter adventures.

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Adventure time with Ellie my 4yo Daughter, sharing with you our travel, seeings, fun and a look into the imagination of a 4yo.

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Podcast… What’s one of them then?

Take a look as I open up about finding actually what a Podcast is, How one would listen to a podcast but also to share with you my thoughts of the 1st podcast I have begun to follow which relates to Dad’s, whether you are an experienced dad, a soon to be daddy or a new dad, parents and all that comes with Fatherhood and parenting, even the odd story of the lad days 👍.

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