Succulent Homemade Burgers

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Dads succulent Homemade burgers.

What comfort food do you find best though for a main meal? i know what mine is and that is good old Burger. You can’t go wrong with good old homemade burgers though can you. There is something about making your own too, they seem to taste better. Maybe because you can taste your achievement. Food food glorious food. I love it, I just love to cook to. It is one thing that really helps me to relax. Being in the kitchen is like my zen zone. So Peaceful. Let us carry on into the post and delve into a little chat about Burgers.

It does not really matter how you cook them either. There are lots of ways you can cook them. You may have one of those George Foreman Grills, whack it on there and cook up a tasty meal. you can Pan fry them, if you have a griddle pan you will get the nice charred lines. How about under the grill, even in your air fryer if you have one. A hot summer day? Get one cooked up on the BBQ. Whichever way you decide to cook them they are going to be delicious.

Such a varied way to cook them. Here’s the bit I like though. Getting creative… Mixing it up with various toppings or meats. You could go for classic beef. Maybe chicken fillet burgers, lamb, turkey or even an up market gourmet burger. The list of what you could create one with is endless. What would your go to choice be?

The classic Cheeseburger.

You can find these everywhere though can’t you? You can get them in a local pub, at a restaurant, from your local takeaway or even a fast food establishment such as McDonald’s..

What I love to do the most is make my own burgers. I think this stems from my career as a butcher and have literally made from scratch hundreds and thousands of them, and all from a simple lump of meat.

Now here’s something special I have made in the past, but this is not your normal everyday cheeseburger. No these are quite special, something I used to make at an Old well established Butchers shop I used to work in.

Now I’m sure you are used to seeing them like these below aren’t you?

A recent meal of mine, bacon Cheeseburgers and chips.
A good old bacon cheeseburger as an example.

Well let me tell you, why not have a go at making my Daddy Cheese Burgers. Keep your eyes peeled soon for my Homemade patty recipe with this future post in my Foodie Friday series, more on the series at the end of the post. The Daddy is a special creation made up of two patty’s, lay cheese in the middle of one then add the other on top. Seal them and you have yourself a Daddy Cheeseburger.

Here is some cheese stuffed patties I make for my daddy cheese burger.
The making of the Daddy.

An awesome twist on a classic comfort food goodie .

We all love burgers though right?

That’s correct… We love them otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this post. Well keep yours eyes peeled for other posts that are aimed at burgers. As I will share with you some of my other burger repotoure in the likes of pork , lamb or chicken. I’ll also be sharing with you how I make my own homemade patty recipe, I use a great way to bind burgers without egg. A little butchers tip for you.

Fancy something different than burgers, then why not check out a post of mine for Lemon Pepper Chicken Tagliatelle, can’t beat a delicious pasta dish. Or maybe something light to go with a salad or on a Barbecue why not take a look at my Chicken Kebab Skewers.

Keep a look out here on my blog every Friday. Still in the early stages but my Foodie Friday series has begun. I will share with you a Food Blog post on Friday’s. A range of various homemade meals and family meals, even maybe a bit of baking too.

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14 Thoughts to “Succulent Homemade Burgers”

  1. williake

    YUM! I never thought about putting cheese IN the patty like that! I’m definitely going to have to try that next time we make burgers, thanks for sharing!

    1. No problem. Keep an eye out on Friday for my recipe for my Burger patty Recipe 😁.

  2. My lot love burgers too. We had amazing ones in Munich last year – enormous! I’m afraid I’m the odd one out though – I never eat them! Chicken for me, every time!

    1. I bet they would be over there. So your a chicken burger fan?

      1. Definitely. It was a chicken burger in Munich, but there were so many other things on it that I just didn’t recognise. It was a really small and quite dark place so I couldn’t really scrutinise it! Absolutely delicious though!

  3. Blue to Bliss

    We make our own olive aioli to go on our burgers. So good.

    1. That sounds good. I’ve never actually had aioli before.

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  5. This post has made me so hungry. I love burgers with lots of salad inside.

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