The Dad Voice is a useful parental tool.

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Here’s a bit of a post about The Dad Voice. Something I don’t tend to like to use but sometimes is necessary. For those that are unaware of what the Dad Voice is. It’s generally when dad lays down the law with a raised voice. Here from the Urban Dictionary it gives a short explanation what the Dad Voice is here.

I wanted to write about the Dad Voice as I’ve had to use it a few times this week. Asking the kids to do something lately has been like talking to a brick wall and falling on deaf ears. To get them to actually do what has been asked by both me and mum have had to raise our voices. The Dad Voice is something you unlikely would learn about from Parenting classes but it is a handy parenting tip.

Hard work.

This parenting lark is hard work. On a parenting scale with 4 of them at the moment at home you could compare it to level 4 of Jumanji. They have been on a mission the last few days making pom poms out of wool. Cutting, sticking and making random creations from paper along with playing with toys.

This is all well and good but it leaves one hell of a mess. They just walk away and leave it as if nothing has happened. The lounge has always looked like a farmer has been Sheering rainbow sheep, along with a paper shredder has exploded. They must think it has always been like this.

Asking them to tidy up… Well we may have just been talking to a wall. We’ve had to ask numerous times and ended up with nothing. This has led to mum being like a military commander calling in an airstrike but calling for the Dad Voice to be unleashed. This may not be something In certain parenting styles. Yes their are different parenting styles and I may look into those in a future post.

The loud bellowing voice of Dad demanding something to be done is successful.

Successful but has consequences.

Yes… The Dad Voice is successful when used but with consequence. Usually the use of this dad tool causes upset. Not only because the kids don’t expect it but because they are being made to do something that they don’t want to do.

It leaves you with a guilty feeling. Guilty because you have had to resort to raising your voice and shout. Which whenever in parenting none of us really like to do.

As I mentioned it causes upset. Sometimes it catches the kids off guard and ends up with some tears.

The paranoia of neighbours or people within a close vicinity being able to hear the bellowing demands of an unimpressed father.

The Dad Voice has it’s upsides.

Yes I must admit I am one of those parents. Kids tea is ready, bellow up the stairs to inform them that their meal is ready. They’re playing in the garden or on the street and we want them in. Dad Voice to the rescue to bellow once again to summon the children like a shepard does with his sheep dog. I think it is a common parenting tactic used within the parenting uk scenario.

Back when I was a lad.

This is one thing I remember from when I was a young lad. My dad is the old school type. Quite strict but an all round amazing father. I think our parenting style stems from how we were raised.

We used to get the old Parenting Quotes of just you wait until your Dad gets home. We used to get this especially from mum when she’s unimpressed and wants to reiterate that she means business.

Both me and my older brother knew that when the old man unleashed dad Voice, he meant business. If we didn’t do as we were told there would be a punishment, anywhere from a TV ban or no pudding even to a clip round the lughole.

How do you find it when you have to raise your voice to your kids? Do you find it helps to get what your wanting?

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15 thoughts on “The Dad Voice is a useful parental tool.

  1. I ALWAYS listened to my dad. I think for some reason we see mom as a laid back comfort zone, and soft. I’m curious to hear my husbands dad voice one day when our son gets older.

    1. Same with my dad too. Ah you’ve got all this to come yet. It’ll go back to the old Parent sayings like Just you wait until your Dad gets home 😂.

  2. My husband discovered his dad voice quite by accident with his niece before we even had kids! It is very effective, but yes, he pulls it out only when necessary.

    1. Oh yes only when necessary if used to much it loses its effectiveness. How did he discover it by accident? Sounds interesting.

  3. Growing up, it was quite the opposite for us. My mother was the one with the authoritative voice, the one that would speak up and we’d all have to listen. My dad was the ‘fun parent’ that you would go to if you wanted a good laugh and the ‘understanding parent’ when you wanted to admit that you did something wrong but be able to talk it out without worrying about getting in trouble for your admission.

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