Have you ever imagined buying a Brand New Car?

to show what is to be expected in this post.

Come on in. Take a look at some of the Brand Spanking new 7 Seat family cars available today in 2020.

I share some Reviews and Best Car Round ups for 2020. But I also give my own thoughts and Opinions on the selection of Brand Spanking 7 Seat Cars available on the market in 2020.

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Do you have difficulty dealing with Parental Guilt.

A brief post covering Parental Guilt. What is Parental Guilt, Ways to help with parental guilt along with 5 ways to deal or cope with Parental Guilt.

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DIY Project Planing – Outside Tap.

Featured image for my post fitting an outside tap

Doing jobs around the house is a Commong thing for us Dad’s. One job i would like to achieve for the summertime is to Fit and Outside Cold Water Tap.
Planning of what the job involves, researching by the means of How to Guides and Video’s, what tools maybe required.

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Large Family Car – Great for the 5 plus household.

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Cars, im a typical guy. Love my cars. I wouldn’t say I was a boy racer back in the day, (God that makes me sound old). But more of a car enthusiast. Anyways not much of a hobby these days like it used to be. Family life and children happened. Now limited to certain vehicle types, I share with you my own opinion and sort of review of the Used family car we have owned previously and our current. Budget wise we have always been under the £3k mark. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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Daddy Daughter adventures.

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Adventure time with Ellie my 4yo Daughter, sharing with you our travel, seeings, fun and a look into the imagination of a 4yo.

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Busy Parent. Do something for you.

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Take a read of my latest rambling of life as a busy parent, hopefully may help you improve your lifestyle along with work and life balance, are you an at home parent looking into returning to work, this post may be relevant to you.

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Planning, Organisation and Execution of a Children’s Playdate!

Featured image for the post organising and execution of a children's playdate

Ever felt the nervousness or anxious feelings of having your child’s close school friend round for tea and a Playdate, have a read of my latest post as I share with you my own thoughts on the subject.

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