The Aftermath!! That follows After Christmas.

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So it’s the day after Boxing Day. It’s one of those sort of days that you lose track within a week of where you are…A day where you feel like your in limbo. Here’s a reminder it’s a Friday and the countdown to the new year has officially begun. But first the Aftermath should be dealt with.

Limbo Week.

I recon our house is the same as everyone else’s family homes at the moment. You know the kids Christmas hoard sorted into named piles. Numerous tubs of celebrations, Quality Street, Cadbury Hero’s and endless amounts of selection boxes and sweets scattered here there and everywhere. It resembles the remains after an explosion. Yep! That’s exactly what our house is like at the moment.

Not forgetting the mountain that has become the wheely bins. The recycle bin fit to bursting with broken down cardboard and wrapping paper. The waste bin full to the brim with god knows what. A tip run will definitely be on the cards.

Family time during ‘The Aftermath’.

For me and the other half, we are exhausted. After plenty of heavy meals, chocolate, puddings and obviously Christmas drinks. Not forgetting the none stop constantly on the go with 5 children household. Twined with the excitement of the Christmas period. The busy days of going here and there to visit family members. Enjoying all that the festive season has to offer us this year. We just want to crash out and relax.

For us along with our 5 girls. Many hours have been spent playing board games. Aiding the challenge to plait and braid dolls hair. Jumping into the role of referee of the arguments… Every family with kids has them. You know the ones. You probably may have done it with your siblings at some point or another. The ones like… “She’s got my toy”. “That’s MINE!! Or no you can’t do that that’s cheating. The little bickerings which are escalated because they too are simply knackered.

The never ending parent Story.

Today’s a day where you just want to do nothing and recover from the past few days. But… The kids simply won’t allow that. They are wanting to do there craft sets the big fat man in red brought them.

The house looks more like a scene from a war struck town in Saving Private Ryan than a loving Family Home!! A mountain of washing built up. With 5 young children who have gorged on chocolate, meals with gravy and puddings with ice cream and custard. We won’t deny it, there has been a few outfit changes!!

And still, it seems to appear from nowhere! More and more refuse sacks and cardboard boxes to flatten. Somehow to add to the already towering and bursting waste bins.

The reflection during the aftermath.

So no relaxing just yet. A fair few jobs need to be done first and on top of that. A well needed sort through the girls toy storage in their bedrooms to house all they’re new additions. This is the sort of time where you dream of that massive house with endless storage space.

But amongst all this hecticness that is still on going. Slow down. Take a breath. Bring your mind from the future to the now. Enjoy the family moments. Take time out to play games and have fun. It’s one thing I’m challenging myself with. To stop myself worrying about this and that, or that needs doing right now, asap. Creating an endless list of tasks to be done and not actually getting anything done. But importantly not enjoying what is happening now.

Hope you’ve all had a great Christmas and onto new year.

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