Tantrums of a Toddler and how to cope with them.

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Toddler Tantrums how do we cope with them?

Tantrums and paddy’s are oh so common in our house from all the girls. All varying in attitudes and different in severity of kick offs and what may cause them.

This post is based around the youngest of the household which is Beast. Now 16 months of age the Tantrums are definitely beginning. It could be absolutely anything that can light the fuse. Whether her older siblings are teasing her or have something that she wants. Something so little can trigger her off.

Triggers of tantrums.

Here’s a few examples of the triggers that can set beast off on one of her Tantrums. Even though these at times can be quite entertaining and cute to watch due to what she does. Either flinging herself to the floor flailing her arms and legs around like a fish out of water. Running to a door and headbutting or slapping it. Full on window shaking screams and shouts.

For her anything small or large can trigger full blown chaos. Whether her older siblings are moving quicker than she is round the living room with something that she wants, or won’t give her back her toy. If me or mummy have said no to her dummy or to something that she is doing. She is certainly understanding the word no these days and don’t we know it.

Finishes her food, it’s like the end of the world. If she’s tired and had enough of a certain toy or drink in her beaker it gets launched like a missile intending to do damage.

She’s a definite monkey, she’s a climber, anything that she can she will climb it. The aftermath after being removed from her imaginary climbing frame. Which usually tends to be an item of furniture brings on a full blown melt down and like we’ve unleashed the incredible hulk in toddler form.

She loves to climb. What she doesn't like though is being told no she can't climb which results in full on tantrums.
It’s ok daddy, my Fisher Price activity chair told me to climb it.

Dealing with dramatic Tantrums.

The Tantrums we are experiencing are borderline what some may class as the terrible two’s, but from past experience she’s not quite there yet. The drama from them of the full on star jump esk dive to the floor even to the arm and leg flinging like she has batons attached and doing a form of gymnast routine.

But the question is, how do you deal with them? How do you address this pre battle situation?

How about you be strict and firm and control it with a stint in the naughty corner?

Ignore the situation. Leave them to their own devices and let them get it out of their system?

What about comforting them with love and attention?

Who knows what’s the best way, but as parents we all know our own child. We know the different situations and how to deal with them.

A stint in the naughty corner causes screaming tantrums that could be heard at the end of the street.
Full blown tears and screams at the tail end of a tantrum.

How we address the battle of tantrums.

Most of the time we may just leave her to it, no matter how stressful or hilarious the actions and situation may be. We do tend to intervene with her latest action which is to lash out physically. Can be hitting or kicking which we don’t want so we try to nip this in the bud.

Distractions are the main go to diffuser in many of her Tantrums. Could be the use of something she likes on the telly, the likes of Hey Duggee or Peppa Pig seem to work successfully for her. A nursery rhyme can help cheer her up and sort of bring her out of her stint of red mist. Distract her with toys and a game to play or even a book.

Unlike her older siblings, the likes of punishments such as the Dad voice being used, the naughty step or corner. Beast is a little too young still for these. A stern voice used at times has kind of brought her to her senses and realised she is in the wrong.

The impending battles are still to come.

These are still early stage battles with tantrums. They have only just begun!! We know they will get worse, they will be stressful. But one big thing worries me about this.

Over the last few months me especially I have noticed with beast. Her attitude and temper. She certainly has mine. She is fiery and relentless, her fuse is short. The moment that launch button has been pressed. She goes from calm to explosion quicker than a Bugatti Chiron go 0 to 60!! From memories of my childhood and comments of my attitude and temper from my parents. We are certainly in for a rough ride.

I think at the moment what we are experiencing is the calm before the storm. I’m not looking forward to the Terrible Two’s, the Traumatic Three’s or even long away in the distance the Fierce Four’s.

For now we will carry on as we are, using age appropriate punishments so as she grows and gets older, understands more. The knowledge of what is acceptable and unacceptable, right or wrong. May just give us a parental advantage so to speak.

Here are a few tips of toddler tantrums.

I have touched upon this in a previous post which is aimed not just at toddlers but my older daughters too. You can find the link below.

Paddy’s, tantrums and meltdowns.

How do you find tantrums and paddy’s with your toddler. Would love to hear your experiences in the comments.

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13 Thoughts to “Tantrums of a Toddler and how to cope with them.”

  1. Distractions are definitely helpful for tantrums! Good post!

  2. adamjnew85

    Ah tantrums, my daughter still likes to throw a good tantrum….then again so does the other half 😬

    My kids being autistic, naughty steps and telling them off was no use at all. Distraction was the thing that worked best.

    1. It must be really difficult with both been autistic. Our older daughters do too, each have their own severity and way of pulling them off.

      1. adamjnew85

        Despite having the same condition, they are both completely different, which only adds to the fun, but we get by.

  3. I think distractions are the way to go, as you say, she’s really too young to understand reason or anything else. Good luck, only a few more years to go, haha!

  4. a Life on a Dime

    Oh I feel this. I have a 2 YO and a 6 YO throwing tantrums lately!

    1. Their not easy are they. How do you deal with them?

  5. Always tricky, dealing with tantrums. I think each one needs dealing with differently as it depends on the circumstances and what’s prompted it. I think everyone’s kids are feeling it at the moment because of the whoel Covid thing so I feel for you as I suspect the Beast is finding it tough. I mean come on, us adults sure are!

    1. Definitely, I think my hairs turned more grey than the beginning of all of this.

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